Login Bonus (FFP)

By logging in daily in Final Fantasy Pictlogica, you can score some useful items. Note that the list below applies to the Japanese version (the only version so far), and the day changes at Japanese midnight.

When you log in, you are automatically given one of the below items, the item being determined on what day in the login bonus cycle you are in. Note that the bonuses are not listed by consecutive days (when you start again from day 1 if you miss one day) but instead by cumulative days (if you're on day 4 and miss logging in one day, the next day you do log in you don't get day 1 bonus but instead the day 5 bonus). When you reach the end of the bonus list, you immediately start it over again. Thus in every two-week period, you can get a maximum of 300 free gems through login bonus.

Day Login Bonus
1 100 Gems
2 20 Red Element
3 20 Blue Element
4 1 Gold
5 20 Yellow Element
6 1 High-quality Mythril
7 100 Gems
8 1 Gold
9 20 Green Element
10 20 White Element
11 1 High-quality Mythril
12 1 Gold
13 20 Black Element
14 100 Gems

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