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The tenth episode of Final Fantasy Unlimited. 屋敷 サギソのおもいで [Yashiki - Sagiso no Omoide] in Japanese.

Once again in a new part of the Wonderland. Ai and Yu Hayakawa are walking with Lisa and Chobi in the streets of what appears to be an abandoned night-time city. However they soon discover that all the buildings are merely building-shaped rock sculptures. Then Yu notices two people in the distance, walking towards a huge mansion. They look like Ai and Yu's parents. The twins run after the two shapes.

After the opening, Fabula welcomes you to the Wonderland's night.
At the doors of the big castle-like mansion. From the outside, it looks like rock, but unlike the other buildings, you can open the doors in this one. Ai, Yu, Lisa and Chobi enter. Soon they hear the sound of a piano, and Yu runs off certain that it's their parents. However, when they reach the piano they discover that the sound came from drops of water dropping off the roses growing on the ceiling. Lisa says she has a bad feeling about the place and suggests leaving.
All well and good..but the mansion is maze and they cannot find their way out. They end up in a room full of giant peppers, and Chobi goes crazy. He eats one of them whole, turns red and starts running around. He ends up running away while dragging Ai with him. Yu runs after the two before Lisa manages to stop him. She's just about to run after him when she hears a child's voice. Lisa finds him, and immediately feels that he's not human, although he has a familiar aura.

Cut to Yu, who is lost in a room that has canals and buildings with eyes. On an overhead bridge in the distance, he sees two figures, the ones that look like his parents. He chases after them. Meanwhile Lisa and Sagi - the familiar-feeling boy - have entered the same room. He tells her that a light swallowed him and he ended up here. While they talk, Yu has ended up in a room with sunflowers. One licks him, and he panics.
Chobi has run off and left Ai in a room with a pod-like plant with giant eyes. It then opens and glowing pink butterflies come out and chase her. Soon after, Lisa and Sagi end up in a similar room. When this one opens, a huge green round thing comes out and starts chasing them. Lisa takes care of it with her Kigen Arts. When she turns around, Sagi asks her if she's going to leave him again. Lisa's confused.

Ai manages to evade the pink butterflies by entering a room that glows green and closing the door behind her. However, it turns out not to have been a good idea as the crosses on the floor open and she drops down one of the crosses.
Meanwhile Lisa and Sagi are walking down a corridor. Lisa asks him if they've met before. Sagi answers that they have, long ago, and that he's been waiting for her ever since. Right when she hugs him and promises never to leave him, the green round thing from before appears. But now there are two, and they squish Lisa and Sagi between them.

Yu has ended up in a room with one of the eye-pods on the ceiling. It opens up and sends out vines that capture Yu, drawing him in to the blue light. Right after, Yu drops down from another pod, and thus rejoins Ai and Lisa. However, there's something else in the room too. It's a hughug, one of Herba's plants. And sure enough, Herba is not too far. This is a base of hers, and the eye-pods are her Walnuts. She explains that she's searching for Omega with the Walnuts, which are searching devices built by Oscha. However, all the Walnuts bring back is junk. This sets off Sagi, who asks if he's junk too and that's why he was brought here, and why Lisa didn't take him with her before.
Herba gets bored of the complaining, and is right about to attack. However, Chobi barges in and stops it, although gets bounced back before he can do any harm at all to Herba. Herba then tells that they can't get out because the whole mansion is built from Walnuts. Yu counters by asking where their parents are. Herba is confused at first, but then calls forth two beings. They are human-shaped cacti, bearing the backpacks that are so familiar to Ai and Yu. Herba then commands an attack. The hughug releases some kind of a power, but right then one of the Walnuts glows, having found something. It is Kaze, who immediately disposes of the hughug and the closest cacti. He starts summoning, and Herba escapes. He finishes summoning Atomos, who immediately starts sucking in the mansion.
The wind threatens to suck in our heroic group, too. Sagi slips from Lisa's grip, but manages to hang on by himself. When Lisa tells him that of course she's going to take him with them, Sagi advices her to feed the chocobo a Dead Pepper. Poshepocket obediently coughs up one, and Chobi eats it. With the Dead Pepper's powers, Chobi brings everyone - including Sagi - to safety from the doomed mansion.

When they wake up, even the stone-town is gone. It is dawn. Sagi isn't there, and Ai and Yu say they never saw him in the first place. She starts shouting for him, and then notices a flower beneath her feet. It is a sagiso, when she was a child one grew in her family's garden. She took care of it every day, but had to leave it behind when her family moved to another country one day. It was that same flower that had now ended up in the Wonderland.

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