アクアマリン [aquamarine] in Japanese.

Final Fantasy IX


Stats: -
Equip: all
Abilities: HP +10%, Leviathan
Buy: - (sell: 1 gil)
Obtain: during the story on second visit to Iifa Tree, exchange 1 for every 4 Ore placed in front of Leviathan's statue in Daguerreo after inspecting stone on third floor balcony, use a Dead Pepper on disc 4 for 10 where Shimmering Island used to be
Description: Restores HP. It cannot be used in the field. Equip as an Add-on
Type: Accessory / Item

Revenant Wings

Buy: 3,375 gil (sell: 1,687 gil)
Shop: Material Shop, chapter 8 onwards after obtaining 500 materials
Use: Ice Lance, Pressurizer, Rigel, Rime Wand, Silver Staff
Obtain: mission 5-2 (harvest 22%), 6-1 (harvest 22%), Zwaua Rainwood Monster Melee (harvest 22%), A Savory Task (reward 75% with Goblin Pouch, harvest 22%), Rumble in the Jungle (reward 75% with Goblin Pouch, harvest 22%), Ymir Qul Range Sky Pirate Melee (harvest 22%), Illusion's Home Monster Melee (harvest 22%)
Description: Blue gemstone deep as the sea. Often utilized in rain dances.
Other: mid-grade Blue Gemstone

Final Fantasy XIV


Buy: - (sell: 1,050 gil)
Craft GSM 25 - Wind Shard x3, Raw Aquamarine
Use: Aquamarine Bracelets, Aquamarine Choker, Aquamarine Earrings, Aquamarine Ring, Boarskin Pot Helm, Electrum Monocle, Silver Circlet (Aquamarine)
Type: Gemstone, Stack: 99
Description: A blue jewel.

4 Heroes of Light


Buy: - (sell: 300 gil)
Drop: various (eg Cu Sith, Kaiser Penguin, Skeleton)
Obtain: use various Merchant abilities
Use: enhance Crowns or equipment
Description: A gem dropped by monsters, infused with awesomely miraculous power.

Category: Item

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