FFT0 Basic Guide


Final Fantasy Type-0 is an action RPG for the PSP. It comes in two UMDs as the physical version, and the downloadable version is big in size. The physical version has an optional installation that can make the loading times shorter. The game hasn't so far been announced outside of Japan.

There is a multiplayer function in the game that allows you to help other players on a mission. This function is ad-hoc only, so the other player(s) must be close-by for it to work. It also requires a newer PSP than the original PSP-1000.
While the game itself can be played without an internet connection, the Square Enix Members site has several tie-ins to the game. These tie-ins include additional items for the game ranging from consumables to new clothing for the playable characters. To access these tie-ins, you must first have a Square Enix Account tied to the Japanese Square Enix Members site, and then input your game's SE Members code at the site. This code can be found under Options > Members through the start menu before loading a save file. To see the code you must have uploaded your save data at least once.

There are various demo versions of the game available. Some of the additional clothing can be obtained from these demos as well.

Character progression in the game happens through quite conventional means, by leveling up with exp (experience points) received from battles. With every new level a character gains AP (Agito Points) that can be used to learn new abilities. Spells are leveled up with Phantoma. It bears noting that not only do the playable characters gain levels and AP, but the War Gods as well.
The game's regular currency is gil. In addition, items can be bought with SPP (Security Player Points) that you obtain a certain sum of every time you play through the multiplayer function.

Start Menu

Unlike most games, in FF Type-0 the start menu is more than just a place to load a previous save file or start a new game. It includes the regular Load Game, New Game and Options naturally, but also provides a place to re-play missions already cleared in the story mode through Mission List, participate in the missions of other players through Multiplayer, and view various records of the game through History.

Mission List is self-introductory. After loading a save file, it presents you a list of cleared missions to choose from. You use the characters from the save file itself and get to keep any experience, items and equipment/ability modifications done while on the mission. This is the only way to get a higher rank in a mission already cleared.

Multiplayer lets you participate in the missions of other players. Note that to have other players join your own missions, you pick the correct option while setting up the mission through either Mission List or while starting a new mission in the story mode. Note also that the PSP-1000 model cannot join multiplayer in any way, you need a newer model for it.

History has the same content as the book of the red eye in the Crystallium in story mode. It contains a list of all events, people, War Gods, enemies and requests you've encountered or completed, as well as a list of the tutorial messages you've seen.

There is one additional major option in the start menu, this one through Options. It's called Members, and it has all the connectivity features related to the SE Members site under it. To see more of the SE Members connectivity, see below at its own section.

Battle Basics

Regular Battles

Battle in Type-0 is really quite easy. It is an action-based system with different actions tied to various buttons, with free movement with the analog stick. In general, you have your weapon-attack on triangle, a defensive ability on X, and any combination of abilities and spells on the square and circle buttons. Aside from the weapon-attack, you can set your abilities at the same screen in Relic menu you change your equipment in, as well as before every mission.
While the basic attacks are tied to specific buttons, actually executing them may require something additional such as pressing down for a charged attack or combining your button press with a specific direction of the analog stick. See each ability's own page for the specific command you need to input for that ability.

Aside from abilities and attacking, there are various other commands available in battles. Most importantly, R+L draws out or puts away your weapons. Note that you can also draw your weapon by attacking once. Triangle and circle pressed at the same time will either summon your equipped War God, launch the Suzaku research spell, or the Trinity attacks of your current members. Note that you must have three party members and they must all be alive for a Trinity attack to work. Note also that you cannot have any of the three options equipped at the same time, you must always choose only one.
Additionally, you can access S.O. missions with R+down, switch to next party member with R+right or call a member from reserve with R+up.

While the basic fighting on both world map and within dungeons works the same, on world map you will be getting random encounters while dungeons have visible enemies. For random encounters half the time you will get only one random encounter in a row, but the other half of the time you get the option to continue fighting. The continued fighting will always give you the same group of enemies, just on higher levels.
For dungeons, enemies that you defeat won't reappear until you exit the dungeon and re-enter.

