Quests Timeline (ARR)

This page lists quests, areas and events added to FF14: A Realm Reborn, listed by patch. To see further information, see Timeline of Hydaelyn.

2.0 A Realm Reborn / August 2013

Main quests 0-152 (until The Ultimate Weapon)
Class quests level 1-30 for DoW/DoM
Class quests level 1-50 for DoH/DoL
Job quests level 30-50
Relic Weapons: A Relic Reborn)
Tons of sidequests
Tons of FATEs
Guildhests 1-14
Grand Company quests related to below dungeons
Dungeon: Sastasha
Dungeon: The Tam-Tara Deepcroft
Dungeon: Copperbell Mines
Dungeon: Halatali
Dungeon: The Thousand Maws of Toto-Rak
Dungeon: Haukke Manor
Dungeon: Brayflox's Longstop
Dungeon: The Sunken Temple of Qarn
Dungeon: Cutter's Cry
Dungeon: The Stone Vigil
Dungeon: Dzemael Darkhold
Dungeon: The Aurum Vale
Dungeon: Castrum Meridianum
Dungeon: Praetorium
Dungeon: The Wanderer's Palace
Dungeon: Amdapor Keep
Primal: Ifrit (normal and Hard)
Primal: Garuda (normal and Hard)
Primal: Titan (normal and Hard)
Raid: The Binding Coils of Bahamut

+Event: Moonfire Faire 2013
+Event: All Saints' Wake 2013 Monstrous Mummery
+Event: All Saints' Wake 2013 Not-so-Evil Dead
+Event: All Saints' Wake 2013 Show Me the Candy
+Event: All Saints' Wake 2013 I Burn for You
+Event: Lightning Strikes (November) For the Winsome
+Event: Lightning Strikes (November) Seeking the Scoop
+Event: Lightning Strikes (November) The Knight's Passage
+Event: Lightning Strikes (November) Wonder and Lightning

2.1 A Realm Awoken / December 2013

Main Quests 153-168 (until Build on the Stone)
Where the Heart is (The Goblet)
Where the Heart is (Mist)
Where the Heart is (Lavender Beds)
Beauty is Only Scalp Deep
Like Cats and Dogs
Man's Best Friend
Curiosity Killed the Coeurl
Treasures and Tribulations
Toss Fit Workout
Rolling with the Snowies
Sirius Business
Why so Sirius
Maniac Manor
Out of Sight, Out of Mine
Primal Nature
To Tussle with Gods
Primal Focus
Ifrit Ain't Broke
Gale-force Warning
Quake Me Up Before you O'Ghomoro
Hail to the King, Kupo
You Have Selected Regicide
On the Properties of Primals
The Ultimate Ballad
GC: A Pup No Longer (Maelstrom)
GC: A Pup No Longer (Immortal Flames)
GC: A Pup No Longer (Twin Adders)
Hildibrand: The Rise and Fall of Gentlemen
Hildibrand: Back in the Saddle
Hildibrand: After Her Own Heart
Hildibrand: The Immaculate Deception
CT: Legacy of Allag
CT: Sanding it Down
CT: A Performance for the Ages
CT: Labyrinth of the Ancients
CT: For Prosperity
Sylph: Seeking Solace
Sylph: Voyce of Concern
Sylph: Pilfered Podlings
Sylph: Idle Hands
Sylph: Feathers and Folly
+Sylph dailies
Amalj'aa: Peace for Thanalan
Amalj'aa: Brotherhood of Ash
Amalj'aa: Ranger Rescue
Amalj'aa: An Eye of the Inside
Amalj'aa: Martial Perfection
+Amalj'aa dailies
Dungeon: Pharos Sirius
Dungeon: Haukke Manor (Hard)
Dungeon: Copperbell Mines (Hard)
Dungeon: Haukke Manor (Hard)
Primal: Ifrit Extreme
Primal: Garuda (The Howling Eye) Extreme
Primal: Titan (The Navel) Extreme
Primal: Moggle Mog XII (Thornmarch)
Raid: Labyrinth of the Ancients
Area: Wolves' Den
Area: The Goblet
Area: Mist
Area: Lavender Beds
Area: Circle of Ash
+Little Solace expansion
+Revenant's Toll expansion (several times, in minor patches too)

