Special Event Part 1: Shattered World


The Shattered World is Part 1 of the Final Fantasy Special Event, referred to colloquially as the Anniversary Event, as it celebrates the Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary. This event lasts from March 18, 2013, until (the end of) April 8, 2013, in the North American version of Airborne Brigade. There will be more parts after that, though the NA version is skipping some parts the JP version had.

To explain some confusion, Part 1 refers to the entire event. It is further split into a first half, second half, and extra event, where most people refer to the first and second half as Part 1 and Part 2, respectively. For clarity, this guide will refer to them as first half and second half, since those are the terms used in the game.

The first half takes place from March 18, 8:00 PM PDT to March 25, 9:59 PM PDT.
The second half takes place from March 25, 10:00 PM PDT to April 1, 9:59 PM PDT.
The extra event takes place from April 1, 10:00 PM PDT to April 8, 9:59 PM PDT.



There are many things to do in this event, but don't get too overwhelmed! The general progression is still very much like any other event.

The event region is the Otherworld (SP1), consisting of 6 areas. Furthermore, this event introduced the Limit Break mechanic, allowing players to boost the attack and defense of weapons and abilities they choose to, as long as they have some Dark Matter on them.

Brigade Boss Battles

There are three brigade bosses each week, and these replace Espers altogether. Ie, Espers will not appear at all during the course of the event. The game itself does seem to cycle through them, however, and you will still get Esper rewards at the end of each week (need confirmation).

Each boss is from a different Final Fantasy game, and using an ally from the corresponding game (more on allies later) will do bonus damage. In addition, using a summon stone from this event will do twice the damage.

Bosses go up to level 8, with 1.8 million HP at 8. A level 8 boss will drop double the amount of transmutation items.

As usual, bosses drop CP and transmutation items. There are a few small changes. Firstly, the members of whichever brigade did more damage on any particular boss get a 2x CP bonus. And secondly, bosses also drop Experiopedias, which are used to level up allies, and black crystals, which allow you to challenge Chaos.

During the second half, bosses drop double the amount of scrolls and black crystals.

During the extra event, EX Time bosses give double the amount of CP.

EX Time

Three times a day, for three hours each time, EX Time occurs. They happen at 7 AM, 1 PM, and 7 PM PDT time (10 AM, 4 PM, and 10 PM, EDT time).

During EX Time, space-time rifts (the event equivalent of gate crystals) lead to EX bosses instead of normal bosses. There is one specific EX boss each day, marked in red on the brigade page. They can go up to level 9, and are much, much stronger than normal bosses, having upwards of 10 million HP. However, you get a lot more bonuses to help kill them.

The first is a chain bonus. When someone attacks an EX boss, a chain starts, and all brigade members get a small boost to their attack. Attacking anytime within a time limit continues the chain, and the higher the chain, the higher the attack boost is, to a maximum of 600%.

Somewhat related is the second bonus, Overdrive. When you attack, you have a chance of triggering an Overdrive from any ally you've rescued, each of whom gives a different kind of bonus, some increasing attack power, some giving additional rewards. Most of the Overdrive bonuses have a certain time limit that they remain active for, and the bonuses apply from some brigade or party members' Overdrives if you hit the boss within the time limit.

Defeating an EX boss earns more gems (this event's transmutation items) and black crystals. Due to the bosses having more HP and chains/overdrives boosting damage, you also usually end up getting more CP and points as well.

Onion Knight: Increases the party's ATK for 5 minutes.
Bartz: Obtain 10 extra gems of one type after the boss is defeated.
Cloud: Increases self's ATK by a lot for 5 minutes.
Zidane: Obtain a crystal key or 3 extra gems after defeating the boss.
Shantotto: Increases the entire brigade's ATK by a small amount for 10 minutes.
Lightning: Gives a huge boost to self's attack power for one attack.


You can challenge Chaos to battle using a black crystal, dropped by any event boss. It uses up one crystal per attempt, whether you defeat Chaos or not.

Chaos battles are similar to brigade battles, except you fight alone. You still fight with your currently active ally and your strongest brigade/party member, but he is not healed with the brigade. If you don't defeat Chaos, he retains his damage indefinitely (he does not escape in 30 or 60 minutes), and you can continue to chip away at him. You can use summons on him - and will, if you have a fully-charged one equipped - but they do not charge fighting him.

Chaos starts at level 1 and goes up one level every time he is defeated, up to a maximum of level 99. He starts out extremely easy, but his HP goes up exponentially, and at around level 40-50, most people will start to need 2 hits to kill him. His HP at 99 is around 6.5 million.

Aside from the defeat count rewards, defeating Chaos earns 1 crystal key and 25 experiopedias.

Allied NPCs

This event has allies - characters from Final Fantasy games - that travel and fight with you. You start with only Onion Knight and the Warrior of Light, with the rest unlocked through quests and rewards.

