Lodestone History of FFXIV

This page has all the possible entries for the listing of noteworthy events in a player character's history at the official players' site The Lodestone. They can be found under the History tab of each character.
As there is no official full list of the possible events, the list below may be incomplete. So far there are 1,354 lodestone history entries. The list is complete (possibly partially) for 1.22.

Below history entries have been divided by their general topic. There is no points system involved.

Leveling Up

Each class plus physical level gets an achievement every 5 levels - although with the abolishment of physical levels those are now unobtainable. The number of achievements you can get from a single class is 10, for a total of 200 achievements.

Level (10)
Physical Level

Disciple of War Rank (60)

Disciple of Magic Rank (20)

Disciple of Land Rank (30)

Disciple of Hand Rank (80)


Note that the aetheryte in the city you start from doesn't count for your total achievements. The total number of achievements you can get from this section is thus 89.

Cities (2)
Limsa Lominsa

Black Shroud Camps (5)
Camp Bentbranch
Camp Emerald Moss
Camp Tranquil
Camp Nine Ivies
Camp Crimson Bark

Coerthas Camps (5)
Camp Glory
Camp Ever Lakes
Camp Crooked Fork
Camp Dragonhead
Camp Riversmeet

La Noscea Camps (5)
Camp Bearded Rock
Camp Skull Valley
Camp Bloodshore
Camp Iron Lake
Camp Bald Knoll

Mor Dhona Camps (2)
Camp Brittlebark
Camp Revenant's Toll

Thanalan Camps (5)
Camp Black Brush
Camp Drybone
Camp Horizon
Camp Broken Water
Camp Bluefog

Black Shroud Gates (17)
Alder Springs
Five Hangs
Lynxpelt Patch
The Mun-Tuy Cellars
Murmur Rills
Silent Arbor
Sorrel Haven
The Tam-Tara Deepcroft
Turning Leaf
Verdant Drop

Coerthas Gates (14)
Boulder Downs
Hushed Boughs
The Lance
Maiden Glen
Prominence Point
Scarwing Fall
Shepherd Peak
Teriggan's Shard
Weeping Vale
Wyrmking's Perch

La Noscea Gates (16)
Agelyss Wise
Bronze Lake
Cassipeia Hollow
The Isles of Umbra
Mistbeard Cove
Moraby Bay
South Bloodshore
Tiger Helm Island
Widow Cliffs
Woad Whisper Canyon
Zelma's Run

Mor Dhona Gates (3)
Jagged Crook Cave
Singing Shards

Thanalan Gates (16)
The Burning Wall
Burnt Lizard Creek
Cactus Basin
Copperbell Mines
Cutter's Pass
The Footfalls
Four Sisters
Hidden Gorge
Nanawa Mines
Nophica's Wells
The Red Labyrinth
Sea of Spires
Scorpion Keep


Each trait or skill bought with guild marks earns you one achievement. Total is 107. They are no longer obtainable.

Disciplines of War (26)
Mind Over Matter
Mind Over Matter II
Asceticism II
Muscle Memory
Muscle Memory II
Multishot (ARC)
Out of Sight (ARC)
Heavy Shot (ARC)
Bowmanship (ARC)
Heavy Slash (GLA)
Self-Preservation (GLA)
Heavy Stab (GLA)
Swordmanship (GLA)
Pierce (LNC)
Fleet of Foot (LNC)
Full Thrust (LNC)
Pikemanship (LNC)
Heavy Swing (MRD)
Intimidation (MRD)
Full Swing (MRD)
Axemanship (MRD)
Pummel (PGL)
Prime Conditioning (PGL)
Flurry (PGL)
Seasoned Veteran (PGL)

Disciplines of Magic (14)
Complete Control
Complete Control II
Driven by Faith
Driven by Faith II
Will to Power
Will to Power II
Elemental Shroud (CON)
Fastcast (CON)
Nature's Fury (CON)
One With Nature (CON)
Silhouette (THM)
Firm Conviction (THM)
Shadowfall (THM)
Transcendence (THM)

Disciplines of Hand (30)
Triangulate III (BTN)
Triangulate IV (BTN)
Triangulate V (BTN)
Seedking Eluder (BTN)
Nophica's Ward (BTN)
Byregot's Ward (BTN)
Brunt Force (BTN)
Ageless Words (BTN)
Green Mind (BTN)
Master of Timber (BTN)
Thaliak's Ward (FSH)
Llymalen's Ward (FSH)
Dowse III (FSH)
Dowse IV (FSH)
Dowse V (FSH)
Wavekin Eluder (FSH)
Deft Grasp (FSH)
Tidal Faith (FSH)
Clever Arch (FSH)
Master of Fish (FSH)
Prospect III (MIN)
Prospect IV (MIN)
Prospect V (MIN)
Beastkin Eluder (MIN)
Nald'thal's Ward (MIN)
Menphina's Ward (MIN)
Deep Vigor (MIN)
Solid Reason (MIN)
Stone Resolve (MIN)
Master of Rock (MIN)

