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Final Fantasy XV: Monster of the Deep is a virtual reality fishing simulator for the PSVR/PS4, and is available by download only. It can be played either with a regular controller or with a Move controller in each hand. At the start of the game, the player creates a character, customizing both their appearance and outfit. The character isn't given a name, and the save file will display the name of your PS account. There are three save slots.

Experience points of any kind do not exist in the game. Instead, you can become stronger by buying rods, reels, lines and lures more fitting for the fish you want to catch. For this purpose you can earn gil by catching more fish, completing hunts and participating in tournaments. Gil is used in a virtual shop in your character's fishing cabin, where you can buy fishing equipment as well as more clothing and accessories for your character.


Movement Basics

Movement in Monster of the Deep is standard PSVR movement. Turn your head to look around, control your hands with the controller (regular or Move), turn your body with the right stick, and walk by pressing X when you're looking at the place you want to go to as indicated by the blue circle. Green circle indicates quest progression or other major action.

At any time, you can press triangle to bring up the game menu, or touch pad to bring up the options menu.

There are two main modes in the game. The first is free roaming, during which you can walk about as normal. The second is fishing mode, triggered by entering a fishing hole (green circle indication by water), when walking about is disabled.

Fishing Basics

Once at a fishing hole, you will constantly have your fishing rod out. To cast your line, hold down X and swing your controller as you would a real fishing rod, regardless of it is traditional or Move controller. Releasing X casts the line in accordance with the trajectory of your throw. This is slightly modified by different types of rods, where a supple rod is more suited for throwing long distances.

Once your line is cast and the lure hits water, you can reel it in by rotating the left stick, and instantly retrieve it by pressing O. Note that while reeling, any sideways movement of the lure will depend on the angle you hold your rod.

When a fish bites, an upward motion on your controller (or right hand Move controller) will hook it, and you can then proceed to reel it in. Note that the time allowed before the fish escapes is dependent on the durability of your line, and if you go against the movements of the fish it will consume durability. There is no indication or gauge of this on the screen. If you manage to reel the fish in all the way before your durability runs out, a circle will appear around the fish, indicating that it needs one more upward motion of your fishing rod to finish it. You will then be given the stats of the fish you caught, and can store it away by placing it in the net on your left side (this is done by left hand Move controller as the fish will be in your left hand at this point).

While anywhere in the water gives you a slight chance of a fish biting, this chance is considerably greater if you hit a sweet spot. These sweet spots can be seen as blue circles on the water when you use your sonar (press L2 trigger and then X), or as a green circle if you hit a perfect cast into one, when a lure lands exactly in one of these sweet spots. Using the sonar also reveals blue shadows of the fish present, letting you know roughly what types of fish can bite at the location and if there are any left in the vicinity.

To change your rods, lures and other particulars, you can at any time press triangle to pull up the menu, and turn to look at the farthest right option. This pulls up the rod customization menu. Note that if you wish to step away from a fishing location back to free roaming mode, it is also done from the triangle menu, with the icon of a u-turn arrow.

Monster Fish Basics

During the course of the story you are sent on various main hunts to bring down daemonic fish. These fish are limited to the main story and are not found in other gameplay modes.

The process of it is simple. First, fish up regular fish in the area to bring out the target. When it appears, use your R2 trigger to whip out your crossbow. Shoot at the monster fish with R2 until you've depleted enough of its health, at which point you'll need to cast your line, hook it, and reel it in, just like any regular fish. The offender will disintegrate when this is done successfully, and unlock the area for free fishing and hunt modes.

The Fishing Cabin

Your cabin is the main hub of the game where you return to between each excursion. There are various functions available that cannot be accessed when out in the field.

Entering the car allows you to pick the destination of your next excursion. More locations and modes are unlocked as you progress through the story.

The tablet on the table by your car. Allows you to use up any gil you've obtained to buy rods, reels, lines, lures and clothing items.

An overall map of southern Lucis with the fishing locations you've visited marked on it. On the wall by the car.

Located next to the couch. Allows you to customize your character. Both changing clothes and accessories and changing their physical appearance can be done at any time.

Photo album
Located next to the wardrobe. Allows you to view and manage all photos you have taken in the duration of the game.

Plays automatically when it has something to say. Cannot be manually controlled.

By the side door. The mail you receive changes according to your story progress.

Decorating the Cabin

The cabin is fairly empty when you first start up the game. However, as you progress various items are added to the decor.

Rods and Reels
Any rods and reels you buy from the shop are displayed in the cabin. There is a display for the rods at the side of the table behind the car, and the reels are left lying on a case on top of the table.

As you roam about the various fishing locations, you can come across various items lying about, left there by previous visitors. Sometimes what you find is just trash, but sometimes you pick things up and bring them back with you. Each item you bring back is placed in various locations around the cabin.

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