+Event: Starlight Celebration 2013
+Event: Heavensturn 2014 A Horse for Heavensturn
+Event: Heavensturn 2014 Turn Around, Beautiful
+Event: Heavensturn 2014 Heavens Know You're Fast
+Event: Heavensturn 2014 Heavenly Power
+Event: Heavensturn 2014 Thank Heavensturn for You
+Event: FF11 collaboration (January) Burgeoning Dread
+Event: DQ10 collaboration (January) Breaking Brick Mountains
+Event: Valentione's Day 2014 The Puissance of Love
+Event: Valentione's Day 2014 Sweet, Sweet Love
+Event: Valentione's Day 2014 Right Here Waiting
+Event: Valentione's Day 2014 Love is a Battleground
+Event: Valentione's Day 2014 Never Say Farewell
+Event: Little Ladies' Day 2014 All the Little Ladies
+Event: Little Ladies' Day 2014 A Peach by Any Other Name
+Event: Little Ladies' Day 2014 Say it with Peaches
+Event: Little Ladies' Day 2014 A Real Peach

2.2 Through the Maelstrom / March 2014

Main Quests 169-187 (until Through the Maelstrom)
He's Got a Ticket to a Ride
Meet, Greet, and Deceit
Lend Me Your Ears Already
Saw That One Coming
Good for What Ales You
Help Me, Lord of the Dance
Rising to the Challenge
Seeds of Change
An Ill-Conceived Venture (Gridania)
An Ill-Conceived Venture (Limsa Lominsa)
An Ill-Conceived Venture (Ul'dah)
Required Level
Submission Impossible
Just Tooling Around
A Self-Improving Man
The Beast of Brewer's Beacon (Big Fish fishing)
One Night in Amdapor
This Time's for Fun
Curds and Slay
Into the Heart of the Whorl
Lord of the Whorl
Whorl of a Time
The King Lives
Another Turn in the Coil
Hildibrand: The Science of Deduction
Hildibrand: The Hammer
Hildibrand: ?
Hildibrand: ?
Kobold: Highway Robbery
Kobold: How Low Can You Go
Kobold: ?
Kobold: ?
Kobold: ?
+Kobold dailies
Sahagin: They Came from the Deep
Sahagin: Clutch and Kin
Sahagin: ?
Sahagin: ?
Sahagin: ?
+Sahagin dailies
Dungeon: The Lost City of Amdapor
Dungeon: Halatali (Hard)
Dungeon: Brayflox's Longstop (Hard)
Primal: Leviathan hard and extreme
Primal: Moggle Mog XII (Thornmarch) extreme
Raid: Second Coil of Bahamut
Area: 789th Order Dig
Area: Novv's Nursery
+Revenant's Toll expansion

+Event: Hatching-tide 2014 Egg-hunting We Will Go
+Event: Hatching-tide 2014 Eggsigent Circumstances
+Event: Hatching-tide 2014 Nothing to Yolk About
+Event: Hatching-tide 2014 The Yolks On Us
+Event: Hatching-tide 2014 Hard-boiled

2.25 / April 2014

Marvelously Mutable Materia (Materia transmutation)

2.28 / May 2014

Zodiac Weapons (Celestial Radiance
Zodiac Weapons: Star Light, Star Bright)
A Sight to Behold (Sightseeing Log)
One Man's Trash
Morbid Motivation

2.3 Defenders of Eorzea / June 2014

Main Quests 188-206 (until Brave New Companions)
Sing Me Another Song
Simply to Dye For
Bird in Hand (chocobo raising)
Gone to Pieces (Desynthesis)
Magiteknical Difficulties
The Greatest Story Never Told
King of the Hull
Corpse Groom
Blood for Stone
Judgement Bolts and Lightning
GC: Like Civilized Men and Women (Maelstrom)
GC: Like Civilized Men and Women (Twin Adder)
GC: Like Civilized Men and Women (Immortal Flames)
GC: Let the Hunt Begin (Maelstrom)
GC: Let the Hunt Begin (Twin Adder)
GC: Let the Hunt Begin (Immortal Flames)
Hildibrand: The Business of Betrothal
Hildibrand: A Burst of Inspiration
Hildibrand: Seeds of Rebellion
Hildibrand: A Case of Indecency
CT: Syrcus Tower
Delivery Moogle: Of Errant Epistles
Delivery Moogle: A Debt Unpaid
Delivery Moogle: Carline Memories
Delivery Moogle: Dream On
Delivery Moogle: Thwack-a-Mole
Delivery Moogle: Spirits Most Foul
Delivery Moogle: Dubious Dancing
Delivery Moogle: Stroking the Haft
Dungeon: Hullbreaker Isle
Dungeon: Tam-Tara Deepcroft (Hard)
Dungeon: Stone Vigil (Hard)
Primal: Ramuh (The Striking Tree) hard and extreme
Raid: Syrcus Tower
Area: Ehcatl
+Revenant's Toll expansion