Wide-area Battles


In addition to regular fighting, during the story and practice missions you will also encounter some wide-area battles. These refer to instances where you walk on the world map and support Suzaku's troops against their enemies. You will not find any random encounters during these battles, the only enemies you will see are on the screen. Note that you are capable of summoning a chocobo you're in possession of at any time with square+X, as well as getting repeated instructions from Mogurin with triangle+O.

Each wide-area battle happens in one region only. You will find that in addition to the towns, villages and military bases regularly visible on the map, you will also find temporary military bases for both armies present. At the start of the wide-area battle you will receive an overview of the mission progression - meaning what you need to conquer and in what order - as well as the conditions for losing and winning. Usually these amount to losing being losing your first base and winning being conquering the biggest enemy base in the region.

Once you receive control of your character, you will find that you can move freely, and use all other attacks/abilities except defensive ones. You will be able to find healing circles scattered over the region, but it would be a wise move to stock up on potions or other healing items. Every enemy you attack once will always counter-attack unless they're dead. You cannot avoid being hit in any other way, and most times you receive damage in wide-area battles you are also knocked back.

At times you will gain the ability to direct troops of a specific town or military base you're in control of. Generally it's a very good idea to do so, as you can send out troops that your enemies are weak to. To take advantage of this feature, head to the town or base you can direct and examine it. Select the elemental troops you need, and point them to their destination. You will have to repeat this process for every town or base you can direct.

At some points during a wide-area battle mission, you might receive secondary objectives like killing a certain enemy or ensuring you stay in control of a certain town or base for a designated time. Concluding these objectives successfully will often unlock the ability to direct troops personally, and will give you additional score points at the end of the mission.

Most wide-area battle missions end in breaking into the final enemy base of operations. Note that this can also happen in mid-mission, so a break-in doesn't always indicate the end of the mission. Once you've entered a town or base, the battle operates exactly like in regular missions (and dungeons), although the mid-mission break-ins are in general very short.



Abilities in Type-0 are divided into several distinct categories. These are the close-range attacks, long-range attacks, strengthening abilities and additional effects. The first two types are further categorized into command abilities, while the latter two fall under auto-abilities.

A character can learn abilities by spending AP to learn the abilities they have available in their ability list. New abilities become available in the ability list by reaching a certain level or by learning the ability directly preceding them in strength. Some may require both conditions to be fulfilled to become available.

In addition to actual abilities, each character can use various spells that you have at your disposal for your team. Each spell requires the character's stats to have a certain minimum value before they can be used by that character. This value depends on the spell and its strength.
New spells are learnt and existing ones made stronger through the Altocrystarium. You will require certain amounts of Phantoma to do either of these. The aspects of a spell you can strengthen are power (depending on the spell's type either attacking, defensive or healing power), MP required, casting time, range, speed, accuracy of flight and so on. The exact aspects available to each spell depend on the spell's type.

Spells are divided into two major categories, those of common spells and summon spells. Common spells are further divided into Fire, Ice, Lightning, Defense and Special categories. Fire spells tend to be strong but easy on the cost making them good all-purpose spells. Ice spells are strong against dragons and lightning spells strong against machines. Defense spells both heal and raise statuses, while special-category spells are everything that don't fit into the other categories.

Each attacking spell can have various different types on which their behavior depends. These types are RF (rifle), BOM (bomb), SHG (shotgun), MIS (missile) and ROK (rocket). In general, Rifle-type spells travel directly forward, Bomb-type spells drop at your feet and 'explode' at enemies nearby, Shotgun-type spells have a cone area of effect directly in front of you, Missile-type spells home in on enemies, and Rocket-type spells fly forward for a certain time before exploding on contact.

In addition to dividing the spells by their activation type, Type-0 also varies from other Final Fantasies in that a spell will automatically reach the next tier of strength when the user's corresponding stat is high enough. For example, if a character has Fire RF equipped, when their Fire Magic stat reaches a certain level the spell will become Fira RF instead, and Firaga RF even further on.

You can see a list of all abilities and spells in the game here.


Items come in three main varieties, those only in the main item menu (items, phantoma and quest items), those that can be equipped on the characters (weapons, accessories and clothing), and lastly chocobos.

