FFU - Oscar

The ninth episode of Final Fantasy Unlimited. オスカー おわりなきしごと [Oscha - Owarinaki Shigoto] in Japanese.

A scene from the past. Lisa Pacifist is watching as the two swordbeasts battle it out in the skies above Japan. She sees Kaze ahead of her, looking up at the dragons. This is her memory, and she's now pretty certain that the people who called forth those beasts are Kaze and Kumo, she has seen them summon the two. She's not quite sure how she feels about that.
Yu Hayakawa, sitting next to her in the subway, interrupts her thoughts, inquiring what is wrong with her. Ai immediately tells him that it's because Lisa's jealous of Lou Lupus cuddling up with Kaze. Lisa sweatdrops.

After the opening, Fabula welcomes you to the Wonderland's night.
The subway has once again stopped in a new world in the Wonderland. Lisa, the twins, Kaze, Lou and Chobi walk away from the station. Lou recognizes the world they have appeared in. It is a world where people endlessly build and unmantle the same thing, achieving nothing. Crux spies on them from above.
In Gaudium, it is time for dessert. Earl Tyrant is inquiring after the whereabouts of Omega. Things are not going well, for none of his underlings have found it, and some are seemingly just lolling about, doing nothing. The Earl throws a tantrum and commands them all out to search. Right then, Crux comes to report to Oscha.

Once again, the world of work. Ai gets bored of waiting for them to stop and tries questioning one of the workers. He doesn't react in any way. Lou explains that this is because work is all they have to keep them sane and functional in this Wonderland. She says she always liked it here, because these workers do note discriminate on the basis of her being a werewolf.
Just then, first Kaze, then Chobi and Lisa feel something has changed. It doesn't take them long to figure out what it is. The workers now work with a purpose. They no longer tear down, and soon a huge cube is built. With no work to do, the workers collapse in confusion. Right then, the cube transforms into a huge robot that starts chasing them. The group run away, but soon arrive at a dead end. Kaze draws out his gun…only to shoot at the roof. Momentary confusion turns into a scare as Oscha comes out. Kaze shoots him but the bullet bounces out of his body. Oscha introduces himself as one of the Four Lords of Gaudium. He tells them that working every day endlessly the same way, like the workers of this world, is contrary to the very being of Wonderland, and that it must be stopped. Kaze responds by ignoring him and asking for the whereabouts of Kumo. Oscha tells him that it's Makenshi he's seeking, and that Makenshi doesn't much care for Kaze. That is when the Magun reacts. Oscha tries ordering the giant robot to launch missiles, but Lou takes care of them before they do any damage. Kaze destroys the robot by summoning Odin. However, both he and Oscha disappear in the resulting blast. The others get a scare as a small robot rises from the remains of the small one, but Chobi destroys it with a well-aimed Chocobo Kick.
The workers rise up from where they fell and continue working - both building and dismantling. Ai is worried, but Lou tells her and the others that it's alright. Work is their reason of living. She then continues that she has found her own reason of living - to be beside Kaze. She continues going in to dream mode and praising Kaze and herself in the process.

Soon after, Lou bids farewell to Ai, Yu and Lisa. She goes chasing after Kaze, hoping to find him soon and be by his side.
In Gaudium, Oscha is reporting to Earl Tyrant. He's a bit mad that Oscha came back without finding Omega, but Oscha tells that he's been working on feeding Chaos, who has now risen by one level.

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