FFU - Magun

The second episode of Final Fantasy Unlimited. 魔銃 くろきかぜのおとこ [Magun - Kuroki Kaze no Otoko] in Japanese.

After the opening, Fabula welcomes you to the Wonderland's night. The episode continues from the moment the first left off at.
Lisa Pacifist, Ai Hayakawa and Yu Hayakawa try to talk to the man who just saved their lives, but he appears not to care. He starts walking away, when Yu asks about what he said before, about a 'he'. The man - Kaze - stops and remembers a fight with a white-haired man. However, he then continues on his way.
On a rocky ledge not too far, Oscha awakens Crux and sends her after Kaze.

In Gaudium, the Earl Tyrant is having dinner, and he is not happy about Kaze's appearance. Herba tries to calm him down, and then Fungus offers to go after Kaze - the Earl gives his blessings. Oscha then appears out of the shadows and tells them he has already sent out Crux.

In the city of ants Kaze first awakened in, he remembers more fighting with the white-haired man, and calls him 'White Cloud'. He then turns back to where he left Lisa, Yu and Ai.

The three in question are walking through a rocky wasteland when they notice the bird from before. They follow it to a thick forest with mushroom-shaped trees before losing sight of it. When they notice it again, it is accompanied by another bird and Chocobaba. Chocobaba tells them that the birds are chocobo, but not much else that they could make heads or tails from. She then escapes from the scene, and Yu notices a feather that she seemingly dropped and picks it up.
Right then, another crystal-bomb appears and spawns a giant greenish mushroom. The mushroom spits out offspring which surround the three humans and the chocobo. They try fighting - even the chocobo, who subsequently runs away - with not much success, before Kaze appears and shoots easily through the mushrooms. They shrink into a normal size, although not a normal color. At that moment, Fungus appears and challenges Kaze. Kaze summons Typhoon on him and gets rid of him, while Crux watches from above.

Turns out Kaze came back to ask if they know a man called 'White Cloud'. When the three answer that they don't know him, Kaze walks away.
Yu puts the feather he found on his head, and right then the chocobo from before starts squawking. Apparently the feather makes him understand chocobo speech, as Yu tells the others that the subway is about to leave and starts running towards the entrance.

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