Winter Holiday Campaign


The Winter Holiday Campaign in Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade coincided with the release of the FF13-2 pre-event, Incursion from Valhalla. The winter holiday campaign is entirely dependent on the pre-event to work. See below for the exact details. For anything not mentioned here, see the pre-even'ts page.

The campaign ran December 12th to 25th, 2012.


Legend Stones

Allies (gained through Incursion from Valhalla) gave you Legend summon stones when leveled far enough. There were five possible allies, listed below in the order you gain them. Each time you got the previous one's level up to 20, you gained access to the next one.
For each 10 levels beyond lv20, you would gain a corresponding summon stone from that ally. The only exception to this was the last one obtainable, instead of level 90 you would gain it at 99. In this way, it was possible to gain a total of 7 of each stone. Stones corresponding to each ally are listed below.

item_lightning2_ffab.png item_shantotto1_ffab.png item_squall1_ffab.png
Lightning II Shantotto I Squall II
item_terra1_ffab.png item_cloud2_ffab.png
Terra I Cloud II

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