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Final Fantasy XIV


Use: Aldgoat Leather, Boar Leather, Coeurl Fur, Dodo Leather, Dodore Leather, Hippogryph Leather, Peiste Leather, Raptor Leather, Sheep Leather, Toad Leather, Uraeus Leather
Buy: 640 gil (sell: 76 gil)
Shop: Spaerfedar (Gridania)
Gather: mining (sweetspot -1, strike zone 4) Bearded Rock, Halatali, Horizon's Edge, Humblehearth, Nophica's Wells, Skull Valley, Tranquil Paths, Treespeak
Type: Reagent, Stack: 99
Description: A white mineral used by leatherworkers to tan animal hides. It also has deodorizing properties.

Category: Item

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