Al Bhed Primer
Table of Contents

Al Bhed Primer is a magazine that teaches the Al Bhed language. It has 26 parts in all, and each part teaches the conversion of one letter (English version of the game) or several (Japanese version) into a letter of the common tongue.


  • I: Al Bhed Salvage Ship, deck, right side of screen – teaches A
  • II: Besaid Village, Crusaders Lodge, in front of the Counter – teaches B
  • III: S.S. Liki, Power Room, lower right hand corner – teaches C
  • IV: Kilika Port, Tavern – teaches D
  • V: S.S. Winno, Bridge – teaches E
  • VI: Luca, Luca Stadium, Basement B – teaches F
  • VII: Luca, Luca Theater – teaches G
  • VIII: Mi'ihen Highroad, Travel Agency, receive from Rin – teaches H
  • IX: Mi'ihen Highroad, New Road North Area – teaches I
  • X: Mushroom Rock Road, Precipice – teaches J
  • XI: Djose Highroad, behind spiky rock – teaches K
  • XII: Moonflow, North Bank, Shoopuf port – teaches L
  • XIII: Guadosalam, House, behind the big tree – teaches M
  • XIV: Thunder Plains, Rin’s Travel Agency, from Rin, answer that your studies are going well – teaches N
  • XV: Macalania Woods, Lake Road – teaches O
  • XVI: Macalania Lake, in front if Travel Agency, by Clasko – teaches P
  • XVII: Sanubia Desert, Central Part, west of the "Monsters Ahead" sign, in ruins – teaches Q
  • XVIII: Sanubia Desert, go back to the Save Sphere, north part, on the ground by a sign – teaches R
  • XIX: Al Bhed Home, by Save Sphere – teaches S
  • XX: Al Bhed Home, Living Quarters - teaches T
  • XXI: Al Bhed Home, Main Corridor – teaches U
  • XXII: Bevelle Temple, Priest’s Passage – teaches V
  • XXIII: Calm Lands, extreme northwest corner – teaches W
  • XXIV: Remiem Temple, by the Chocobo that you can ride – teaches Z
  • XXV: Cavern of the Stolen Fayth, Calm Lands Gorge Bottom. – teaches Y
  • XXVI: Omega Ruins – teaches Z

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