Disciplines of Hand (37)
Creative Urge (ALC)
Forgekin Eluder (ALC)
Mass Production (ALC)
Extrapolation (ALC)
Hand of the Gods (ALC)
Brand of Earth (ARM)
Spoken Eluder (ARM)
Resolution (ARM)
Ease the Burden (ARM)
Brand of Fire (BSM)
Soulkin Eluder (BSM)
Sublimation (BSM)
High Return (BSM)
Improvise (CRP)
Cloudkin Eluder (CRP)
Assemble (CRP)
Perfection (CRP)
Brand of Water (CUL)
Vilekin Eluder (CUL)
Less is More (CUL)
Devotion (CUL)
Elemental Appeal (CUL)
Brand of Ice (GLD)
Voidsent Eluder (GLD)
Manipulation (GLD)
Inspiration (GLD)
Brand of Lightning (TNR)
Scalekin Eluder (TNR)
Bold Endeavor (TNR)
Clean Slate (TNR)
Brand of Wind (WVR)
Ashkin Eluder (WVR)
Grand Design (WVR)
Determination (WVR)
Flawlessness (WVR)

Quests and Leves

This section lists the various quest- and leve-completion achievements. Under main quests, note that you can only complete the start of the story for one nation instead of all three and that the very first quest is not counted. Under class quests note that Armorer and Blacksmith share their class quests, so instead of 6 that gives only 3 achievements. For Grand Company quests, you can complete all Recruit quests but only the quests of one company after that. In total, this section has 221 achievements.

Main Quests (10)
See here for the full list

Class, Job and Side Quests (185)
Black Mage
White Mage
See here and here for the full lists

Grand Company Quests (36)
The Immortal Flames - Recruit (9)
The Immortal Flames - Other Ranks (8)
The Maelstrom - Recruit (9)
The Maelstrom - Other Ranks (8)
The Order of the Twin Adder - Recruit (9)
The Order of the Twin Adder - Other Ranks (8)
See here for the full list

Faction Leves (42)
Brotherhood of the Broken Blade (16)
Azeyma's Shields (13)
Horn and Hand (13)
See here for the full list

Notorious Monsters

This section lists the achievements gained from defeating a Notorious Monster of some kind. A link is provided to the NM's own page in Chrysalis for easier identification. The total is 49.

Leves (3)
Tarbh Uisge

Raids and Dungeons (12)
Shearing Sheridan
Giant Remora
Lone Coeurl
Flamefist Ahlygg Roh
Third Order Patriarch Zu Ga
Lozol Totoloq the Decapitator
Miser's Mistress

Primals (3)
Moggle Mog

World (31)
Bomb Baron
Cactuar Jack
Capricious Cassie
Daddy Longlegs
Downy Dunstan
Elder Mosshorn
Gluttonous Gertrude
Great Buffalo
Great Oak
Haughtpox Bloatbelly
Kokoroon Quickfingers
Next Commander
Old Six-arms
Prince of Pestilence
Queen Bolete
Queen Gougou
Slippery Sykes
Unknown Soldier
Voidtongue Ahzabb Chah

Some Numbers

This is the miscellaneous section of achievements, things that did not fit under any other general header. Due to their general nature there may be more achievements in each category than what is listed. The total number of achievements so far is 32.

Enemies Defeated (10)
100 enemies
200 enemies
500 enemies
1,000 enemies
2,000 enemies
5,000 enemies
10,000 enemies
20,000 enemies
50,000 enemies
100,000 enemies

Regional Levequests (7)
10 completed
20 completed
50 completed
100 completed
500 completed
1,000 completed
2,000 completed

Local Levequests (7)
10 completed
20 completed
50 completed
100 completed
500 completed
1,000 completed
2,000 completed

Gil Earned from a Single Leve (8)
500 gil
1,000 gil
2,000 gil
5,000 gil
10,000 gil
20,000 gil
50,000 gil
100,000 gil


These are the various world-event achievements. They can only be obtained at a specific time when the event in question was underway, so they are provided as an archive only. Total so far is 52. There are also related event profile pics for some of the achievements. See here for them.

