迷惑チン [meiwakuchin] in Japanese. It is a mash-up of the words 'meiwaku' ('trouble') and 'vaccine'.

Final Fantasy IX


Buy: 150 gil (sell: 75 gil)
Shop: Cleyra (Star Maiden Nina's shop), Lindblum (Alice's shop (disc 2), Dragon's Gate merchant (disc 2), Dragoos' shop (disc 3)), Fossil Roo (Mogki's mogshop, Treasure Hunter's shop, Kuppo's mogshop), Conde Petie (Wendy Grocer's shop), Black Mage Village (item shop), Madain Sari (Morrison's shop), Alexandria (item shop (disc 3)), Treno (slum item shop (disc 3)), Esto Gaza (equipment shop), Hilda Garde 1, Oeilvert (Mimoza's mogshop), Desert Palace (Mojito's mogshop), Mt Gulug (Mogtaka's mogshop), Daguerreo (item shop), Ipsen's Castle (Kumool's mogshop), Bran Bal (Moorock's mogshop)
Drop: (various enemies)
Steal: (various enemies)
Obtain: dig up during Chocobo Hot & Cold, dig up 15 on the world map with the Chocograph 'Fairy Island'
Use: Amethyst
Description: Cures Trouble

Category: Item

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