FF Unlimited Episodes

This page lists all episodes of the Final Fantasy Unlimited anime series. The series was unfortunately cut short with only 25 episodes, but the story continued in Unlimited After.

Number Episode Subtitle
01 Wonderland Journey into the Darkness
02 Magun Man of the Black Wind
03 Fruit The Town of Sweet Scent
04 Makenshi The White Etude
05 Sid The Adventure of the Underground Waterway
06 Kigen Arts The Savior of Souls
07 Subway Enemy of the Dimensional Tunnel
08 Soil The Heart of the Magun
09 Oscar The Endless Project
10 Mansion The Memory of Sagiso
11 Ciel The Departure of Chocobo
12 Fungus Eternal Life
13 Meteor Abominable Memory
14 Omega Reunion and Departure
15 Jane The Moving Ocean Puzzle
16 Kigen Summon Behind the Smile
17 Frog The Smallest Great Adventure
18 Madoushi The Battle of Kiri and Kumo
19 Ai Meeting with Clear
20 Yu The Secret of Gaudium
21 Cactus The Wandering Sea
22 Moogle Long Lost Memories
23 Teros In Search of Flying Water
24 Chaos The Earl Unveiled
25 Kaze The Glory of Life

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