FFU - Soil

The eighth episode of Final Fantasy Unlimited. ソイル マガンのしんぞう [Soil - Magan no Shinzou] in Japanese.

After the opening, Fabula welcomes you to the Wonderland's night.
In a new world, characterised by sand streaming down from the sky, Lou Lupus is searching for Kaze. Ai and Yu Hayakawa tell her that he's probably not here, and that he might not even care what happens to them. Meanwhile, Lisa Pacifist wonders what Kaze's motivations are.
In Gaudium, it is dinner time again. Earl Tyrant asks Makenshi why Kaze is still alive. Right then, Pist Shaz XI arrives in a tub of water. It appears he's not liked among the other generals. The Earl gives him permission to demonstrate how he's going to take down Kaze, so he asks Makenshi to do his strongest attack against him. Before Makenshi can summon his dragon, Pist Shaz seals away his Mist bottle in a bubble of water. When he's given permission to go after Kaze, his weapon suddenly falls in half. Makenshi had attacked it.
At the world of sand streams, Lisa realizes that the sand they're walking on isn't just normal sand. Just then, a new sand stream appears for a little while, depositing Kaze right nearby. Lou immediately runs in to hug him. However, Kaze gets another flash of a great battle and destruction, and pushes her away. Just in time, for Pist Shaz attacks. Kaze shoots at him with his normal gun, but doesn't manage to hit Pist Shaz. So he activates his magun, but something is different. Pist Shaz reveals that a lot of the sand is actually Soil. Kaze tries activating the magun further nevertheless, but it's caught by Pist Shaz.

While Pist Shaz is gloating over his successful plan, Lou transforms into her other form and attacks him. It doesn't harm him, but gives the gang time to escape. When Pist Shaz notices they're gone, he sends Crux to look for them.
Down beneath the sand stream desert, Lisa and the others find themselves in caves beneath. However, it doesn't take long for Pist Shaz to show up again. In no time at all, he counters everyone's attacks, and they're covered in red sand. He intends to let them be engulfed in sand, but when Lou mentions Omega, Pist Shaz decides he doesn't have the time to play around. When Kaze goads him on top of that, he decides to use the magun. Gathering Soil suitable for his needs, he summons a creature. Everything doesn't go as planned, however, and the creature attacks Pist Shaz and frees the others. Lisa recognizes it as one of the beasts in the sky of Tokyo 12 years ago before it disappears. When the sand settles down, the magun is back on Kaze's right hand. He explains that only he can fire it.
In Gaudium, Pist Shaz gets scolded for losing to Kaze. He's only a puddle on the floor, but explains that his plan got them critical data to beat him. He then distracts the others by mentioning that a part of Omega has been awakened. The Earl is shocked, and Pist Shaz says he'll work on finding out where it is.

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