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All the Bravest is a simple (/casual) action RPG for the iOS. It's for sale in the App Store for 3.59€/2.49£/3.99$ for the basic game. DLC exists for the game, see further details here.

In All the Bravest, you battle your way forward through various maps, with every other encounter being a boss encounter. By defeating the monsters in front of you, you gain exp (applicable to yourself, not your party members), gil (as a measure of progress) and equipment for your characters to wear.
All different jobs and characters you gain, as well as the monsters you encounter and the equipment you find are recorded in the Catalog section of the game, filling it up being one of the main objectives of the game.

Battle Basics


Battle in All the Bravest could not be simpler. The game automatically forms a party for you based on the jobs and characters you have available as well as your maximum party size. The party formed will always have the maximum party size and always include all your premium characters - unless there are too many premium characters to fit into your party, then those will be randomized. Any remaining slots after premium characters are filled up with any random job available to you.

Once in battle, you can set any character in your party to attack once by tapping them. When attacked, a monster may counter-attack. They will not attack by themselves. Each attack can hit 1 or more of your party members, depending on which attack it is, and will automatically knock them out.
Every location on a map will have several encounters in it, barring the early boss battle locations which only have one encounter. Between encounters your party is restored back to the formation it had at the start of the location. The exception to this is when you gain a new job in an encounter, any subsequent encounters in that location will use the new party formation with the new job added in.

Every 3 hours you can use a special command called Fever, akin to Limit Breaks in some Final Fantasies. Activating Fever will allow your characters continuous attacking while your opponent(s) are frozen in place. If you're unable to beat a boss through normal means, waiting until you have a Fever available can make defeating it easier.

Should all your characters be knocked out in a fight, you have three options. To continue the same battle you can either wait for your party members to regen (1 character every 3 minutes) or you can use a Gold Hourglass, which instantly restores all party members. Should you not wish to continue, however, you can return to the world map by tapping the 'Map' option in the bottom menu.

After you have defeated all the monsters in an encounter, you gain exp, gil, and may gain a party slot or an equip. Every monster has their pre-determined one equip they can drop, and if you have gained that equip previously you won't get it again. After getting the loot, you will either be sent forward to the next encounter in the location or back to the world map.



You start out with a simple Warrior job character. As you play through the game and defeat monsters you occasionally gain new jobs, and your party may include those as well. Characters are randomly inserted into your party at the start of every location (that is, every location you will have a slightly different random party formation).

Your party consists of all premium characters you have purchased, and will fill out the rest of the party slots with random job characters. You start out with 10 party slots, and can have a maximum of 40. Party slots can be gained as encounter rewards occasionally, but only up to 12 slots unlocked in this fashion. If you wish to gain the rest, you can unlock one party slot every 24 hours by posting to a social network (Twitter or Facebook).

Each job, character and enemy will have a single ability they use for all their attacking needs. This ability can't be changed.


The item system in ATB is very simple. You gain equipment as loot from various monsters. Each monster has one and only one equipment they can drop. Once you get it to drop, you cannot gain it again.
Equipment consists of weapons only. Each will give a certain attack boost to the jobs/characters that can equip it.

In addition to the equips, there are Gold Hourglasses in the game. Gold Hourglasses can be used to instantly restore all your defeated party members in battle. You gain 3 Hourglasses in the first minute of the game, but any additional ones you must buy - with real money. See below for the prices. Note that deleting the game from your Apple device will cause you to lose all Gold Hourglasses in your position.

Pack size Cost
3 0.89€
8 1.79€
20 2.69€


Travel in All the Bravest is as simple as anything else in the game. In the world map, you tap a location you're not at to walk to it, and you tap a location you're already at to start its monster encounter chain.

There are various maps to traverse in ATB. Access the Map option from the bottom menu and choose your desired map screen. An airship will arrive and take you to the first location on that map. You can also tap the Next or Back arrows next to the map's title. These will take you to the previous map or the next one, in order of visitation. Note that DLC maps can only be visited by airship.

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