+Event: Moonfire Faire 2014 Streets of Moonfire
+Event: Moonfire Faire 2014 Explode It! Moonfire Faire
+Event: Moonfire Faire 2014 Blast It! Moonfire Faire
+Event: Moonfire Faire 2014 Drench It! Moonfire Faire
+Event: Moonfire Faire 2014 A Very Cherry Bomb
+Event: Moonfire Faire 2014 A Rousing Douse
+Event: Moonfire Faire 2014 The Cannon-Do Spirit
+Event: Moonfire Faire 2014 Remember Me This Moonfire Faire

2.35 / August 2014

Ixal: A Bad Bladder
Ixal: Reaching for Cloud Nine
Ixal: A Designer Job
Ixal: The Boy from Gridania
Ixal: Lathe to the Party
Ixal: Standing at the Helm
Ixal: Never Be Royal
Ixal: Spread Your Wings and Soar
+Ixal dailies
+Ixal delivery quests
Beast Tribes: Call of the Wild (Maelstrom)
Beast Tribes: Call of the Wild (Twin Adder)
Beast Tribes: Call of the Wild (Immortal Flames)
Beast Tribes: Little Sylphs Lost
Beast Tribes: Clutching at Straws
Beast Tribes: Digging for Answers
Beast Tribes: Rattled in Ehcatl
Beast Tribes: Ash Not What Your Brotherhood Can Do for You
Beast Tribes: Friends Forever
+Natalan gates at X32,Y22 can open now

+Event: The Rising 2014 What Blooms in the Night

2.38 / September 2014

Zodiac Weapons (Mmmmmm, Soulglazed Relics)
Delivery Moogle: The Captain of Her Heart
Delivery Moogle: Of Siblings and Side-whiskers
Delivery Moogle: Sweet Words, Shadowy Dealings
Delivery Moogle: Sudul Eht Nioj
+Revenant's Toll expansion

+Event: All Saints' Wake 2014 Affright and Delight
+Event: All Saints' Wake 2014 A Plague of Pumpkins
+Event: All Saints' Wake 2014 Yes We Can't
+Event: All Saints' Wake 2014 FATE Main Street Spectral Parade

2.4 Dreams of Ice / October 2014

Main Quests 207-225 (until Let Us Cling Together)
Edelweiss, Edelweiss
Feast of Famine
It's Definitely Pirates
The Wrath of Qarn
Drop Dead Shiva
Fragments of Truth
Alisaie's Path
Rogue: So You Want to be a Rogue
Rogue: My First Daggers
Rogue: Stabbers in Yer Fambles
Rogue: A Dainty Dilemma
Rogue: Stray into the Shadows
Rogue: Stifled Screams
Rogue: Slave to the Code
Rogue: Grinners in the Mist
Rogue: Sweet Sorrows
Rogue: Market for Death
Rogue: Cloying Victory
Ninja: Peasants by Day, Ninjas by Night
Ninja: My First Mudra
Ninja: Killer Combinations
Ninja: Once Upon a Time in Doma
Ninja: Pirates versus Ninjas
Ninja: Ninja Bathin'
Ninja: Tough Guys
Ninja: The Crow Knows
Ninja: Master and Student
Relic: A Relic Reborn (Yoshimitsu)
Hildibrand: Eight-armed and Dangerous
Hildibrand: What Price Victory
Hildibrand: The Trouble with Truffles
Hildibrand: The Coliseum Conundrum
Delivery Moogle: Death of a Mailman
Delivery Moogle: All in the Family
Delivery Moogle: Duel Personalities
Dungeon: Snowcloak
Dungeon: Sastasha (Hard)
Dungeon: Sunken Temple of Qarn (Hard)
Primal: Shiva (Akh Afah Amphitheatre) hard and extreme
Raid: Final Coil of Bahamut
Area: Dragon's Neck
Area: Borderland Ruins
+Revenant's Toll expansion, Rogues' Guild, Raincatcher Gully warehouse

2.45 / December 2014

The Ties that Bind
Zodiac Weapons: Wherefore Art Thou, Zodiac
Zodiac Weapons: A Ponze of Flesh
Zodiac Weapons: Labor of Love
Zodiac Weapons: Method in His Malice
Zodiac Weapons: A Treasured Mother
Zodiac Weapons: His Dark Materia
Delivery Moogle: The Past is a Story We Never Tell
Delivery Moogle: Lone Survivor
Delivery Moogle: Guildmaster, Prelate, and Plot
Special: Ceremony of Eternal Bonding
Area: Sanctum of the Twelve

