Sky Pirate's Den
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The Sky Pirate's Den is located within the Clan Primer through the main menu in Final Fantasy XII. It is a place to gather small figurines - or if you prefer to look at it that way, various titles for yourself.
The Sky Pirate's Den figurines/titles serve only two purposes. One is to see how obsessive you have been with the game. The other is to gain the highest rank within Clan Centurio.


Title Figurine Condition
Assault Striker Balthier Attacked over 300 times
Blood Dancer Basch Defeated more than 500 foes
Cartographer Old Dalan Fully explored every map
Collector Mimic Obtained rare goods on the bazaar
Conqueror Rasler Learned every License
Eagle Eye Deathgaze Defeated Deathgaze
Exemplar Ashe Raised the party's average level above 50
Fell Angel Ultima Defeated Ultima
Freshmaker Carrot Defeated Carrot
High Summoner Belias Obtained 13 Espers
Hunter Extraordinaire Yiazmat Defeated Yiazmat
Jack-of-All-Trades Vossler Learned every Technick
Lord of the Kings Behemoth King Defeated Behemoth King
Master Swordsman Gilgamesh Defeated Gilgamesh twice
Master Thief Vaan Stole successfully over 50 times
Mist Walker Gabranth Performed every Concurrence
Plunderer Penelo Acquired over 100,000 gil
Premier Prestidigitator Vayne Used Technicks over 100 times
Privateer Migelo Sold over 1,000 pieces of loot
Radiant Savior Hell Wyrm Defeated Hell Wyrm
Record Breaker Reks Obtained over 500,000 Clan Points
Runeweaver Crystal Learned every Magick
Scrivener Ba'Gamnan Completed the Bestiary
Sharpshooter Trickster Defeated Trickster
Spellsinger Fran Cast Magicks over 200 times
Spendthrift Gurdy Spent more than 1,000,000 gil
The Unrelenting Montblanc Completed a 50-Chain in battle
Wayfarer Chocobo Took over 50,000 steps
Wyrmslayer Fafnir Defeated Fafnir
Zodiac Knight Zodiark Defeated Zodiark

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