Acorn Cookie

Final Fantasy XI


Stats: hMP +3, Aquan Killer, 3 min
Use: turn in for 9 guild points, or a total of 1,920 points
Use: Material Storm
Buy: 21-26 gil (sell: 5-6 gil)
Shop: Ness Rugetomal (Windurst Waters F-10)
Craft: CUL 32 - Fire Crystal, San d'Orian Flour, Selbina Butter, Acorn x4, Honey, Crawler Egg
Type: Sweets, Stack: 99
Description: A cookie made with roasted acorns.
Other: HQ is Wild Cookie

Final Fantasy XIV


Stats: DEF +8% (max 41), VIT +3% (max 6)
Buy: - (sell: 94 gil)
Drop: Goblin Freesword
Craft: CUL 35 x3 - Fire Shard x3, Rye Flour, Table Salt, Iron Acorn, Mineral Water
Type: Grain Dish, Stack: 99
Description: A crisp cookie made with iron acorn paste. A favorite of the Qiqirn.

Category: Item

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