FFX Version Differences

There are a total of three different versions of Final Fantasy X released to date. The first and original of these was released in Japan and US with the only differences between the two being the language. The second was released in Europe, and the final third version only in Japan under the name Final Fantasy X International.
This page lists the differences between the three.


It bears noting that the Japanese release of this version is the only version of the game that is entirely in Japanese. The original only included the basic game.
Besides the language difference between the two original versions, a save sphere was added to the Monster Arena in the NA version, and the Bribe mechanic slightly altered.

EU Version

This version added Dark Aeons, stronger versions of the Aeons encountered during the story, for some extra challenge. In addition, Penance was added as a final challenge.
Also featured the expert Sphere Grid, which enables more freedom in character growth. In addition to this, several small changes were made to the standard Sphere Grid, mostly additional abilities and several more nodes.

Several changes were made to the way some abilities work, both for the characters and the aeons, and several new equipment abilities were added. Some monsters also went through changes, most notably Omega.


The International version included the changes of the European version of the game. In addition, there is the option to display text in either English or Japanese. This version also included Another Story in the release itself.
In addition to these, the names of the celestial weapon crests and sigils were changed. Tidus and Yuna's ones stayed the same, but Auron's became Saturn, Wakka's Mercury, Lulu's Mars, Kimahri's Jupiter and Rikku's Venus. At Chrysalis, these items have been listed with their original names.

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