FFU - Wonderland

The first Episode of Final Fantasy Unlimited. 異界 やみへのたびだち [Ikai - Yami e no Tabidachi] in Japanese.

Tokyo, Japan. A dark pillar appears out of nowhere, and not too far after a red beast comes out of it. It starts destroying everything, before another beast - this time silver - comes out of the pillar. The two beasts ready powerful attacks and let them loose, destroying each other.
Two scientists, Joe and Mary Hayakawa witnessed the whole thing while trying to gather information on the pillar.

After the opening theme, Fabula welcomes you to the Wonderland's night. It has now been 12 years since the pillar appeared.
In Tokyo, Ai and Yu Hayakawa are entering an abandoned subway station. It has been closed since the dark pillar's appearance. They are going on a journey to find their parents, who went into the Wonderland and never came back. From a book their parents wrote, they know that a subway train should appear at 0:13:13 and they can get to the Wonderland that way.
The two are quite surprised and a little bit frightened when the train actually appears, but enter the it anyway. We see a shady character run into the train after the two.
Inside the train Ai and Yu almost immediately notice the other person, Lisa Pacifist. Both think the other party to be ghosts of the train, but the misunderstanding is cleared quickly. Then the train changes direction, now heading upwards, and they drop to the bottom of the car.

The train stops at an unknown location, and the three climb out of it and climb the stairs up to the world above. As the world is quite similar to Earth, they first doubt that it is the Wonderland, but are soon set straight when they find all the oddities of the world.
Wandering around, Yu sees a weird yellow bird - a chocobo. He tries to feed it a chocolate bar, but the chocobo bites into Ai's hair instead and then runs off. Yu decides to give chase, but soon falls over, tripping on what turns out to be a person's leg.
The person doesn't appear to be alive, so the three are quite worried at first. However, the man soon awakens, even though he doesn't appear to know where he is. He talks to himself, wondering if 'he' was thrown in 'here', too.
The scene is interrupted by what appears to be a war airship dropping a crystal-like formation close-by. The formation then grows into a huge mushroom with one eye that starts attacking Ai, Yu and Lisa. Lisa uses her Kigen arts and manages to stop the mushroom's attack as well as throw it far away. Their relief turns out to be only temporary as the mushroom changes shape and becomes a one-eyed giant before it starts chasing the three. They try to run away but soon drop off a cliff.
The mushroom is just about to attack them again when the man from before appears on top of the cliff. He activates his magun and summons Phoenix, destroying the mushroom-man.

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