Mognet Sidequest

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The moogles in Final Fantasy IX have a mognet, but at the time of the game it is disfunctioning and you are asked to deliver letters for them.

Moogle Location Index

This is a list of all the moogles and their locations in the game. Best used if you don't want to follow a guide completely, but got stuck somewhere along the quest. Just look for the moogle you need to deliver a letter to.

Atla - in a house just off Burmecia central square
Grimo - South Gate border station
Kupo - Alexandria steeple
Kuppo - Fossil Roo, hidden behind rock
Mimoza - Oeilvert courtyard
Mocchi - Iifa Tree
Mochos - Gargan Roo, right under Doctor Tot's house in Treno
Mogki - Lindblum castle bedroom, later central Fossil Roo
Mogmatt - Conde Petie, grocery store
Mogmi - Gizamaluke's Grotto
Mogrich - Treno, outside weapon shop
Mogrika - Esto Gaza
Mogryo - Black Mage Village
Mogsam - Desert Palace library
Mogtaka - Mount Gulug
Mois - frozen in Ice Cavern
Mojito - Desert Palace
Monev - Cleyra trunk
Monty - Evil Forest in a tree stump, later Pinnacle Rocks
Mooel - Oeilvert, room on the right
Moolan - Mount Gulug
Moonte - Lindblum Dragon’s Gate
Moorock - Bran Bal
Mopli - Cleyra Settlement, at the inn
Mosco - Evil Forest, next to Prima Vista
Mosh - Alexandria Castle change room, later basement
Mozme - Pandemonium
Nazna - Summit Station rest area
Noggy - Daguerreo, right side
Serino - The Red Rose
Suzuna - Conde Petie Mountain Path

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