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The Stellazzio sidequest has you run all over the world in search of 12 legendary coins that tell the story of the Zodiacs. You must collect these coins and bring them to Queen Stella in Treno. After finding the first twelve, she reveals the existence of a 13th coin, which you must then find based on the clues written on the other twelve.


If you don't feel like careful exploration or missed a few coins, the locations of all of them can be found below.

Aquarius - Ipsen's Castle. Chest on the right side of the front hall.
Aries - Windmill house in Dali.
Cancer - Burmecia. Debris on the left side, near entrance.
Capricorn - Daguerreo. Right side, near entrance.
Gemini - Treno. Fountain, throw money 13 times.
Leo - Alexandria Castle. Left tower, left room.
Libra - Madain Sari. Fountain.
Pisces - The Invincible airship.
Taurus - Treno. Ground behind the item shop.
Sagittarius - Lindblum Business district. After rebuild.
Scorpio - Quan's Dwelling.
Virgo - Black Mage Village. Inn.
Ophiuchus - Same as Scorpio. Only after you have delivered all the others.


You can get various rewards for handing in certain numbers of Stellazzio coins. Note that you don't have to turn them all in at once, you can do it one at a time and still get all rewards. They are listed below.

# Handed in Reward
1 1,000 gil
2 Phoenix Pinion
3 2,000 gil
4 Blood Sword
5 5,000 gil
6 Elixir
7 10,000 gil
8 Black Belt
9 20,000 gil
10 Rosetta Ring
11 30,000 gil
12 Robe of Lords
13 Hammer

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