FFU - Fruit

The third episode of Final Fantasy Unlimited. 果実 あまいかおりのまち [Kazitsu - Amai Kaori no Machi] in Japanese.

In the subway, Lisa Pacifist, Ai Hayakawa and Yu Hayakawa are reading Day of Conjunction. Ai tells Yu to get the chocobo out of her hair since he can apparently understand it now.
After the opening, Fabula welcomes you to the Wonderland's night.
At Gaudium, Oscha reports that yet another world has fallen to the Wonderland. He then brings up the chance that Kaze is an Unlimited, one whose power is stronger than a god's. Earl Tyrant doesn't like the idea to say the least, and asks Makenshi if he agrees that guys like that should be taken out immediately. Herba then floats to the Earl and asks if she could see the magun user before the Earl sends out Makenshi to take care of him.
A floating piece of fluff annoys Herba and she flicks it away, revealing that it is a minimized Fungus, who is now recovering from Kaze's attack.

The three humans and the chocobo have now arrived at another world, and the area around the entrance seems to be a giant-sized grape orchard. Houses are in the individual grapes, and the grapes are connected by rope bridges. The three don't think that Yu and Ai's parents are in this world, but decide to look around anyway until the subway leaves. Ai then thinks that she saw Kaze, but when she points him out to the others he has already disappeared.
When Ai tries to start eating one of the giant grapes, a short person wearing the exact same kind of coat that all the other people in this world are wearing steals her bag. All three run after the thief, but in the end only Ai stays on the trail as the others are blocked by a crowd of people.
Ai runs to a different area, this one with giant strawberries, before losing sight of the thief. She tries asking the people if they've seen the thief, but they seem to think her desire to recover a lost thing to be impossible. Kaze is also shown in the area.
Ai, defeated, walks around now in an area with giant watermelons, and ends up falling head-first on a piece of watermelon. She starts crying, before mysteriously hearing the sound of waves. She follows the sound of finds Fabula's shell-world. When she takes a liking to Poshepocket, Fabula gives it/him to her.
She then hears a strange sound and runs outside. A strange war airship seems to be approaching. When she turns to ask if Fabula knows what it is, she notices that the shell and Fabula are both gone.

On the airship is Herba, here to see Kaze. The airship shoots one of the crystal-bombs, but Kaze shoots it with his normal gun and it shatters. However, the pieces of the crystal become glittering dust, and when they reach the earth numerous living plants grow out of them. Kaze tries shooting them, but when they are hit they spread a pollen that makes everyone who smells it laugh uncontrollably - except, of course, Kaze himself. Herba then floats down from the airship and asks Kaze to show her his magun's power.
Yu and Lisa arrive to the scene, and fall prey to the same kind of pollen as the townspeople, but this time spread by Herba. Not too long after, Ai finally reaches the scene and finds Yu and Lisa in uncontrollable fits of laughter. She asks Poshepoocket for something to help everyone, and Poshepocket spits out a watermelon seed that turns into dust that cures everyone. Kaze then summons Shiva and defeats all the living flowers, freezing Herba badly in the process. Herba retreats, and Kaze leaves the scene unnoticed.
Almost immediately after, the pendant on the chocobo's neck dings - the subway is once again leaving.

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