+Event: Starlight Celebration 2014: A Starlight Miracle
+Event: Starlight Celebration 2014: Starlight Savings
+Event: Starlight Celebration 2014: A Little Help (Lavender Beds)
+Event: Starlight Celebration 2014: A Little Help (Mist)
+Event: Starlight Celebration 2014: A Little Help (Goblet)
+Event: Starlight Celebration 2014: The gift of Joy (Lavender Beds)
+Event: Starlight Celebration 2014: The Gift of Joy (Mist)
+Event: Starlight Celebration 2014: The Gift of Joy (Goblet)
+Event: Starlight Celebration 2014: Going the Extra Mile
+Event Heavensturn 2015: Lions for Lambs
+Event Heavensturn 2015: Sleepless in the Saloon
+Event Heavensturn 2015: Sleepless in the Stable
+Event Heavensturn 2015: Sleepless in the Swaddle
+Event Heavensturn 2015: All's Wool that Ends Wool

2.5 Before the Fall / January 2015

Main Quests 226-233 (until In Memory of Moenbryda)
A Legend for a Legend
Not Easy Being Green
For Keep's Sake
Fear and Odin in the Shroud
Hildibrand: Shades of Sil'dih
Hildibrand: Sibling Strife
Hildibrand: Beneath the Mask
Hildibrand: Truths Untold
Hildibrand: Her Last Vow
CT: The World of Darkness
CT: The Light of Hope
CT: But I Hardly Noah
CT: The Gift of the Archmagus
Delivery Moogle: Thanks For Your Support
Delivery Moogle: ffxiv Hostages to Fortune
Dungeon: Keeper of the Lake
Dungeon: Wanderer's Palace (Hard)
Dungeon: Amdapor Keep (Hard)
Raid: World of Darkness
Trial: Odin (Urth's Fount)
Area: Chrysalis

+Event Valentione's Day 2015: Where Did Our Loves Go
+Event Valentione's Day 2015: Ardor in the Harbor
+Event Valentione's Day 2015: Hearts in the Sand
+Event Valentione's Day 2015: Love in the Woods
+Event Valentione's Day 2015: Now That We've Found Love

2.51 / February 2015

Zodiac Weapons: Rise and Shine
Zodiac Weapons: The Vital Title
Delivery Moogle: A Qiqirn Always Pays His Debts
Delivery Moogle: The Hazy Professor
Gold Saucer: It Could Happen to You
Gold Saucer: World of Wonders
Gold Saucer: Triple Triad Trial
Gold Saucer: Scratch it Rich
Gold Saucer: Hitting the Cactpot
Gold Saucer: So You Want to be a Jockey
Gold Saucer: So You Think You Can Ride This Chocobo
Gold Saucer: Like Sire Like Fledgling
Area: Manderville Gold Saucer

+Event: Little Ladies' Day 2015: A Thorne-y Relationship
+Event: Little Ladies' Day 2015: Digging for Dolls
+Event: Little Ladies' Day 2015: A Father's Folly

2.55 / March 2015

Main Quests 234-249 (until Before the Dawn)
Delivery Moogle: Blues of Emerald Avenue
Delivery Moogle: Better Left Unfound
Delivery Moogle: The Little Postmoogle that Could
Area: Steps of Faith

+Event: Hatching-tide 2015: Great Eggspectations
+Event: Hatching-tide 2015: Poaching the Poachers
+Event: Hatching-tide 2015: Eggs Pluribus Unum
+Event: Hatching-tide 2015: FATE Gloria in Eggcelsis

3.0 Heavensward / June 2015

Main Quests 250-335 (until Heavensward)
Various sidequests in areas both old and new
Temple Leves
Various FATEs in new areas
Class quests for levels 50-60 for DoL/DoH
Job quests for levels 30-60 for DRK, AST and MCH, for levels 50-60 for other jobs
Dungeon: Dusk Vigil
Dungeon: Sohm Al
Dungeon: The Aery
Dungeon: The Vault
Dungeon: Great Gubal Library
Dungeon: Neverreap
Dungeon: Fractal Continuum
Dungeon: Aetherochemical Research Facility
Trial: Ravana (Thok ast Thok) normal and extreme
Trial: Bismarck (The Limitless Blue) normal and extreme
Area: Ishgard
Area: Coerthas Western Highlands
Area: Sea of Clouds
Area: Dravanian Forelands
Area: Dravanian Hinterlands
Area: Churning Mists
Area: Azys Lla
Area: Idyllshire

3.01 / July 2015

Alexander: Disarmed
Alexander: Steel and Steam
Alexander: Tinker, Seeker, Soldier, Spy
Alexander: The Pulsing Heart
Alexander: Enigma
Raid: Alexander (Gordias)