Allies start at level 1, and each one levels up separately, to a maximum of level 99 each. The currently-active ally gains exp equal to your exp when you quest, and you can level up any of the ones you've unlocked using Experiopedias. You can get Experiopedias from boss battles (around 10-15), Chaos battles (25), and training sessions that randomly occur when you quest (10-15).

You can level them and choose allies in the Moogle Saloon.

Leveling up allies have three main purposes: they do more damage against event bosses, there are rewards for leveling them up, and they earn you SSR weapons once the entire event is over.

There are 10 allies in total throughout the first half, second half, and extra event; there are 19 allies in total in the entire event, including the not-yet-introduced Part 2. Any ally you've met and/or rescued will be carried over to the next part, until the end of the entire event.

Note that when you choose an ally, they will automatically take up the second party member slot in battle. You cannot not have an ally.

First Half Allies

Allies for the first half of the event:

Onion Knight: Obtained automatically.
Warrior of Light: Obtained automatically between March 18, 2013 8:00 PM PDT and March 25, 2013, 9:59 PM PDT. If a player joins after March 25, they will not get Warrior of Light.
Princess Sarah: Reward for defeating Chaos 5 times.
Bartz: Obtained on completing area 1: Eureka.
Cloud: Obtained on completing area 2: Big Bridge.
Zidane: Obtained on completing area 3: Planet's Core.

All of these characters can be obtained during the second half as well, except the Warrior of Light.

Second Half Allies

Allies for the second half of the event:

Gilgamesh: Obtained automatically between March 25, 2013 8:00 PM PDT and April 1, 2013, 9:59 PM PDT. If a player joins after April, they will not get Gilgamesh.
Shantotto: Obtained on completing area 4: Crystal World
Lightning: Obtained on completing area 5: Cape Riverne

Extra Event Allies

Allies for the extra event:

Zack: Obtained automatically between April 1, 2013 8:00 PM PDT and April 8, 2013, 9:59 PM PDT. If a player joins after April 8, they will not get Zack.

CP Exchange

There are 4 types of chests and 3 types of scrolls you can obtain with CP this time around.


Crystal: Crystal chests contain SR or SR+ event weapons, or a Lusterless weapon. They cost 2000 CP and a crystal key to open the first time, and 50,000 CP and a crystal key all subsequent times.
Platinum: These contain event or regular R+ or SR weapons. They cost 500 CP the first time, and 2500 all subsequent times.
Gold: These contain event or regular R and R+ weapons. They cost 200 CP the first time, and 1000 all subsequent times.
Silver: These contain event or regular R weapons, or any tier II (R or R+) scrolls. They cost 50 CP the first time, and 150 all subsequent times.
Weapon Scroll III (SR): These cost 250 CP the first time, and 1500 all subsequent times.
Ability Scroll III (SR): These cost 250 CP the first time, and 1500 all subsequent times.
Summon Scroll III (SR): These cost 250 CP the first time, and 1500 all subsequent times.

There are two types of weapons for this event: regular event weapons, and crystal weapons.

The regular weapons behave much like any weapon from previous events. You get them from CP chests, and can limit boost and transmute them. There are two families of weapons per week-long part of this event, and they all give a 3x bonus as usual.

First Half
weapon_motordrive_ffab.png weapon_masterfist_ffab.png weapon_windspear_ffab.png weapon_bloodlance_ffab.png
Motor Drive Master Fist Wind Spear Blood Lance
Second Half
weapon_platoonzaghnal_ffab.png weapon_mightyzaghnal_ffab.png weapon_poisonrod_ffab.png weapon_demonsrod_ffab.png
Platoon Zaghnal Mighty Zaghnal Poison Rod Demon's Rod
Extra Event
weapon_golemflute_ffab.png weapon_lamiaflute_ffab.png weapon_edgedcarbine_ffab.png weapon_blazefiresaber_ffab.png
Golem Flute Lamia Flute Edged Carbine Blazefire Saber

Crystal weapons behave slightly differently. They cannot be obtained through normal CP chests, and are only available from event rankings and crystal chests, newly available this event. These chests cost a boatload of CP, and require (and use up) a crystal key as well to open. They appear at first as a "Lusterless" weapon, and must be reforged into either a SR or SR+ crystal weapon. They cannot be transmuted, so to get SR+s, you just have to be lucky. They can be limit-boosted like normal. Crystal weapons are usually somewhat weaker than non-crystal weapons, because it's harder to get SR+ versions, but they have a 5x event bonus.

