Operation Jenova

Operation Jenova (ジェノバ討伐ミッション) was the main part of the FF7 event in Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade. It introduced a special location for a part of the event, and was the first to include weapons and abilities that could not be transmuted with the regular items but required specific ones instead. This event was also a long one, coming in three parts, each of which introduced more or different things to do.

The event ran from February 27th to March 17th, equally divided between its three parts.



The event expanded the event region from the pre-event, and also introduced a special event area with Mako reactors. Your goal was to depower the mako reactors to 0%, at which point a Jenova (see below) would spawn. Once that Jenova was defeated or escaped due to time-out, all reactors would be reset to 100% and you could start again.
You could only enter a mako reactor to depower a part of it when you had a reactor keys in your possession. They would drop from the other Jenova available.

This event also had 10 random materia (see below in the Transmutation section) as a daily log-in bonus. During the Extra part, they had a high chance of being black.


The first event boss in this event's first part was Jenova-LIFE, which you could encounter in event areas. It would drop the regular CP, scrolls and transmutation items, but sometimes also reactor keys. Once the reactors were powered down, a Jenova-DEATH would spawn. It would yield more than the regular amount of CP.

For the extra part of the event, the bosses were changed. Now the regular event boss was Jenova-DEATH, while the one spawned by mako reactors was Jenova-SYNTHESIS. They would behave like their counterparts in the previous parts of the event.

Deathcount Rewards

Killing Jenova-DEATH a certain number of times gave you certain parts for the airship Highwind. Below are listed the required numbers of kills and their corresponding rewards.

Picture Name Defeats
balloon_highwindailerons1_ffab.png Highwind Ailerons 1 2
balloon_highwindailerons2_ffab.png Highwind Ailerons 2 3
balloon_highwindempennage_ffab.png Highwind Empennage 4
balloon_highwindpropellers_ffab.png Highwind Propellers 5
balloon_highwindcabin_ffab.png Highwind Cabin 8
balloon_highwindhull_ffab.png Highwind Hull 10

CP Exchange

CP exchange in this event was much like CP exchange in any other event. You could buy scrolls or various chests with your CP, and chests had a chance to give you various weapons. Below are listed the weapons available from this event. Note that all of them were available from the Extra portion of this event.

Part 1 Weapons
weapon_quicksilver_ffab.png weapon_deathpenalty_ffab.png weapon_guardstick_ffab.png weapon_princessguard_ffab.png
Quicksilver Death Penalty Guard Stick Princess Guard
Part 2 Weapons
weapon_bustersword_ffab.png weapon_organyx_ffab.png weapon_grandgloves_ffab.png weapon_premiumheart_ffab.png
Buster Sword Organyx Grand Gloves Premium Heart

Red Chocobos

Red chocobos could be found in the event region. In addition, during the Extra part gold chocobos also appeared. Both types of chocobos gave you various abilities, listed below.
The summon-count rewards from the pre-event were obtainable from chocobos in parts 1 and Extra this event. Chocobos in Extra also gave part 2 abilities as well.

Note that while it may not be clear from below, Oblivion transmuted into Octaslash. All other abilities are marked paired up.

Part 1 Abilities
ability_meteorain_ffab.png ability_finishingtouch_ffab.png ability_beatrush_ffab.png ability_somersault_ffab.png
Meteorain Finishing Touch Beat Rush Somersault
ability_matramagic_ffab.png ability_freeze_ffab.png ability_oblivion_ffab.png
Matra Magic Freeze Oblivion
Part 2 Abilities
ability_bladebeam_ffab.png ability_climhazzard_ffab.png ability_dolphinblow_ffab.png ability_meteorstrike_ffab.png
Blade Beam Climhazzard Dolphin Blow Meteor Strike
ability_comet_ffab.png ability_comet2_ffab.png
Comet Comet 2
Extra Part Abilities

Green Chocobos

Green chocobos made a re-appearance in the Extra part of this event. They provided summon stones again, albeit different ones from the pre-event.

item_cloud4_ffab.png item_tifa3_ffab.png item_aerith2_ffab.png
Cloud IV Tifa III Aerith II


Transmutation worked much like in any other event. You gained transmutation items from various sources, and then used them up to make your weapons and abilities better.
The exception in this event were several (mostly) ranking-reward weapons and abilities. You could only transmute those with black materia.

Black Materia Transmutations

item_redmateria_ffab.png item_bluemateria_ffab.png item_yellowmateria_ffab.png item_blackmateria_ffab.png
Red Materia Blue Materia Yellow Materia Black Materia
Weapons R/R+ to R+/SR Abilities R/R+ to R+/SR Weapons and abilities
SR to SR+
Special event weapons
and abilities

Event Ranking Rewards

For this event, parts 1 and 2 had a combined ranking reward list, while the Extra part had its own. Unfortunately we weren't able to recover full lists, but below are listed the items available only as ranking rewards.

weapon_apocalypse_ffab.png weapon_conformer_ffab.png
Apocalypse Conformer
Legend Summons
item_sephiroth2_ffab.png item_sephiroth3_ffab.png
Sephiroth II Sephiroth III

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