Events (12)
Seventh Moon Rising (hear about the false prophets, 26.4.2011-22.7.2011)
Rhapsody in White (give deaspected crystals to Ronan Kognan, 22.7.2011-?)
The Empire Strikes First (hear about invading Garleans, 22.7.2011-4.10.2011)
A Taste of Victory (defeat the Garlean invaders, 22.7.2011-4.10.2011)
Victory Beneath the Canopy (defeat the Garlean invaders in Emerald Moss, 4.10.2011-12.12.2011?)
Victory in the North (defeat the Garlean invaders in Coerthas and their boss, 4.10.2011-12.12.2011?)
Escape from Mistbeard Cove (defeat the Lambs of Dalamud in Mistbeard Cove, February 2012)
Escape from Sil'dih Aqueducts (defeat the Lambs of Dalamud in Copperbell Mines, February 2012)
The Gathering Storm: Gridania (defeat the Garlean invaders and their boss in Bentbranch, 1.4-?.5.2012)
The Gathering Storm: Limsa Lominsa (defeat the Garlean invaders and their boss in Bearded Rock, 1.4-?.5.2012)
The Gathering Storm: Ul'dah (defeat the Garlean invaders and their boss in Black Brush, 1.4-?.5.2012)
Fragments of the Truth (give a Faded Page to Urianger Augurelt, 25.4-?.5.2012)

Items (34)
Pristine Egg Cap (Hatching-tide 2011)
Vibrant Egg Cap (Hatching-tide 2011)
Brilliant Egg Cap (Hatching-tide 2011)
Midnight Egg Cap (Hatching-tide 2011)
Chocobo Egg Cap (Hatching-tide 2011)
Lunar Swimsuit (Firefall Faire 2011)
Green Swimsuit (Firefall Faire 2011)
Blue Swimsuit (Firefall Faire 2011)
Red Swimsuit (Firefall Faire 2011)
Solar Swimsuit (Firefall Faire 2011)
1,000 Storm Seals (Foundation Day 2011)
Used a Storm Tracer (Foundation Day 2011)
1,000 Flame Seals (Foundation Day 2011)
Used a Flame Tracer (Foundation Day 2011)
1,000 Serpent Seals (Foundation Day 2011)
Used a Serpent Tracer (Foundation Day 2011)
Pumpkin Head (All Saints' Wake 2011)
Unripened Pumpkin Head (All Saints' Wake 2011)
White Pumpkin Head (All Saints' Wake 2011)
Ripened Pumpkin Head (All Saints' Wake 2011)
Reindeer Antlers+Reindeer Suit (Starlight Celebration 2011)
Dragon Kabuto (Heavensturn 2012)
Golden Dragon Kabuto (Heavensturn 2012)
Black Dragon Kabuto (Heavensturn 2012)
Crimson Dragon Kabuto (Heavensturn 2012)
Paramour's Pendant (Valentione's Day 2012)
Band of Eternal Passion (Valentione's Day 2012)
Platinum Paramour's Pendant (Valentione's Day 2012)
Peach Blossom (Little Ladies' Day 2012)
Pristine Egg Ring (Hatching-tide 2012)
Vibrant Egg Ring (Hatching-tide 2012)
Brilliant Egg Ring (Hatching-tide 2012)
Midnight Egg Ring (Hatching-tide 2012)
Chocobo Egg Ring (Hatching-tide 2012)

Others (6)
Observed Hunter's Moon (killed a Moon Mouse, Hunter's Moon 2011)
Observed Hunter's Moon (killed many Moon Mice, Hunter's Moon 2011)
Cooperated with the Mythril Eye! (used a Magicked Prism Mythril Eye)
Cooperated with the Raven! (used a Magicked Prism The Raven)
Cooperated with the Harbor Herald! (used a Magicked Prism Harbor Herald)
Partook in Valentione's Day festivities! (got declared Eorzea's most loving couple)


These are any other achievements, mostly including the grand companies and such. There are a total of 30 achievements in this category in total obtainable on one character, plus all the achievements. You can only get the Hero achievement of the Grand Company you joined up with.

Items (8)
Obtained Chocobo Whistle
Obtained Goobbue Horn
Chocobo barding obtained! (barding, light barding, crested barding)
Gridanian Aetherpass
Lominsan Aetherpass
Ul'dahn Aetherpass

Grand Company (10)
Learned a Grand Company Salute (joining up with a Grand Company)
Rank promotion (7 total)
Caravan Security Assured (lv 25) (saved the full cargo of a lv 25 caravan)
Caravan Security Assured (lv 45) (saved the full cargo of a lv 45 caravan)

Primals and raids (9)
Ifrit Defeated in Short Order (Ifrit Bleeds completed in under 10 minutes)
It Kills With Fire (quest completed with no aid from outside the Company)
Good King Moggle Mog XII Defeated in Short Order (killed in under 10 minutes)
Malevolent Moogles Trounced (killed moogles before Memento Moogle is used)
Cutter's Cry treasure chests monopolized (got all chests)
Aurum Vale conquered without Morbol parts!
Aurum Vale treasure chests monopolized (got all chests)
Garuda Defeated in Short Order (killed in under 10 minutes)
In for Garuda Wakening (quest completed with no aid from outside the Company)

Achievements (574)
See here for the full list.

Others (3)
Took Passage on an Airship (first airship ride)
Had a nightmare! (had a nightmare after logging out through an inn bed)
Hero of the Immortal Flames (made the daily Hero list)
Hero of the Maelstrom (made the daily Hero list)
Hero of the Twin Adder (made the daily Hero list)

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