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Final Fantasy Tactics S is a social(/SRPG) game on the Mobage platform, available for playing on mobile devices. For now, no English version is available or announced. Basic content is free, but if you wish to get more and better units early on you can spend money to buy them, as well as healing items to enable more playing time in one go.

The game has you take the part of a Clan master, out to do whatever it is that clans do in the world of Ivalice. You complete quests in the various areas of a region, then move on to another one. Your goal is the build a strong clan capable of taking anything on. At first you are very restricted on how many units your clan can have and how many friends you can register, but as your clan rank rises (by gaining CP from quests) your restrictions are lifted bit by bit. Each of your clan's units also has a level, along with a unit cost that determines how you build your decks (groups of units that you can send off on clan fights).

Battle Basics

There are two main types of battles in FFTS, those of quest battles and clan battles. For normal quest battles, you pick one unit to counter the one enemy you will be facing. The battle itself won't be displayed, unlike all other types of battles. A quest battle's cost in LP (quest movement points) is determined by the quest you're on. Only units sent on quests gain exp. In addition to the regular quest battles, there are also boss quest battles. For these, you pick 1-3 units to send out against the enemy or enemies displayed. Sending out more units costs more LP. In addition to your own units, you can also utilize a friend's leader unit, this consumes FP (Friend Points) instead of additional LP.

Clan battles are different in that they use pre-built (by the player) decks of 1-9 units. Each unit has a cost associated, and you cannot exceed your current max cost when building a deck. The max cost of your deck is determined by your clan rank. You can name each deck you build, the current number of different decks you can have saved at a time is 4. Clan battles come into play mainly on quests that unlock a gate to another region (these consume LP as well), on some types of event quests (dependant on event, but also consume LP when they are present), and in Clan League battles.

Clan League

Clan League (クランリーグ [clan league]) is a system of player vs player battles that take place four times each day. Each player takes part automatically at the Clan League times, and is matched against a random opponent from their own rank. Once you've reached a certain amount of wins in your rank, you rise to the next rank in the next rank-up time.
You can also initiate practice clan rank battles against your friends. You won't lose anything, and will gain 100 FP for the first practice clan battle you initiate each day. The friend you initiate a battle against will also gain some FP.

Extra League

Extra League (エキストラリーグ [extra league]) is a periodical extension of the Clan League system that usually take place between events. Unlike regular Clan League, each Extra League has its own Laws in place, for example all magic-based units or all units of the same race gaining a stat bonus.


Obtaining, enhancing and ordering units (ユニット [unit]) into decks (デッキ [deck]) is the main content of FFTS. Your success in each and every activity depends on how well you succeed in it. At first you will be limited to a rather low max number of units you can have, but this rises with your clan rank.

Each unit has a rarity rank upon which is determined their max level (and thus their max stats). C is the lowest and most common rarity, and from there they grow to UC, R, SR and UR which is the current highest rank. Each rarity rank enables 10 more levels, so for a C unit max is lv30 and for an UR unit 70. Additionally, a unit's max level can be raised through Limit Break. You can gain Limit Break points through the Inheritance feature (see below).

Each unit also has one listed ability and one basic damage-dealing ability they use when the conditions for using the main ability are not met. A unit with a good ability but worse stats can in fact be far better than a unit with a bad ability but good stats. Abilities can be leveled through the Inheritance feature.

Aside from the rank and ability, a unit's defining features are its job and its race. All jobs (and more besides) from its predecessor Grimoire of the Rift (a DS SRPG) are present, and the races are the same as well. Additionally, each unit has their own weapon, armor and accessory that can be leveled and changed.

Normally all units join your clan on level 1, with a level 1 ability and all equips on basic grade, level 1. Note that some event-specific units might deviate from this.

Obtaining Units

There are several ways to obtain units. Your first few are given to you during the tutorial, but after that you will have to hire, encounter or otherwise earn a unit for them to join your clan.

Hiring Units
You can hire units with gil or with mobacoins. Quite naturally, mobacoins being the real-money buyable points, the hiring roster for mobacoins is generally filled with high-ranked units that have a higher chance to have better abilities. They change daily. You can refresh the roster 5 times in a day, for 100 gil each.
As for units for hire with gil, the jobs and races in your hiring roster are determined by the region you are currently in, and the number available is 3-5 based on the level of the main city in that region. You can refresh the roster 5 times in a day, for 100 gil each.

