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Final Fantasy XIII-2 is a cinematic action RPG for the PS3 and Xbox 360. In addition to the main game, you can buy various DLC such as items, new enemies and new episodes to play. To be able to access new DLC your game must be up to date. Periodically, the game will have version updates to prepare it for new DLC and to add additional small features.

Character progression happens with CP (Crystogen Points). You gain some CP each battle, and can use it to gain levels in a role of your choice. You can freely max out each of your roles in any order you wish, by designating a node for each level of your roles on the Crystarium. There are two types of nodes, big and small ones. Big nodes give an additional bonus depending on the role used on it, and this brings some extra variance to your character builds.
In addition to your natural stats, your character's end stats can be modified with weapons and accessories. Each of the two characters can only use their own type of weapons, and have a total of four available accessory slots. Usage of accessory slots is further limited by slot capacity. Each accessory takes a certain amount of the capacity. Maximum capacity is 100, reachable by expanding it through the Crystarium.

In addition to your two static party members, the third party slot is reserved for a monster of your choosing. Once you've reached a certain point in the story, you have a chance to capture a defeated monster after battles. These monsters can be leveled up on their own Crystarium boards, although not with CP but with monster materials.

Version Updates

As mentioned previously, FF13-2 features version updates. This is a history of what features each of the updates added.

Version 1.01
Start menu item Downloadable Content added
Main menu item Costumes added

Version 1.02
Arbiter of Time added to Coliseum ??? AF
Key item Supply Sphere Code added as well as its usage
Item Genji Shield added
Adornments Afro & Silver Chick, Blue Mage's Chapeau, Cute Heart, Silver Windup Key, Unicorn Mart Logo, Wizard's Hat

Version 1.03
Facebook integration added

Version 1.04
Further DLC support added
Items Genji Helm, Delicate Genji Helm, Delicate Genji Glove, Delicate Genji Shield added
Adornments Blue Beacon, Chocobo Chick, Leyak Crest, Rangda Crest, Tonberry's Lantern, Zwerg Ring

Version 1.05
Adornments Blue Party Hat, Bushy Mustache, Gold Windup Key, Red Bow Tie, Silk Hat, Yellow Ribbon

Version 1.06
Accessory Bloody Medallion
Adornments Afro & Gold Chick, Crystal Feather, Crystal Tear, Dajh's Patch, Pink Moogle Bobble, Silver PSICOM Spaulders, Yellow Bow Tie

Battle Basics

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Monster Taming

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Items and Commerce

The gameplay of FF13-2 is largely concentrated around finding and gathering various types of items. One could divide items into four categories, those of regular items, key items, equipment and fragments. Of these, fragments play a large part of the gathering process, having several achievements dedicated to them exclusively.

Regular items include recovery items and specialty items such as casino tickets and gysahl greens. Key items can be roughly divided into regular key items with various uses, artefacts that open time gates, seals that enable you to re-play through a particular location's story, maps of various areas and monster crystals. The last of these are the physical representation of the monsters you capture in battle.
Equipment, in turn, are easily divided into weapons, accessories and adornments. Weapons and accessories can be used by your two main characters, and adornments are various appearance-enhancing items for monsters with no effect on their stats, abilities or behavior.

Fragments are various odds-and-ends items and the largest part of them serves no particular need other than completing everything in the game. However, gathering enough of them enables you to use various fragment abilities, and your fragment percentage effects the strength of the weapons Odinbolt and Odinblade.

The full list of all items in the game can be found here.

Commerce in the game is handled exclusively by the eccentric character Chocolina, through her specialty shop Chocolina's Superstore. Items are either bought with gil or synthesized, the latter of which requires several materials in addition to the gil fee.

Stats and Their Meanings

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Stuff to Do

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