The regular items have three main types, those that can be used in battle, phantoma, and those that can be used elsewhere. Items that can be used in battle can only be used in one of two ways, either by registering a single item type to your item hotkey (one press of the hotkey will use one of those items in battle), or by opening the menu with Pause, navigating to the item tab and using an item from there. Please note that time in battle won't stop while you're navigating the menu, so choose your hotkey item well.
Phantoma are used through the ability option in relic menus or by accessing the Altocrystarium in the Academy. Sometimes, they are also turned in for quests. Other items are mainly used for quests.

Equipment come in two major varieties of those that can actually be equipped on your character and the displayed clothing that can be changed between. To equip various weapons and accessories, go to the main equipment screen. For changing clothing, switch between them with L or R while targeting the person whose clothes you want to change while on the character selection in the equipment menu.

Chocobos are 'items' that are consumed with use and can be 'summoned' on the field to ride on. Various kinds of chocobos will give you various types of bonuses, but even the worst of them will give you increased movement speed. To gain more chocobos you can either catch them on the field or breed them at the Chocobo Ranch.

For a list of all items in the game, see here.


There are various shopping opportunities scattered about the world. Most of these are marked with a blue 店 [mise] kanji, meaning 'shop'. These types of shops can sell you any items or equipment in their selection.
There also exists another, unmarked type of shop. They sell and buy only phantoma, and they are unmarked. To find one, you will have to talk to the right NPC.

Stats and Their Meanings

The basic stats in Type-0 are a character's HP (Hit Point), MP (Magic Point), ATK (physical attack), DEF (physical defense), FIR (Fire magic strength), ICE (Ice magic strength), LIT (Lightning magic strength) and MDEF (magic defense). The usage of each of these stats is the same as in any other Final Fantasy, and the ones not used in other FFs are self-explanatory.

Another stat in the game is that of the Ability Gauge (AG). This is not displayed as a numerical value in the game, but rather as a colorful gage on the right-hand side of the screen. All abilities other than Common Attack and common spells require various amounts of AG. It bears noting that summoning a War God requires a full Ability Gauge.

Status Effects

There are various status effects in Type-0, listed below.

Poison - HP is damaged over time
Stun - cannot act, damage received x2
Stop - cannot act
Silence - cannot use magic, summon or use any ability that uses MP
Shock - HP is damaged over time
Burn - HP is damaged over time
Freeze - frozen in place
Quick - spellcasting time halved
KO - Knocked Out. Cannot act in any way. Can be cured with Reraise

Aura - physical damage dealt x2
Trance - magical damage dealt x2
Wall - No damage motion
Protect - physical damage received is halved. You don't receive critical hits. Effect of Wall.
Regen - HP is recovered over time
MP-0 - spells and abilities that use MP regularly don't use it
Magic Wall - invulnerable to magic damage
Invisible - cannot be targeted. Can still be hit by aoe-damage, and that will strip the status
Invincible - no damage received
Reraise - recover from KO

Anger - enemies only. Gives one status from among Aura, Wall, Haste (movement speed up)

Stuff to Do

Final Fantasy Type-0 operates on a mission to mission basis. You get some free time between each story mission, and can use that time to complete quests, sidequests and practice missions, explore the world map (as much as it has been opened up to you), and other various little things like that.

Between story missions, you're given a certain amount of time to use up. Each event (cutscene or other event, marked with !) takes up 2 hours, entering the world map takes 6 hours regardless of how long you spend there, and participating in a practice mission takes 12 hours (although it bears noting that you must enter the world map both before and after the practice mission so the time requirement is actually 24 hours). It's possible to miss important History entries because of this system. If you're concerned about missing History entries, see here for a guide to the missables.


Missions are the basis of the story. You're sent to a certain place to fulfill certain objectives. Each time before you're sent on a mission, you can check the details and the mission level beforehands. It is wise to take advantage of this advance information, as it helps you prepare.

Completing story missions opens up new features of the game for you, such as War Gods, Trinity attacks, new quests, and new areas to explore. See here for a list of all missions.