3.05 / July 2015

Alexander: A Song of Steam and Steel
Area: Seal Rock

+Event: Moonfire Faire 2015 Reigniting the Festivities
+Event: Moonfire Faire 2015 A Matter of Taste
+Event: Moonfire Faire 2015 An Adventurer's Life for Me
+Event: Moonfire Faire 2015 What's in the Dish
+Event: Moonfire Faire 2015 FATE The Belle of the Beach
+Event: Moonfire Faire 2015 FATE Feeling Groggy
+Event: Moonfire Faire 2015 FATE It Came from Beneath the Deep
+Event: Moonfire Faire 2015 FATE Life's a Beach
+Event: Moonfire Faire 2015 FATE The Sarong Song
+Event: Moonfire Faire 2015 FATE Sparking Up the Wrong Beach
+Event: The Rising 2015 A World Away
+Event: The Rising 2015 FATE Recurring Bugs
+Event: All Saints' Wake 2015 Investigating the Inimical
+Event: All Saints' Wake 2015 Joining the Circus
+Event: All Saints' Wake 2015 Sweeping the Meadows

3.1 As Goes Light, So Goes Darkness / November 2015

Main Quests 336-343 (until As Goes Light, So Goes Darkness)
An Overgrown Ambition
Things Are Getting Sirius
Thordan's Reign
Sky Pirates
To Rule the Skies
Vanu Vanu: Three Beaks to the Wind
Vanu Vanu: A Tribal Reunion
Vanu Vanu: Linu's Lovely Bones
Vanu Vanu: In the Skycage Over the Sea
Vanu Vanu: Fishing for Friendship
Vanu Vanu: Sundrop the Beat
Vanu Vanu: Nest Side Story
Vanu Vanu: The Nest of Honor
+Vanu dailies
Dungeon: Saint Mocianne's Arboretum
Dungeon: Pharos Sirius (Hard)
Raid: Void Ark
Area: The Diadem
Area: Nakki Island
+Lord of Verminion area in Manderville Gold Saucer

+Event: Maiden's Rhapsody (November) A Journey to Remember
+Event: Maiden's Rhapsody (November) FATE Our Favorite Pastime
+Event: Maiden's Rhapsody (November) FATE The Way of the Samurai
+Event: Maiden's Rhapsody (November) FATE Serket Breaker
+Event: Maiden's Rhapsody (November) FATE The Key to Amatsu Kyori
+Event: Starlight Celebration 2015 For Whom the Starlight Bell Tolls

3.15 / December 2015

Scholasticate: Contradicting Convictions
Scholasticate: The Benefits of Consultation
Scholasticate: Balancing the Spear
Scholasticate: More than Meets Her Eye
Anima Weapons: An Unexpected Proposal
Anima Weapons: Soul Without Life
Anima Weapons: Toughening Up
Anima Weapons: Coming Into Its Own

+Event: Heavensturn 2016 Monkey About Town
+Event: Heavensturn 2016 FATE Pounding Rice, Pounding Hearts
+Event: Valentione's Day 2016 What Is Love
+Event: Valentione's Day 2016 The Fault In Our Cards
+Event: Valentione's Day 2016 A Pair of Hearts

3.2 Gears of Change / February 2016

Main Quests 344-354 (until Causes and Costs)
A Striking Opportunity
Kettle to the Mettle
A Seat at the Feast
The Word of the Mother
One More Night in Amdapor
When the Bough Wakes
A Fiendish Likeness
Hildibrand: A Gentleman Falls, Rather than Flies
Hildibrand: Don't Call It a Comeback
Alexander: Rearmed
Alexander: The Folly of Youth
Alexander: Toppling the Tyrant
Alexander: One Step Behind
Alexander: A Gob in the Machine
Alexander: A Refrain for the Undaunted
Vath: The Naming of the Vath
Vath: Adventurers Don't Get Cold Feet
Vath: An Acquired Taste
Vath: Your Enemy and Mine
Vath: Resistance is Futile
Vath: A Symbiotic Friendship
+Vath dailies
Dungeon: The Antitower
Dungeon: Lost City of Amdapor (Hard)
Trial: Sephirot (Containment Bay S1T7) normal and extreme
Raid: Alexander (Midas)
Area: Stone, Sky, Sea
Area: Hall of the Novice
+Loth ast Vath expansion, Idyllshire expansion, Wolves' Den expansion

+Event: Little Ladies' Day 2016 Aligning the Stars
+Event: Little Ladies' Day 2016 Sugar, Spice, and Everything Rice
+Event: Little Ladies' Day 2016 The Lead Starling

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