Cid's Workshop

Cid reforges Lusterless weapons into crystal weapons. He can reforge the below weapons. Forging each one costs 10,000 gil. Of the below, the staff was obtainable only in the Extra part of this event.

weapon_crystalblade_ffab.png weapon_crystalgun_ffab.png weapon_crystalbow_ffab.png weapon_crystalstaff_ffab.png
Crystal Blade Crystal Gun Crystal Bow Crystal Staff
Lusterless Sword Lusterless Gun Lusterless Bow Lusterless Staff

Red Chocobos

Abilities, as always, are from red and gold chocobos in event areas. During the first half, only red chocobos will be introduced. The second half also had gold chocobos appearing.
The abilities from the first half will still be obtainable in the second half, and all abilities are obtainable in Extra. Abilities can be transmuted as normal.

First Half
ability_howlingmoon_ffab.png ability_earthrave_ffab.png ability_sparkshot_ffab.png
Howling Moon Earth Rave Spark Shot
ability_sparkburst_ffab.png ability_flameburst_ffab.png ability_magma_ffab.png
Spark Burst Flame Burst Magma
Second Half
ability_backhandblow_ffab.png ability_spinattack_ffab.png ability_freeenergy_ffab.png
Backhand Blow Spin Attack Free Energy
ability_shiftbreak_ffab.png ability_aquastrike_ffab.png ability_imperilga_ffab.png
Shift Break Aquastrike Imperilga

Green Chocobos

Green chocobos started appearing in the Extra part of this event. It was possible to obtain the below Legend summon stones.

item_vivi1_ffab.png item_garland1_ffab.png item_faris1_ffab.png
Vivi I Garland I Faris I


Transmutation in this event works much like it has in past events. You gain gems as event boss drops, as daily log-in rewards and ranking rewards (among other things), and then use them to raise the rank of your weapons and abilities.
One difference is the behavior of the White Gems. They only transmute Blazefire Saber from SR to SR+. The gems required for that weapon are different otherwise too. See the below table for the required gems.

Weaker Weapons and Abilities
Limit Boost 0 - 200 gems
Limit Boost 1 - 100 gems
Limit Boost 2 - 50 gems
Limit Boost 3 - 25 gems
Limit Boost 4 - 10 gems

Stronger Weapons and Abilities
Limit Boost 0 - 400 gems
Limit Boost 1 - 200 gems
Limit Boost 2 - 100 gems
Limit Boost 3 - 50 gems
Limit Boost 4 - 25 gems

item_redgem_ffab.png item_bluegem_ffab.png item_greengem_ffab.png item_whitegem_ffab.png
Red Gem Blue Gem Green Gem White Gem
Weapon R/R+
Blazefire R to R+
Ability R/R+ Weapon or Ability SR
Blazefire R+ to SR
Blazefire SR to SR+


This event has oodles and oodles of rewards. Some of them are fairly basic, and are in just about every event, but some of them are very new.

Ally Level Rewards

The ally level rewards count the combined levels from all allies. The rewards are Bartz and Lightning summon stones. There are 9 of each, giving a max boosted summon stone each.

item_bartz1_ffab.png item_lightning4_ffab.png
Bartz I Lightning IV

1 level: Bartz I (SR) summon stone x1
5 levels: Lightning IV (SR) summon stone x1
10 levels: Bartz I (SR) summon stone x1
20 levels: Lightning IV (SR) summon stone x1
30 levels: Bartz I (SR) summon stone x1
40 levels: Lightning IV (SR) summon stone x1
50 levels: Bartz I (SR) summon stone x1
60 levels: Lightning IV (SR) summon stone x1
80 levels: Bartz I (SR) summon stone x1
95 levels: Lightning IV (SR) summon stone x1
110 levels: Bartz I (SR) summon stone x1
125 levels: Lightning IV (SR) summon stone x1
140 levels: Bartz I (SR) summon stone x1
160 levels: Lightning IV (SR) summon stone x1
180 levels: Bartz I (SR) summon stone x1
200 levels: Lightning IV (SR) summon stone x1
220 levels: Bartz I (SR) summon stone x1
240 levels: Lightning IV (SR) summon stone x1

Chaos Defeat Count Rewards

Chaos defeat count rewards mainly give summon stones for Shantotto and Cloud. Similar to ally level rewards, you can get 9 of each, for a max boosted stone each.

item_shantotto3_ffab.png item_cloud5_ffab.png
Shantotto III Cloud V

1 time: Shantotto III (SR) summon stone x1
2 times: Cloud V (SR) summon stone x1
4 times: Shantotto III (SR) summon stone x1
5 times: unlocks Sarah as an ally
6 times: Cloud V (SR) summon stone x1
8 times: Shantotto III (SR) summon stone x1
10 times: Cloud V (SR) summon stone x1
12 times: Shantotto III (SR) summon stone x1
14 times: Cloud V (SR) summon stone x1
16 times: Shantotto III (SR) summon stone x1
18 times: Cloud V (SR) summon stone x1
20 times: Shantotto III (SR) summon stone x1
22 times: Cloud V (SR) summon stone x1
24 times: Shantotto III (SR) summon stone x1
26 times: Cloud V (SR) summon stone x1
30 times: Shantotto III (SR) summon stone x1
34 times: Cloud V (SR) summon stone x1
36 times: Shantotto III (SR) summon stone x1
40 times: Cloud V (SR) summon stone x1

Ranking Rewards

There are three sets of ranking rewards, one for each part.