Quests are small request-type tasks from people within the Academy and the various towns and cities around the world. A quest-giver will have the kanji 頼 in gold floating above their heads. You can only hold one active quest at a time, so if the quest requires such things as killing a certain number of certain enemies or killing some enemies in a certain way or such, it will have to be active when you complete the requirements. For the types of quests that send you out to fetch items you can first fetch the items and then complete the quest immediately after picking it up.

Quests by themselves do not take up time you're allowed between missions, however completing their objectives might require entering the world map, and this does take time. Plan ahead if you want to complete all quests. All quests within the Academy change after each mission. See here for a list of all quests.

Practice Missions

Practice missions are optional missions usually of a much higher level than the story missions. There is an NPC in the Main Gate hall that allows you to pick a practice mission to participate in. You can only have one practice mission active at a time.

Practice missions allow you to conquer additional towns and cities, opening up further possibilities for stuff to do in your free time between missions. Practice missions are listed here alongside the story missions. Each chapter lists the practice missions available with a - marked before its name.


There are various different sidequests available in Type-0. The majority of these deal with gathering the l'Cie pyroxenes, glowing stone fragments that are all that is left of l'Cie who have fulfilled their Focus. Aside from the various sidequests for gathering the pyroxenes, there is also chocobo breeding available.

See here for more details on sidequests.

Members Connectivity

The Japanese version of the game features connectivity chances with the Japanese Square Enix Members site. This feature is more or less integrated with the rest of the game, with each loading screen featuring some statistic comparing your achievements with those of the entire community.

To participate, you must first upload your save data to the SE Members servers. This is where the community statistics come from, and you must do it to access any of the other Members connectivity features. Uploading your save file for the first time creates you a Members code that lets you link your save data with your SE Members account. Typing in this Members code at the SE Members site's Type-0 connectivity page lets you start collecting 'Extra Stamps' and enables the participate in the official Type-0 community.

Extra Stamps are collectibles that earn you various rewards based on how many of them you have collected. Earning one requires that you complete various Type-0 and/or SE Members-related tasks. You can see the details of the stamp exchange and earning in the charts below. Each task completed earns you one additional stamp.
Sometimes stamps earn you item exchange tickets, and you will also earn one ticket each day that you log in to the SE Members site. These can be exchanged for various items through the item exchange shop.

In addition to the stamps and item exchange tickets the Members site, there are also special 'missions' available. Participating in a 'mission' will earn you items if the mission is successful. There is also a daily login bonus feature, through which you can gain one free item exchange ticket per day.

Whichever way you obtain items through the Members site, they must be sent to your game to obtain them. Go to the Item Warehouse at the Members site and send the items you wish to receive. Keep in mind that you can only hold a maximum of 99 items in the game. If you send items that end up bringing you above this limit, the items will be lost.
To receive the items you have sent to your game, upload your save data to the SE Members servers again. After it is done, you will receive a separate message for each item that you received. They will be in your inventory in the game.

Collecting Stamps

These are the various ways to gain Extra Stamps through the Members site. Fulfilling each condition gains you exactly one stamp.

SE Members Site Related

  • Link your SE Members account with your Type-0 game data by typing in your Members players' code
  • Link your SE Members account with your The 3rd Birthday game data by typing in your Members players' code
  • Link your SE Members account with your Dissidia Duodecim game data by typing in your friend code
  • Leave a message at the Friend Recruiting board
  • Participate in the Type-0 forums by creating a topic (there is an approval process for all topics, to get the stamp your message must pass the approval)
  • Join or create a Type-0 assistance circle

Proof of Purchase

  • Earn SE Members points by typing in the item code that comes with FF Type-0
  • Earn SE Members points by typing in the item code that comes with FF Type-0 Soundtrack
  • Purchase one or more Type-0 avatar items from the avatar shop

