FFU - Makenshi

The fourth episode of Final Fantasy Unlimited. 魔剣士 白きエチュードー [Makenshi - Shiroki Etude] in Japanese.

Lisa Pacifist, Ai Hayakawa and Yu Hayakawa with their companion chocobo are running down the stairs of the subway's station. The subway is leaving. In the end, it leaves without the three, leaving them wondering what to do next. The chocobo says that the next time it comes to this world could be years away.
After the opening, Fabula welcomes you to the Wonderland's night.
At the subway station, a weird character comes out of the stairs in front of Lisa, Ai and Yu. Ai recognizes him/her as the thief who stole her bag. They tie him/her up and ask what happened to it. Turns out Fungo ate it and everything in it. He/she then leads the three where 'the other guys' are, when Lisa asks if Fungo knows anything about the subway.
The way there is long and slightly resembles the subway's stairs. When they finally get down, they find that the place is actually a resistance group, Comodeen's, headquarters. They meet Knave, who tells them that Comodeen's goal is to bring order to Wonderland.

In the above world, Makenshi asks Crux where Kaze went, and Crux tells him.
At Comodeen's base, Lisa and Knave are talking. Knave tells that Comodeen's intention is to fight chaos, and find out what it is. He also mentions that Wonderland is ruled by someone called Earl Tyrant. Their talk is interrupted by Ai, who has been given new clothes by Mireth. Yu then notices Kaze, whose gun is being examined by a blond man.

In Gaudium, Earl Tyrant complains about Comodeen - they know already that Kaze is with them. Fungus says that he'll go exterminate them and Kaze, but Herba protests that Makenshi already went to do that.
At the Comodeen base, the blond man - Cid finishes examining Kaze's gun, and reports to Knave that he'll try replicating it for Comodeen's use. He then takes a look at Magun, but can't really understand it, and Kaze walks away. Cid then notices the clock the chocobo is wearing, and reveals that it is Izabel the Wonderland clock, and that it has been modified since he made it. When Lisa asks if he knows about the subway since he knows about the clock, Cid gets excited over it, saying he wishes to ride it too. He then cures the chocobo of the pollen he was hit with in the last episode.

In the above world, hidden in the Mist, Makenshi tells Crux that he'll go alone from now on, and blasts the ground with blue energy he channels through a stick he picks up.
At Comodeen's base, there is an earthquake. The chocobo then says that they can still get on the subway, and Cid agrees to take Lisa, Yu and Ai there.
Their plans are interrupted by Makenshi, blasting down from above. Ai and Yu fall unconscious when they are hit with falling rocks, and the place fills with Mist. Kaze and Makenshi face off after Makenshi takes care of the Comodeen with just the stick. After Makenshi asks Kaze why he had to wake up, Kaze tries to use his Magun, but it refuses to function. Makenshi then summons his white dragon - that Lisa recognizes as one of the two beasts that appeared from the dark pillar 12 years ago - and it hits Kaze, knocking him unconscious. Everything collapses, and Makenshi leaves.

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