Laws of Grimoire of the Rift

Each battle in Grimoire of the Rift comes with a Law. Unlike Tactics Advance, Laws in Grimoire of the Rift do not necessarily have to be followed, though bonuses come out of following them. Clan Privileges remain in effect only so long as the Law has not been broken, and if the clan finishes a battle without breaking the law, it will be given item rewards. In addition, clan members who have fallen in battle can be revived with spells and items only while the Law is unbroken; otherwise, they are placed into jail cells instead, and do not return until the end of the battle.

Note: Keep in mind that the Laws dictate what may not be used. For example, the Law "Fire" means a law against the usage of the fire element in either weapons or abilities.


Fire, Ice, Lightning
Non-elemental Effects
Elemental Effects


Bladed Weapons (Knives, Swords, Blades, Sabers, Katana, Axes, Knightswords, Greatswords, Broadswords)
Piercing Weapons (Rapiers, Spears)
Bludgeoning Weapons (Rods, Staves, Poles, Knuckles, Hammers, Maces)
Ranged Weapons (Bows, Greatbows, Guns, Hand-Cannons, Cards)
Instruments and Books


Harming Humes
Harming Bangaa
Harming Nu Mou
Harming Viera
Harming Moogles
Harming Seeq
Harming Gria
Harming Males
Harming Females
Harming the Opposite Sex
Harming the Weak (Harming a lower level unit)


Summoning Scions
Opportunity Commands
Actions by Humes
Actions by Banga
Actions by Nu Mou
Actions by Viera
Actions by Moogles
Actions by Seeq
Actions by Gria


Targeting Adjacent Units
Targeting Distant Units
Targeting an Area
Targeting Self
Targeting All Units


Restoring HP
Restoring MP


Copycat (Using the same action as the preceding unit)
Knockback (Note: A knockback-type attack that does not end up knocking the unit back does not count)
Back Attack (Attacking a unit from behind)
Buffs and Debuffs (Note: Debuffs, Buffs, and Buffs and Debuffs refer to using them, not receiving them)
Receiving Buffs and Debuffs (Note: A resisted or missed buff or debuff does not count)
Being Robbed (Note: Even if a thief tries to steal, not actually getting anything stolen does not count)
Reaction Abilities


<20 Damage

HP ≤ 20
HP ≤ 100
HP ≤ 200
Using ≥ 20 MP
Using MP
Not Using MP (Note: Selecting "Wait" does not count)
Smash Gauge ≥ 60%


Grouping (Ending the turn next to another unit)
Solitude (Ending the turn without a unit in an adjacent tile)
Not Moving 1 Tile (Moving more or less than 1, including selecting "Wait")
Not Moving 3 Tiles
Not Moving
Swimming (Entering a water tile)
Height ≥ 10

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