Progress in the Game

  • Play in multiplayer mode for over 1 hour
  • Play in multiplayer mode for over 5 hours
  • Play in multiplayer mode for over 10 hours
  • Play in multiplayer mode for over 20 hours
  • Beat FF Type-0 once
  • Beat FF Type-0 three times
  • Obtain over 500 SPP
  • Obtain over 3,000 SPP
  • Clear over 10 missions in FF Type-0
  • Clear over 20 missions in FF Type-0
  • Clear over 30 missions in FF Type-0
  • Obtain 2 or more War Gods in FF Type-0
  • Obtain 8 or more War Gods in FF Type-0
  • Use the chocobo breeding feature in FF Type-0 more than 20 times
  • Use the chocobo breeding feature in FF Type-0 more than 100 times
  • Use the Intrusion mechanic in FF Type-0 more than 10 times
  • Use the Intrusion mechanic in FF Type-0 more than 100 times

Stamp Rewards

This is a list of the various prizes you gain for obtaining Extra Stamps. The prizes are always gained in this order.

1st Stamp - 2 Item Exchange Tickets
2nd Stamp - Gold Bracelet
3rd Stamp - 3 Item Exchange Tickets
4th Stamp - Suzaku Army Cap
5th Stamp - 5 Item Exchange Tickets
6th Stamp - Gold Ring
7th Stamp - 5 Item Exchange Tickets
8th Stamp - Platinum Bracelet
9th Stamp - Tiara
10th Stamp - Moogle Charm
11th Stamp - 5 Item Exchange Tickets
12th Stamp - Crystal Ring
13th Stamp - 10 Item Exchange Tickets
14th Stamp - Grand Bangle
15th Stamp - 10 Item Exchange Tickets
16th Stamp - Adamant Armlet
17th Stamp - 15 Item Exchange Tickets
18th Stamp - Super Ribbon
19th Stamp - 15 Item Exchange Tickets
20th Stamp - Crystal Mail
21st Stamp - 20 Item Exchange Tickets
22nd Stamp - Onion Armor
23rd Stamp - 20 Item Exchange Tickets
24th Stamp - Soul of Thamasa
25th Stamp - 50 Item Exchange Tickets
26th Stamp - Zeidrich

Item Exchange Shop


In the Item Exchange Shop, you can use your Item Exchange Tickets and exchange them for various items. The available items used to change weekly, but have now stabilized into a big list of useful and rare items.

The available items range from recovery items to chocobos and phantoma, to various rare weapons, armor and accessories. The cost varies as well, with the early offerings of basic 1st-level phantoma being one ticket for a batch of 30, to super-rare weapons costing 10 tickets each.

There are two types of items that can be bought in the Item Exchange Shop. The first type is those that go directly into your inventory when you next send your save data to SE's servers. The other type are SPP shop items, and buying them with tickets merely adds them to your SPP shop selection, you have to buy them from there. Naturally, these items are cheaper than the type that go into your inventory. Permanent items include some alternate uniforms for the students, and will become available for switching into once you send your data.
You can find the shop selections below.

