FFXIII-2 Episodes

The story in Final Fantasy XIII-2 is divided into 6 episodes, a prologue, and DLC episodes. Of these, episode 3 features two parts and is the most free-roaming part of the story (you can choose which part to head to first), not including non-main story locations.
You can retreat into the Historia Crux at most times during the game and choose another location to play in if the going gets rough or you just want a change. A notable exception to this are the Void Beyond sequences. You will see a short sequence like this at the end of both parts of episode 3, and episode 5 has you entirely trapped into it, your only other options aside from the story being heading to the story-unlocked versions of Serendipity and Coliseum. Only enter episode 5 when ready for a long uninterrupted sequence.

Prologue: Prologue
Episode 1: A World Without Cocoon
Episode 2: Unseen Intruder
Episode 3, part 1: Prophecy of Hope
Episode 3, part 2: Oathbrand
Episode 4: Skyborne Paradise
Episode 5: Time in Motion
Episode 6: The Promised Eternity

DLC Episode Sazh: Heads or Tails
DLC Episode Snow: Perpetual Battlefield
DLC Episode Lightning: Requiem of the Goddess

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