Gacha of Brave Exvius

This page presents the gacha feature in FF Brave Exvius. There are three different main types of gacha to date. Two of them offer only characters, while the third offers various materials. In addition, there may be various limited-time gachas offered.

Please note that all characters gained from the various gachas will appear without any equipment.

Crystal Colors
White - ★1, ★2
Blue - ★3
Golden - ★4
Rainbow - ★5

Friend Gacha


The Friend Gacha can be pulled from with Friend Points. Each single pull costs 100 FP, but you can also pull up to 10 at a time (a 10-pull costing 1,000 FP). The rewards are all characters of ★1-★3. None of the characters obtainable can be Awakened further than ★4.

This gacha is mainly useful if you want to get the Trust Master rewards from the low-rank characters. However, since FP is gained automatically as you play, it is easy to use this gacha to pull characters for the sole purpose of selling them, as well.

Note that there are recurring campaigns that add Cactuar-type material characters to this gacha's results. It is a sound strategy to retain your FP for these campaigns if you have a lot of characters you want to level.

Rare Gacha

This is the main type of gacha in the game. Each single pull costs 500 Lapis, or 5,000 Lapis for a pull of 11 characters. Rare Gacha Tickets can also be used to pull from this gacha. The results are all characters of ★3-★5. Note that this includes some characters obtained from the Friend Gacha as well, when you get one of those from a Rare Gacha pull you can consider that pull to be a total failure. Please also note that pulling a ★5 character is exceedingly rare.

There are usually various types of this gacha running at the same time. The regular Rare Gacha doesn't have raised rates for any characters but offers all of them, while the monthly Rare Gacha types offer raised rates for new recently added characters (and maybe some others tied to the same event). There is also a half-prize gacha, you can pull from it once per day for 250 Lapis. It is always tied to the newest campaign Rare Gacha.

Arena Gacha

Arena Gacha was added with the addition of the Arena feature to the game. Within the Arena you can win Arena Tickets, which can be used to pull from this gacha. No other type of payment is accepted. The results are various pot-type material characters, as well as consumable items and such.

Other Gachas

At times there may be various other gachas available. These may offer various items and/or materials (including material characters), prizes that change by day, and other features. They are often tied to seasonal real-life feastdays (in Japan), and may be quite costly.

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