Events of Record Keeper

Final Fantasy Record Keeper is one of the numerous social games in the series, and as a standard example of them it, too, has many events included. Below they have been divided into two sections, non-recurring events and repeatable events. This page also lists promotional campaigns of the game.

Note that the below order of events and their names refer to the Japanese version of the game. The order of the events is different for the English version, event names may vary, and some may be skipped entirely.


Event Breakdown
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 T Other
2 2 2 5+1 6 11 15 8+1 8 9 - 5 6 2 2 23

Anything listed after a + sign in the above table signifies a rerun of an event. 'Other' category includes events for other games (FF as well as non-FF) as well as seasonal events and every other type of non-realm event. Events tied to sequels are listed under the main game.

2014 Events

2015 Events

2016 Events
Special/Seasonal: Blessings Festival of the Dawn (New Year's)
Challenge: The Beautiful God of War (FF13-2)
Challenge: The Bond of the Two Sides (FF6)
Challenge: The Truth from 10 Years Ago (FF10)
Collection: Dimensional Door: Light of Fate (FF1)
Challenge: The Angry God of Earth (FF14)
Challenge: Advent of the Hero (FF7)
Challenge: The Blossoming Capabilities of the Summoner (FF4)
Challenge: The Incessant Rain of Destruction (FF8)
Challenge: The Bonds and Memories of the Princess (FF5)
Special: Discord and Harmony: Chaos Side (FFD)
Special: Goldor's Mansion (10,000,000 downloads commemoration)
Challenge: Proof of Decisiveness (FF9)
Challenge: Blade of Revenge, Shield of Faith (FF12)
Special: Discord and Harmony: Cosmos Side (FFD)
Challenge: The Waiting One (FFT)
Challenge: Defiers of Fate (FF13)
Special: Challenge of the Five Evils (Advanced Fragments)
Challenge: The Eternal Rival (FF5)
Special: Challenge at the Big Bridge!? (April Fool's)
Challenge: Songstress of the Aria (FF6)
Challenge: Gullwings Appear! (FF10-2)
Challenge: Place of Memories (FF8)
Collection: Concert Hall (Golden Week)
Challenge: Coliseum (Golden Week)
Challenge: The Golden Treasury (Golden Week)
Challenge: The Light that Indicates Hope (FF7)
Challenge: The Ribbon of Promise (FF9)

Recurring Events

Weekday Dungeons (Original)
Tower of Black Magic (Monday)
Temple of White Magic (Tuesday)
Weaponsmiths' Town (Wednesday)
Armor Merchant's Sunken Ship (Thursday)
Element Cave (Friday)
Battleground of Strength (Saturday)
Gil Cave (Saturday, Sunday)
Desert of Experience (Sunday)

Weekday Dungeons (Second)
Sea of Elements (Monday)
Weapons Factory (Tuesday)
Gil Plains (Wednesday, Saturday)
Old Castle of Magick (Wednesday)
Abandoned Castle of Elements (Thursday)
The Defensive Mako Reactor (Friday)
Forest of Experience (Sunday)

Weekday Dungeons (Current)
Coliseum of Weapons and Armor (Monday)
Volcano of Flame and Earth (Monday)
Magick Castle of Black and Strength (Tuesday)
Thicket of Gil (Wednesday)
Plains of Lightning and Wind (Wednesday)
Shrine of White and Strength (Thursday)
The Magick Capital of Weapons and Armor (Friday)
Labyrinth of Holy and Darkness (Friday)
Iceberg of Void and Ice (Saturday)
The Ghost Ship of Gil (Saturday)
Lake Shore of Experience (Sunday)

Fragment Dungeons
The Fire Cavern
Remium Temple
Taejin's Tower


Dot Shaker (pre-registration campaign)
Defeat with Everyone (CM campaign)
Dot Christmas (Christmas)
Anniversary Parade (one year anniversary)

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