Item Selection
20 tickets: Genji Helm
15 tickets: Cards of Last Prayer, Flute of Gods, Yoichi's Bow, Type 0 Mage Gun, Thor Hammer, Tescalipoca, Brunhilde, Demon Fists, Longinus, Genji Blade, Astral Sword, Quicksilver, Excalibur, Orichalcum, Power Spot
10 tickets: Genji Armor, Adamant Shell, O-Parts, Royal Crown, Growth Egg, Crystal Bracelet, Kaiser Knuckles, Guardian of the Land, Mirage Sword, Kain's Lance, Valkyrie, Dread Sword, Assassin Dagger, Wild Card, Lamia's Flute, Artemis Bow, Marvelous Cheer, Seraphim Mace, Nirvana, Master Whip, Crystal Mail, Onion Armor
8 tickets: Armor Gappa
5 tickets: Angel's Earring, Mythril Armor, Rulebook of the Gods, Mystic Flute, All-Creation, Mage's Rucksack, Moogle Doll, Witch's Perfume, Maiden's Leggings, Initiation to Enlightenment, Meteor Buckle, Hagakure, Janus Glasses, Order Suit, Mentor's Robe, Engage Ring, Floral Cards, Angel's Flute, Blessed Bow, Arquebus, Giant Mallet, Tinkerbell, Legging Rave, Gold Finger, Highwind, Bushido Blade, Save the Queen, Peacemaker, Durandal, Zorlin Shape
3 tickets: Heat Mask, Storm Mask, Rain Mask, Mist Mask, Blizzard Mask, Snow Goggles, Desert Mask, Luminous Robe
3 tickets: Elixir x3, Knight Chocobo M x9, Knight Chocobo F x9, Kamikaze Chocobo M x15, Kamikaze Chocobo F x15, Supersonic Chocobo M x15, Supersonic Chocobo F x15
2 tickets: Lantern of Life, Master Chocobo M x3, Master Chocobo F x3, Phoenix Feather x3, HP Growth Medicine x3, MP Growth Medicine x3, Attack Growth Medicine x3, Defence Growth Medicine x3, Fire Growth Medicine x3, Ice Growth Medicine x3, Lightning Growth Medicine x3, Defence Magic Growth Medicine x3
1 ticket: X-Potion x6, Super Ether x3, Phoenix Down x3, Dash Chocobo M x15, Dash Chocobo F x15, Repel Chocobo M x15, Repel Chocobo F x15, Curiel Greens x15, Mimett Greens x15, Reagan Greens x15, Sylkis Greens x15, Gizzar Greens x15, Cinnabar Phantoma x40, Zenith Phantoma x40, Golden Phantoma x40, Kikujin Phantoma x40, Purple Phantoma x40, Mauve Phantoma x40, Peony Phantoma x40, Azure Phantoma x40, Blue-Purple Phantoma x40, Rouge Phantoma x40, Cobalt Phantoma x40, Umber Phantoma x40, Sage Phantoma x40, Pure White Phantoma x6

SPP Shop Item Selection (these only make available these items in your SPP shop)
Floral Cards, Angel's Flute, Blessed Bow, Arquebus, Giant Mallet, Tinkerbell, Legging Rave, Gold Finger, Highwind, Bushido Blade, Save the Queen, Peacemaker, Durandal, Zorlin Shape

Permanent Selection (each costs 5 tickets)
Ace's Summer Uniform, Deuce's Summer Uniform, Trey's Summer Uniform, Cater's Summer Uniform, Cinque's Summer Uniform, Sice's Summer Uniform, Seven's Summer Uniform, Eight's Summer Uniform, Nine's Summer Uniform, Jack's Summer Uniform, King's Summer Uniform, Queen's Summer Uniform, Machina's Summer Uniform, Rem's Summer Uniform


Operation: Issue Zero Part 1
If over 100,000 people upload their save data to the Members site, the mission is successful. The reward for all participants is 5 Last Elixirs and one Gold Bangle.
The mission was completed after a time extension from the 10th to the 14th of November. Rewards were distributed to all participants on the 18th of November.

Operation: Issue Zero Part 2
If the total count of killed Evil Eyes reaches over 2,000,000, the mission is successful. The reward for all participants is a Mythril Armor.
The mission was completed ahead of time on 28th of November. Rewards were distributed to all participants on the 29th.

Operation: Issue Zero Part 3
If the total count of members who upload their data reaches over 50,000, the mission is successful. The reward for all participants is a Lilith Rod.
The mission was completed on time. Rewards were distributed to all participants soon after.

Operation: Issue Zero Part 4
If the total count of killed Snow Giants reaches over 10,000,000, the mission is successful. The reward for all participants is a Crystal Ring, as well as a Lilith Rod for the benefit of those who didn't participate in Operation 3.
The mission was completed on time. Rewards were distributed to all participants on the 23rd of February.


With the release of the demo Zeroshiki, additional items could be obtained to members who were successful in making 3 people download the demo via their own link. The rewards only extend up to 3 people, no more.

1 person
Mog's Charm
2 people
Ceremonial Dress
3 people


There were two demos available for Type-0. The first of them, Natsubi, was available from before the game's release to end of November 2011. The transferable functions was limited to the summer uniforms of each student.

The second, Zeroshiki, became available as the distribution of Natsubi ended. In addition to the summer uniforms, the transferable functions extend to the levels of your people and one Growth Egg.

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