FFU - Sid

The fifth episode of Final Fantasy Unlimited. シド ちかすいみゃくのぼうけん [Cid - Chikasuimyaku no Bouken] in Japanese.

Lisa Pacifist watches as Makenshi's white dragon hits Kaze, creating a huge explosion. She recognizes it as one of the two creatures that appeared from the Dark Pillar 12 years ago.
After the opening, Fabula welcomes you to the Wonderland's night.
At the Comodeen base, people are bustling about - they are about to leave this base, as Earl Tyrant now knows where they are. Cid tells Lisa, Ai and Yu Hayakawa that they can reach the subway's next stop by going through the underground waterways.
At the entrance there, Cid presents Catharine, the vehicle that they'll be riding through the waterways. Knave and Mireth bring the travelers food, but Poshepocket eats half of them. When they leave, they notice that Fungo took Yu's bag - now neither of the twins have their original things with them. As Catharine disappears into the distance, Crux watches them leave.

In Gaudium, Oscha confirms to Earl Tyrant that Kaze has died. The Earl then gives permission to Fungus to go after Comodeen.
At the underground waterways, Lisa, Ai, Yu and Cid's journey is interrupted by one of the crystal-bombs and Fungus. The crystal-bomb changes into a water-monster that Fungus calls Viking. When the humans try to escape, it spits acid towards them.

At another location in the underground waterways, Kaze is shown waking up.
Aboard Catharine, Cid launches an electrical wire behind them to try to stop Fungus and the monster. However, it doesn't stop them for long. Meanwhile, they are fast approaching a waterfall. Cid doesn't panic, and presses a button to make Catharine grow wings to make it float. The chocobo companion kicks Fungus to make them drop, and Catharine then shoots out hooks and draws them towards the waterfall on the other side of the cave, and draws them into the tunnel beyond.
However, Fungus wasn't that easily deterred, and him and the monster appear ahead of the humans. The monster shoots out acid that hits Catharine, and Cid goes mental. He activates two huge magnet-hammers and squishes Fungus between them. They then escape aboard Catharine to a stairwell that leads up to where the subway will leave from shortly. Cid decides to stay behind to fix Catharine, and the others run up the stairs. They don't get far before Fungus and the monster appear again. Fungus has just finished threatening them when he notices Kaze.
Lisa, Ai and Yu start running up the stairs, while Kaze summons Ixion and gets rid of the monster and Fungus. The resulting explosion destroys the whole place, and Cid has to leave Catharine's remains and fly away. Lisa, Ai and Yu are shown aboard the subway, worrying over what happened to Cid and Kaze.

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