Events in Tactics S

This page deals with the various events and campaigns in Final Fantasy Tactics S. As there is no English version so far, the details refer to the Japanese version of the game.


2013 Events
Black Crystals of Calamity (Black Crystal series)
The Wandering White Fortress (Fortress series)
The Reviving Wyrmlords (Daimon series)
The Golden Weapon Treasury (Goldus series)
Jelly Panic (Daimon series)
The Abyss of Black Crystals (Black Crystal series)
The Awoken Steel Soldiers (Daimon series)
(info missing Sept-Dec 2013)
Dungeon of Heroes~Adventurers' Trial~ (Ancient Medal series)
Storm of Demon Battles (Daimon series, FF10/10-2 collaboration)

2014 Events
Hell of the Black Crystals (Black Crystal series, FF10/10-2 collaboration)
The Zumud Campaign~Three-City Winter Defense Battle~ (Daimon series, FF10/10-2 collaboration)
The Gildyna Mines (FF10/10-2 collaboration)
The Great Cactuar Rampage (Daimon series)
The Iron-walled Onion Fortress
The Magitek Light of Mechidos (Daimon series, FF6 collaboration)
The Golden Weapon Treasury~Rings of Bazelam~ (Goldus series)


Friend Recruit Campaigns
Promotion Campaigns

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