The Light that Pierces the Darkness
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The Light that Pierces the Darkness (闇を切り裂く光 [yami wo kirisaku hikari]) is the first event of Final Fantasy Record Keeper, and was of the Challenge type. It ran from 1.10.2014 to 10.10.2014, and featured the events of Mount Ordeals in Final Fantasy IV, where Cecil Harvey climbs up the mountain to become a paladin.


The stage of the event was quite naturally Mt Ordeals, and the various locations within it were stop-points along the way up the mountain to the summit and its stone pillar. Each sub location was only numbered and not given a special name.

Mount Ordeals
Mt Ordeals Entrance
Mt Ordeals Crossing 1
Mt Ordeals Crossing 2
Mt Ordeals Crossing 3
Mt Ordeals Crossing 4
Mt Ordeals Crossing 5
Mt Ordeals Crossing 6
Mt Ordeals Crossing 7
Mt Ordeals Crossing 8
Mt Ordeals Crossing 9
Mt Ordeals Summit
Mt Ordeals Summit Stone Monument


The event introduced two new characters (or rather, one new character in two different jobs), obtainable by advancing through the event quests. It also rewarded various older equipment, as well as the first accessories and first summon orbs of the game. Note that only the new equipment are listed below.

Cecil (Dark Knight)
Cecil (Paladin)

Chocobo Feather (accessory)
Earrings (accessory)
Power Wrist (accessory)
Silver Spectacles (accessory)
Star Pendant (accessory)
Talisman (accessory)


For the duration of the event, two new weapons received a boosted drop rate in the gacha. For the first half of the event only the Dark Sword was available, but during the latter half the shield was added and the both of them received the boost.

Dark Sword (IV)
Lustrous Shield (IV)

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