Apple Juice

Final Fantasy XI


Stats: Refresh +1 (total 145), 135 sec
Use: Materiel Storm II
Buy: 270-312 gil (sell: 76-110 gil)
Shop: Boncort (North F-8), Croumangue (San d'Oria Port G-7), Yoskolo (Lower I-8), Glyke (Jeuno Upper F-7), Chomo Jinjahl, Kopopo (Windurst Waters E-8)
Craft: CUL 20 - Water Crystal, Faerie Apple x4
Synergy: 11/CUL20 - 40 Water - Faerie Apple x4
Obtain: Ballista, Treasure Casket
Type: Drinks, Stack: 1
Description: Fresh-squeezed faerie apple juice.

Final Fantasy XIV


Stats: MP +7% (max 120), MCraft +14% (max 12)
Buy: 4,590 gil (sell: 105 gil)
Shop: Aeduin (Gridania)
Craft: CUL 40 x3 - Water Shard x4, Faerie Apple x6
Type: Drink, Stack: 99
Description: Juice freshly squeezed from shiny, red faerie apples.

Category: Item

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