Quests Timeline (FF14)

This page lists quests and other world-content from the original FF14 by patch. To see further information, see Timeline of Hydaelyn.

Beta / Summer 2010

These are the quests present during the alpha and/or beta testing of the game.

Gridania - Sundered Skies, Souls Gone Wild, Whispers in the Wood
Limsa Lominsa - Shapeless Melody, Treasures of the Main, Legends Adrift
Ul'dah - Flowers for All, Court in the Sands, Golden Sacrifices

Original / September 2010

These are the quests present from the launch of the game to patch 1.16

GR4 - Beckon of the Elementals
LL4 - Never the Twain Shall Meet
UD4 - Calamity Cometh
Main quest - Fade to White, Together We Stand, Toll of the Warden, Forever Taken, Lord Errant, Of Men They Sing, Futures Perfect

Class quests lv 20, 30 and 36

1.16 / March 2011

Bridging the Gap
Assessing the Damage
Beryl Overboard
Till Death Do Us Part
Have You Seen My Son
Revenge on the Reavers
Sleepless in Eorzea
An Inconvenient Dodo
Besmitten and Besmirched
The Customer Comes First
A Knock in the Night
Dressed to Be Killed
Proceed with Caution
The Search for the Sicksa
Playing with Fire
A Well-Balanced Diet
Say it with Wolf Tails
The Penultimate Prank
The Ultimate Prank

1.17 / April 2011

Trading Tongueflaps
The Tug of the Whorl
Winds of Change
Counting Sheep
Scrubbing the Soul
Seeing the Seers
Stone Deaf
In the Name of Science
Of Archons and Muses
A Call to Arms
Quid Pro Quo
The Unheard Horizon
Clasping to Hope
Sanguine Studies
Best Flower Ever
Hearing Confession
Event: The Dreamer's Gospel

1.17a / April 2011

Food for Thought
Fishing for Answers
Letting out Orion's Belt
Seashells by the Seashore
Hunting the Hunters
Embarrassing Excerpts
Last Respects
A Forbidden Love
A Hypocritical Oath
Event: The Dreamer's Dilemma
+Seventh Moon Rising (Lodestone)

1.18 / July 2011

Sniffing Out a Profit
Shot Through the Heart
Sour Grapes
Freedom Isn't Free
Secrets Unearthed
Spores on the Brain
A Bitter Oil to Swallow
To Deskunk a Beer
GC: The Price of Integrity
GC: Testing the Waters
GC: Seals for the Whorl
GC: Engineering Victory
GC: Career Opportunities
GC: Kindling a Flame
GC: Burning a Hole in One's Pocket
GC: Arms Race
GC: Breaking the Seals
GC: Why Did It Have to Be Snakes
GC: Adder's Nest Egg
GC: The Mail Must Get Through
GC: Imperial Devices
GC: Into the Dark
+Imperial attacks in Horizon, Bloodshore, Tranquil
+beast encampments

1.18b / August 2011

Event: The Heat is On

1.19 / September 2011

Call of Booty
Disorganized Crime
A Slippery Stone
There Might Be Blood
What a Pirate Wants
Sniffing Out a Profit
Cutthroat Prices
Risky Business
Forging the Spirit
Joining the Spirit
Waking the Spirit
Ifrit Bleeds, We Can Kill It
GC: Appetite for Destruction
GC: Their Finest Hour
GC: Serenity, Purity, Sanctity
GC: Eternal Recurrence
GC: The Pen is Mightier Than the Spear
GC: Burning Man
GC: Know Your Enemy
GC: By Fire Reborn
GC: Different Strokes
GC: Prying Eyes
GC: When Alchemists Cry
GC: Ceruleum Shock
GC: An Officer and a Wise Man
GC: Till Sea Swallows All
GC: The Cove
GC: Kobold and the Beautiful
GC: Saving the Stead Instead
GC: It Kills with Fire
+Camp Glory and Emerald Moss Imperial attacks
+GC leves, caravan security, supply and provisioning, chocobos unlocked

1.19a / October 2011

GC: Gone with the Wind
Event: Impish Impositions

1.20 / December 2011

A Feast of Fools
GC: Alive
GC: Like Father, Like Son
GC: Two Vans are Better than One
GC: Gore a Lizard, Hurry
GC: The Weakest Link
GC: You Don't Have the Rite
Event: Winter is Not Coming
Event: Gone with the Snow
+Lambs of Dalamud events in Mistbeard Cove and Copperbell Mines
+achievement unlocker people

1.21 / March 2012

The Ink Thief
Ring of Deceit
Waste Not Want Not
A Light in the Dark
What Glitters Always Isn't Gold
Job: Paladin's Pledge
Job: Honor Lost
Job: Power Struggles
Job: Poisoned Hearts
Job: Parley on High Ground
Job: Keeping the Oath
Job: Brother from Another Mother
Job: Insulted Intelligence
Job: The Pursuit of Power
Job: Good Vibrations
Job: Five Easy Pieces
Job: Return of the King...of Ruin
Job: Pride and Duty (Will Take you from the Mountain)
Job: Embracing the Beast
Job: Curious Gorge Goes to the Bazaar
Job: Looking the Part
Job: Proof is in the Pudding
Job: How to Quit You
Job: Eye of the Dragon
Job: Lance of Fury
Job: Unfading Scars
Job: Double Dragoon
Job: Fatal Seduction
Job: Into the Dragon's Maw
Job: A Song of Bards and Bowmen
Job: The Archer's Anthem
Job: Bard's-Eye View
Job: Doing it the Bard Way
Job: Pieces of the Past
Job: Requiem for the Fallen
Job: Seeds of Initiative
Job: When Sheep Attack
Job: Lost in Rage
Job: The Wheel of Disaster
Job: In Search of Succor
Job: The Chorus of Cataclysm
Job: Hearing Voices
Job: A Time to Kill
Job: International Relations
Job: The Voidgate Breathes Gloomy
Job: Gearing Up
Job: Always Bet on Black
Event: Scrambled Eggs
+Imperials attacking Bearded Rock/Bentbranch/Black Brush, carrying pages of Urianger's journal

1.22 / April 2012

Taming the Tempest
GC: Careless Whispers
GC: Deus ex Machina
GC: Shadow of the Raven
GC: In for Garuda Wakening
GC: A Weaver and a Mummer
GC: It's a Piece of Cake to Bake a Poison Cake
GC: Woes of the Botanist
+Hamlet defense, imperial stronghold Castrum Novum

1.22b / June 2012

A Relic Reborn
The Usual Suspect
In Plain Sight
Private Eyes
GC: Don't Hate the Messenger
GC: United We Stand
GC: Oil Crisis
GC: A Taste for Death
GC: Challenge Accepted
+Castrum Novum opens

1.22c / June 2012

GC: Mess with the Goat, Get the Horns
GC: Patrol, Interrupted
GC: Cure for the Common Pox

1.23 / July 2012

Blood Price
Carving a Name
Losing One's Thread
A Misty Past
No Other Dodo Will Do
Ore for an Ore
GC: To Kill a Raven
+Skirmish activities start, divine symbols of the Twelve appear

1.23a / August 2012

Living on a Prayer
Monster of Maw Most Massive
Mysteries of the Red Moon
Prophecy Inspection
The Raven, Nevermore
+Atomos appears

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