To be completed later. (Too lazy to type this up.)

weapon_crystalkatana_ffab.png weapon_crystalknife_ffab.png weapon_crystalcross_ffab.png
Crystal Katana Crystal Knife Crystal Cross
Legend Summons
item_warrioroflight1_ffab.png item_onionknight1_ffab.png item_zidane2_ffab.png
Warrior of Light I Onion Knight I Zidane II
bg_planetscore_ffab.png bg_sunlethwaterscape_ffab.png
Planet's Core Sunleth Waterscape

SSR Weapons

The best reward of the event are SSR Weapons. You get them through leveling allies, and the in-game event description hints at this, but does not give more information.
First of all, keep in mind you won't be receiving any weapons until both parts of the event are over, and then only what you fulfilled the conditions for. Read on for details.

Each character you level to 99 has their own corresponding SSR weapon. The weapons obtainable from the allies available for leveling in Shattered World are listed below. See event Part 2 for full data.

Character Weapon
Warrior of Light Sun Blade
Princess Sarah Rune Axe
Onion Knight Rune Staff
Bartz Klauser Aevis Killer
Gilgamesh Tinklebell
Cloud Strife Flayer
Zack Fair Nail Bat
Zidane Tribal Stardust Rod
Shantotto Plaga Scythe
Lightning Jatayu

To obtain your first SSR weapon, you need to level at least one character to level 99. To obtain a second SSR weapon, you need to level at least two characters to level 99, and have a combined party level of 300 or more. Along the same veins, to obtain a third SSR weapon, you need to level three characters to level 99, and have a combined party level of 600 or more.
The maximum number of SSR weapons you can get is 7, which requires at least seven characters at level 99, and a combined level of 1800 or more.

Keep in mind your ally levels will carry over to Part 2 of the event, Showdown, and these levels are spread through 19 characters. Below are level calculation charts for the full event.

SSRs Lv99s Additional Levels Lowest combination
1 weapon 1 - -
2 weapons 2 102 levels The 99s + 17 characters lv 6
3 weapons 3 303 levels The 99s + 16 characters lv 19
4 weapons 4 504 levels The 99s + 15 characters lv 33-34
5 weapons 5 705 levels The 99s + 14 characters lv 50-51
6 weapons 6 906 levels The 99s + 13 characters lv 69-70
7 weapons 7 1,107 levels The 99s + 12 characters lv 92-93

Tips and Tricks

(It's not my fault if these are wrong, okay. :D)

-Level characters evenly to use less exp, since exp costs rise exponentially. Leveling to 99 costs almost FOUR times the exp as leveling to 50, for example. There is no reason to level everyone to 90+ unless you're planning to get 7 SSR weapons.

-Despite the fact that everyone is supposed to attack during EX time, all the EX time periods happen during low encounter rate times. It's not uncommon to go through 30-40 steps before finding a space-time rift, so save your LP for that, especially if your brigade is not active.

-You can quest in normal areas! There are no Espers, so space-time rifts in normal areas will still lead to event bosses. You will still get ally exp and training sessions as well, so you may want to quest in normal areas sometimes if there are still incomplete regions you want to do to unlock jobs. However, you won't encounter red chocobos, so keep that in mind.

-Just keep in mind the dropdown menu for enhancing starts with using the maximum amount of scrolls you can, instead of 1. This makes enhancing faster, but may waste scrolls you don't mean to, so just make note.

-The stronger non-crystal weapons during this event are the Blood Lance, Demon Rod, and Blazefire Saber, each capping at around 20k attack at SR level 200, and over 28k attack at SR+ level 240. The Lamia Flute is not as strong, but still very decent at 25k at SR+ level 240, and will likely be dropping like candy.

-The stronger crystal weapons not from ranking rewards are the bow and the gun. The sword is the most common, but the weakest.

-The stronger abilities during this event are Earth Rave, Spark Burst, Shift Break, and Imperilga, with the latter two being slightly stronger.

-If you're just starting, get platinum chests first. Crystal chests cost an arm and a leg until later on in the event, and give a lot less of a boost for the cost. Get some SR 200 event weapons first of the three better types, depending on which week you're in.

-A level 8 EX boss takes around 420k defense to do all three rounds of attacks against, and a level 9 EX boss takes around 650k-700k defense.

-If you're taking too many hits to kill Chaos, stop fighting him and just save up the crystals until closer to the end of the event, when you'd have more attack.

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