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Final Fantasy Type-0, while seemingly free-form in structure between official missions, actually has a very limited path to the end if you wish to see everything you can in one playthrough. You're given a certain amount of time between the missions, and each big action takes a certain amount of time from it. Events (both cutscenes and NPC talks, indicated by a ! above a person's head) take two hours, entering the world map takes 6 hours and heading out for a practice mission takes a further 6 hours (for a total of 12 per one practice mission).
It bears noting that each 'day' you're given of free time equals 12 hours.

Each time you enter the Academy after a mission, you're given only exactly enough time to see all events and complete all quests - and this only if you think ahead, as you won't be able to enter the world map or participate in practice missions if you have equal or less than the time required for it left until the next mission start. To also complete all quests while viewing all events (cutscenes) and participating in all practice missions require that you combine all three and complete quests while out on missions or practice missions whenever possible, to save the 6 hours required to enter the world map.

To separate an important event from random chatter, all you have to do is talk to the person with the ! above their head. If a cutscene starts, it's an important one. If the NPC starts talking instead and you get a dialog of whether you want to hear the rest of it, it's random chatter. Some exceptions, such as the Kazusa events, apply. To see all cutscenes on all days you will also have to not participate in Mogurin's lessons. This may or may not be a hindrance for you, as each lesson gives you a permanent stat-up bonus for all characters.

You can only have one active quest at a time, so while they do not in and of themselves consume time, completing their objectives may do so. Some require you to enter the world map simply for their sake, others require you to bring in items from the world map or other towns and cities, so you need to look ahead.

Chapter 1

Mission: Operation: Recapture Rubrum
Time allowed: none

Chapter 1 simply has you fulfill your mission, no free time is allowed until you're launched into chapter 2 for your 6 hours before the mission Their First Campaign.

Chapter 2


Mission: Their First Campaign (liberate Mc Tighe)
Time allowed: 6 hours

No special instructions, just be sure not to grab any non-cutscene events and you'll get everything.

Mission: Operation: Reconquista (liberate Aqvi and Corsi)
Time allowed: 12 hours

No special instructions, just be sure not to grab any non-cutscene events and you'll get everything.

Mission: Capture Operation of Togoreth Fort
Time allowed: 1 day 12 hours (total of 24 hours)

You will need to enter the world map twice to complete all quests, so be sure to have at least 14 hours left before starting on them.
The two quests are from Crystarium wanting you to defeat one Striker, and from Department 2 Military Headquarters wanting you to defeat two Vertigo. While out on the world map completing one of those, you should also grab a Feminine Swimsuit from Corsi Town for a quest. If you missed the Carla event before the last mission you will also have to kill some Lesser Coeurls in Corsi Cave to obtain one Beautiful Pelt. Be careful however, as the Lesser Coeurls are level 22.
Be sure to also complete the remaining quests before using up all your time in events. One wants you to obtain 100 SPP, so you will have to do multiplayer if you want to complete it.

To make completing everything easier before the next mission, it's recommended that as soon as you enter the world map during the mission and start for Togoreth Fort, you won't aim for the objective immediately but complete the quests in Mc Tighe, Aqvi and Corsi first. This will mean less leveling in the next step. While in Corsi Cave, be sure to pick up the shining object in the entrance area, called Suzaku Complete Histories, for a quest before the next mission.

Chapter 3


Mission: Isqah Infiltration Directive
Time allowed: 3 days 12 hours (total of 48 hours)

You will need to participate in both practice missions to complete everything, so be sure to have at least 26 hours left before starting on the two. For United With Souryuu you will also need to pick up a quest and complete it while doing the practice mission itself. Be sure to pick up the quest and complete its objectives before completing the mission, as you will be unable to complete it after the mission is done. This quest can be found in the Crystarium, and it wants you to bring to the Academy one imperial defector.
Note that both practice missions have a recommended level of 35+.

For the second practice mission, you will be wanting to pick up the quest from Department 2 Military Headquarters to kill 6 Perkoonas. The two aren't related, but doing it this way saves you some time. Be sure to complete both before heading back to the Academy. Note that you will be unable to enter the region for the quest unless you have already completed the mission United with Souryuu or have it active currently. You will also be needing 3 globs of sap from enemies in Togoreth area for a quest. Also if you didn't do it already, enter the Corsi Cave and pick up the Suzaku Complete Histories.

Other than that, there is also Arecia's quest to kill 3 things with Fire RF. This doesn't require entering the world map separately, as you can head to the Battle Hall and simply enter a practice battle and gain your required amount of kills there. Doing it this way saves you one extra trip to the world map.
There is also two multiplayer-quests during this period. One, from Kurasame in the 2nd Department Military Headquarters, wants you to allow 3 people to aid you. The other, in the Salon from a Department of Magic Staff, wants you to obtain 500 SPP.

Mission: Destroy Magitek Armor
Time allowed: 3 days 12 hours (total of 48 hours)

Once again you have two practice missions to complete, so be sure to reserve 26 hours at minimum before heading out for them. This time there is only one quest that requires you to enter the world map specifically for it, and that is the quest from the Crystarium wanting you to bring 3 defectors from the Isqah region to the Academy. You must complete the quest before gaining control of the Isqah region, so it's recommended to complete the Battle of the Limestone Cavern first along with the quest before heading out for the other practice mission.
While in Isqah, be sure to obtain at least 5 Short Feathers if you don't already have them.

There is also a quest from the Department 2 Military Headquarters wanting you to defeat 15 imperial soldiers. It doesn't matter where they're defeated, so you can either head to the Battle Hall for it or take it active while you complete the practice mission Breaking Down the Fight of the Suzaku Areas.

While heading out to the mission, it might be a good idea to take a look at the towns you've re-conquered recently, as they have quests as well.

Chapter 4


Mission: Escape the Range of Death
Time allowed: 12 hours

You don't have much of a choice in what you do. Whichever cutscenes you choose to view you will always miss at least one during the first playthrough. If you wish to see the ones most relevant to the story at hand your first time around, it might be recommended to skip talking to Sice and get all the other cutscenes.

There is also a quest wanting you to talk to the quest give with one character who has maxed out Attack stat, but unless you've gone on a power leveling spree prior to this, it is not possible to complete on your first playthrough.

Mission: none
Time allowed: 8 hours

At the brief respite in the Ex-Lorica Territories you're given enough time to view each cutscene. The scene will change right as you run out of time and your only remaining option will be to head outside and to Yuhanra for your airship.

Chapter 5


Mission: Operation: Recapture Eibon
Time allowed: 4 days 12 hours (total of 60 hours)

Unlike your options at the start of your free time would lead you to believe, there is a second hidden practice mission after you complete the first one. Be careful to leave enough time for both.

Be sure to complete Arecia's quest to kill 30 things with Blizzard BOM at the Battle Hall instead of wasting time entering the world map for it.

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