Typhon Appears!

Typhon Appears! (テュポーン登場!) was the FF6 pre-event in Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade. It didn't introduce any significant game changes, only refined previous ones.

The event ran from January 16th to 27th, 2013.



In addition to the below, players could get a log-in bonus of 10 magicite (see below in Transmutation) of a random color.


Typhon was the main part of the event. You would occasionally find him through any normal non-event area, and normal Espers were findable as well. Both Typhon and Espers would give CP, but Typhon would also give several magicite shards of random colors.


There were no allies that traveled with you in this event, although there was one additional 'summon', Locke. He would randomly appear in any Typhon battle and make one attack. He could stack with a summon, if you used one in the fight he appeared in, he would start with his attack, then the summon would appear, and finally your own party.

Deathcount Reward

In addition to the rewards detailed above, you could gain parts of the airship Blackjack by defeating Typhon many times (as well as some amounts of magicite shards). Below are detailed the parts and the amount of Typhon defeats required for them.

Picture Part Typhon Defeats
balloon_blackjackempennage_ffab.png Empennage 1
balloon_blackjackpropellers_ffab.png Propellers 10
balloon_blackjackcabin_ffab.png Cabin 20
balloon_blackjackhull_ffab.png Hull 50

CP Exchange

Several weapons were obtainable from chests that could be bought with CP.

Platinum Chest - R+ or higher normal or event weapon (2,500 CP / 500 CP for first time)
Gold Chest - R/R+ normal or event weapon (1,000 CP / 200 CP for first time)
Silver Chest - R normal or event weapon or a scroll (100 CP / 50 CP for first time)
Weapon Scroll III (1,500 CP / 250 CP for first time)
Ability Scroll III (1,500 CP / 250 CP for first time)

weapon_sakura_ffab.png weapon_kagenui_ffab.png weapon_punisher_ffab.png weapon_wizardsrod_ffab.png
Sakura Kagenui Punisher Wizard's Rod


Transmutating this event's weapons took magicite shards. It worked basically the same as the Chaos Bahamut Attacks transmutation, although the designated items and their required amount for transmutating various things was different.

Transmutation Cost
Limit Boost 0 - 200 shards
Limit Boost 1 - 100 shards
Limit Boost 2 - 50 shards
Limit Boost 3 - 25 shards
Limit Boost 4 - 10 shards

item_bluemagiciteshard_ffab.png item_greenmagiciteshard_ffab.png item_purplemagiciteshard_ffab.png
Blue Magicite Shard Green Magicite Shard Purple Magicite Shard
R to R+ R+ to SR SR to SR+

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