FFU - Kigen Arts

The sixth episode of Final Fantasy Unlimited. 氣現術 いのちまもるもの [Kigenjutsu - Inochi Mamoru Mono] in Japanese.

Lisa Pacifist, Ai Hayakawa and Yu Hayakawa have just arrived at another of the Wonderland worlds. Yu tells the others that he's named the chocobo that's been following them as Chobi.
After the opening, Fabula welcomes you to the Wonderland's night.
At the new world, all desert and pillars of fire, the three have just come to the decision that Ai and Yu's parents can't be in this world, when they notice that the subway's entrance closing. They run to the area and desperately try to dig it out, but that plan is quickly changed when one of the fire pillars shoots up from right where the entrance used to be. Taking this into consideration, they have no other option but to start walking and try to find a place with shade.

In Gaudium, the Earl Tyrant is having dinner as usual. Oscha tries to keep his attention in the food, but the Earl throws a tantrum, frustrated over not knowing where the Makenshi went and that Kaze is still out there, alive. Fungus tries to offer to go after him but is denied permission, and Herba cuts in.

Back in the world of fire pillars, Chobi has collapsed from lack of water. When Yu tries to give him some, Lisa says he shouldn't, explaining that animals can sense water and they might have better chances themselves if Chobi would just lead them to it. Right then, Chobi jumps up and squeaks that he can smell some. The gang follows him to a pond filled with giant tadpoles, and everyone has fun in the water.
Meanwhile, Herba has arrived into the world on her airship. She mentions how her flowers need to be fed better for what she has in mind, when Crux arrives and reports that she hasn't found Kaze yet. Herba in turn exclaims that she's bored, before noticing Lisa, Ai and Yu having fun in the water below. Her airship drops a crystal seed to the ground below and it instantly grows into a tree. The tree's fruits then drop to the ground in turn, and they're revealed to be monsters.
Lisa and the others run for their lives. However, the fruit-monsters are numerous and are gaining up on them. That's when Lisa decides it's time for action. She touches the earth and soon, ripples of energy run through it towards the enemy. They're blown in half. However, more monsters appear and Ai and Yu get separated from Lisa. The two of them end up back at the pond, and Chobi pushes them over the ledge into the water.
A moment after, Lisa arrives at the same edge. She makes a decision to stand and fight again, when Herba's vines trap her and tie her against the stalk of one of the tadpoles.

At the pond near a waterfall, someone rises from the water. It's Kaze.
Herba announces her intention of feeding Lisa to her flowers, and Ai and Yu decide they have to help her. Ai tells [[[encyclopedia:Poshepocket]] to spit out something that help, and it ends up startling Chobi. All three make a run for it, and encounter one of the fruit monsters. Seeing that the twins are in trouble, Lisa remembers her Kigenjutsu training. She blows up the stalk she was tied to, jumps down to the twins in one fluid motion, and blows up the monster that was threatening them. It doesn't do all that much good, though, as it turns out that they're now surrounded.
Lisa once again remembers her Kigenjutsu training and tries to use the water to attack the monsters. However, it doesn't go as she planned as the water starts burning. She remembers how she was warned that misreading the flow of energy in nature could result in unthinkable things, and how Cid mentions how there's Elenium in Wonderland water. The water around them shoots up and the three and the chocobo are engulfed.
Meanwhile, Kaze is approaching the place where the others are.
Lisa and the others have gotten out of the water, but Ai isn't breathing. Lisa tries performing CPR, but she isn't waking up. On top of it, the fruit monsters appear again. Right then, Kaze appears. However, his magun doesn't work, and is eaten. Lisa in turn despairs over Ai. She asks the energies of nature to help her, and uses Kigenjutsu on Ai. She wakes up.
With Ai alive and relatively well, they turn their attention to the monsters that have surrounded them. Right that moment, Kaze's magun starts working. He summons Bismarck, that destroys the monsters in a pillar of water.
It also has the effect of consuming all the water on the ground. The pond disappears, leaving Lisa and the others to stand on the desert. However, the earth rumbles, and the ground beneath their feet ends up crumbling. The three and the chocobo fall into the darkness.

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