Gacha of Record Keeper

Final Fantasy Record Keeper, being a traditional social game, has a gacha feature. This means that players can use real money to buy randomly doled out features, in RK's case equipment. There are two versions of gacha, one that can be used once every few hours for free that has a very low chance of obtaining good equipment, and another one that can be be paid for and has a not insignificant chance of better equipment.

Gacha Types

There are two versions of gacha in Record Keeper, one free and one paid for (but can be occasionally used for free).

Free Gacha
Each player has three chances per day to roll the free gacha. Morning period runs from 05:00-11:59, noon period from 12:00-19:59 and the night period from 20:00-4:59. Each period has identical chances at equipment, they merely provide more chances at obtaining them.

★★★★★ 0.010%
★★★★ 0.084%
★★★ 5.987%
★★ 20.003%
★ 73.916%

Paid Gacha
Paid gacha costs 291 gems or 5 mythril for one roll with standard chances at equipment, or an 11-chain roll for 2,910 gems or 50 mythril, effectively giving one free equip as a bonus. No matter which method you use and which method you use to pay for it, you have the same chances at equipment. Note that mythril can be obtained for free during the course of the game, while gems need to be bought with real money. You also cannot get the two lowest rarities of equipment from the paid gacha.

★★★★★ 5.002%
★★★★ 19.990%
★★★ 75.008%

Gacha Rewards

So far, the list of possible gacha rewards includes each weapon and armor in the game. More are added periodically in conjunction with events. For the duration of the related event, the newly added 5-star equipment have a boosted drop rate.
Note that it isn't known how the probability of obtaining each equipment within each rarity rank is divided, but it is likely an equal chance for each equip of the rank except for those currently enjoying a boosted rate.

To find out which equips were added during which event, see the individual event pages.

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