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This page lists the main story and the sidequests ('odd jobs') and Discoveries present in Final Fantasy VII Remake. The game's main story is in chapter format. After first beating the game, a chapter selection feature becomes available, allowing the player to freely skip around between chapters, experiencing the story again for extra goodies (as well as missed ones) on different difficulty settings.

There are two methods of unlocking the extras. The first is simply by advancement in the main story. The first batch of odd jobs are always unlocked in this way, along with many of the discoveries. For odd jobs, the remainder are unlocked through clearing other odd jobs. For discoveries, you may have to either explore or complete all odd jobs to unlock them. In ch9, your participation (or non-participation) in the discovery Vagabond Johnny determines which odd jobs you get.

# Chapter Odd Jobs Discoveries
1 The Destruction of Mako Reactor 1
2 Fateful Encounters
3 Home Sweet Slum Chadley's Report
Rat Problem
-> On the Prowl
Nuisance in the Factory
-> Just Flew in from the Graveyard
Lost Friends
Alone At Last
4 Mad Dash
5 Dogged Pursuit
6 Light the Way Collapsed Passageway
Inside the Ventilation Fan
7 A Trap is Sprung Waste Recovery
8 Budding Bodyguard The Mysterious Moogle Merchant
Kids On Patrol
-> A Verified Hero
-> The Angel of the Slums
Weapons On a Rampage
-> Paying Respects
The Gate Won't Open
The Language of Flowers
9 The Town That Never Sleeps Burning Thighs
Johnny route: The Party Never Stops
-> A Dynamite Body
Regular route: The Price of Thievery
-> Shears' Counterattack
Vagabond Johnny
10 Rough Waters On the Other Side
11 Haunted
12 Fight for Survival
13 A Broken World
14 In Search of Hope Missing Children
Chocobo Search
Malicious Goons
Wavering Heart
Power of Music
Secret Medicine
Tomboy Bandit
Corneo's Secret Stash
Subterranean Menace
Johnny's Stolen Wallet
15 The Day Midgar Stood Still
16 The Belly of the Beast
17 Deliverance from Chaos
18 Destiny's Crossroads

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