Rarity Gil Mobacoin
Common 300 -
Uncommon 3,000 100
Rare 7,000 300
Super Rare - 600

Hero Summon
While you pay mobacoins both for hiring and for Hero Summon (英雄召喚 [eiyuu shoukan]), the difference between the two is that you know what you're hiring, whereas Hero Summon gives you a random unit. There are 3 or more featured units that gain an event bonus during the ongoing or the upcoming event, but other than the featured ones you can also end up with various other high-rarity units. The available roster (along with the featured units) change every couple weeks.

Units Gained Points Gained Cost in Mobacoin
1 5 300
(100 for first time in the campaign period)
11 50 3,000

Within the Hero Summon feature is also the Hero Summon Point Exchange feature. For buying Summons (and occasionally as daily login bonus and other features), you gain HS points. These can be exchanged for various items on the exchange page. The options below are always available, during certain campaigns other items may be available for exchange, including otherwise unobtainable units. Please note that HS points reset to 0 every couple months, so be certain to be aware of the reset time and use your points before that.

Half Elixir 10 HSP
Treasure of Growth 20 HSP
(current HS campaign unit ticket) 50 HSP
Treasure of Skills 100 HSP

Encountering Units
Units can be encountered in quests on locations with the blue human-shaped symbol. Instead of item drops, these quests yield units. You are not required to pay to gain these units, and you cannot refuse them either. Should your clan be full at the moment, the unit goes to your present page where you can pick it up later.

Tickets are mainly rewards from events, although you can buy some types from the mobacoin shop. Each ticket lets you call one random unit to your clan with the traits described on the ticket. The main tickets are, quite simply, C/UC/R/SR and let you call a unit of that rarity, or rarely one of a higher rarity. More specific are the Inheritance tickets, that let you call on a special unit of a certain element (fire, thunder, ice, holy) that gives extra points to abilities of that element when used in Inheritance. Additionally, there are also tickets related to certain events, promotions and the current Hero Summon campaign.

Other Ways
FFTS, being a social game, usually has an ongoing event. During these events you can gain strong units in various ways depending on the event, normally by advancing far enough in the event, as rare drops from a boss quest or as ranking rewards.


Inheritance (継承 [keishou]) is a way of strengthening your units aside from simply sending them on quests for exp. Aside from exp, Inheritance can give your units points towards leveling up its Limit Break and ability.

Inheritance can be accessed through Menu -> Inheritance. First you pick the unit you wish to strengthen. Then pick the unit(s) you wish to consume for the inheritance. If the consumed unit's job and/or race are the same, you will gain extra exp. If the ability is the same you will gain a big ability point bonus, a smaller one for having the same ability be of the same element. Additionally, if the unit's job and race are both the same, you will gain some Limit Break points.
Once the percentage of any of these points reaches 100, that trait will level up. Note that you can still gain Limit Break and ability points even after the unit has reached its max level.

Items and Commerce

There are five main types of items - loot, equipment, healing items, tickets and growth crystals. Loot lets you level up your equipment, healing items heal your LP so you can do more questing, and tickets let you call various units to your clan. Growth crystals can be used in an Inheritance-like system to let a single unit gain huge amounts of experience in either level, ability or limit gauge.

Items are generally gained through winning quest battles. Each location has different drops, and a location's drops expand to a better selection the higher the region's level is. Be sure to check back to early quests in case they have rare drops in them later. Most items gained this way are loot, although boss battles (mostly major ones) have a guaranteed drop of a healing item upon win, and may drop recipes as well.
Tickets are only gained by earning them during events or buying from the mobacoin shop.


Equipment is leveled up and changed into other pieces of equipment through synthesis (合成 [gousei]). A synthesis requires you to first have a recipe (レシピ [recipe]) for what you'll be making (obtained by clearing regions and Clan League ranks), and secondly have the necessary pieces of loot and the required amount of gil. It can be accessed through the Units list (or from any unit's details), simply click on the 'synthesize equipment' button, and then choose which slot (weapon, armor, accessory) you'll be synthesizing. Additionally, you can reach a list of all the recipes you have obtained through the menu -> Recipes.

When attempting synthesis, the selected slot defaults to synthesis to level up the current equipment. You also have the option to use Grade Up synthesis, which makes the base equip into one of another type with a different leveling path. Note that most early Grade Up synthesis recipes you obtain will be of the accessory type.

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