FFU - Subway

The seventh episode of Final Fantasy Unlimited. 地下鉄 にけんトンネルのてき [Chikatetsu - Niken Tunnel no Teki] in Japanese.

After the opening, Fabula welcomes you to the Wonderland's night.
Lisa Pacifist, Ai and Yu Hayakawa and Chobi have just fallen down to a series of tunnels from a Wonderland world's surface. They notice that Kaze has fallen with them. Right then, Chobi's Wonderland clock starts ringing. The subway is nearby, and it's leaving soon. Yu invites Kaze to go with them. Kaze gets a flashback when Yu touches his hand, about holding hands with a woman, telling her that the next battle will end everything. He wakes up from it in the subway. When he notices this fact, the subway is already leaving.
Soon after, he notices someone nearby. Ai and Yu think it might be their parents, and run after the figure, who is trying to escape. Yu shouts that they just want to ask a question, and the figure stops. Lisa, who'd run after the twins, warns them that the person isn't a human, but Ai and Yu question her anyway. For it is a her, although not exactly a human. The person identifies herself as Lou Lupus.
A bit later, the gang is chatting away. Yu asks Lou to travel with them, and Lou goes silent. She warns them that they might not like her after they find out her true identity. The chatting continues, and when Lou mentions that sometimes other people ride the subway, too, they decide to go check the other cars. They decide to look into the front car as well, but find that there's no one even there. Ai notices Sid's logo on the equipment, and there's speculation about whether he built the subway or not.
Suddenly, something goes wrong. A disturbance enters the dimensional tunnel that subway travels in.

Lou says that the disturbance is known as Omega, a monster that wants to devour the world. She adds it destroyed her world, too, that it was cut into pieces in the past but still it keeps on living and destroying.
The people make their way back to the car where Kaze was left, and find that the last car has been torn off. The situation looks grim, and Lou remembers the destruction of her own world.
Suddenly, she asks for a mirror. Ai is a bit surprised, but asks Poshepocket for one. Lou thanks her, and looks herself deeply into the eyes through the mirror. She starts changing, growing a tail, sharp fangs, and a wolf's snout. Ai gushes over how awesome she is, and Lou is surprised that they aren't scared. She then tells the others that she'll try to buy them some time buy attacking Omega. She jumps to the roof of the subway and shouts a beam attack at it, but it doesn't work. She's blown off the roof.
Meanwhile, Kaze remembers the name of the girl he talked to, long ago. It is Aura. Ai, Yu and Lisa berate him for not helping Lou, and he seems slightly confused. Then his magun starts working, and he summons Ifrit. First it seems not to be a match to Omega, but then blows it up to pieces. In the resulting explosion Kaze disappears.
When Lisa, Ai and Yu wake up, soon notice something approaching the subway. It is the last car, and Lou is in it. Everyone rejoices. However, Lou warns that Omega wouldn't die from just such a thing, and that it would come back.

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