Events in Pictlogica

This page details the various event-specific 'special' quests in Final Fantasy Pictlogica.


Product Tie-in

Lightning Returns! (Lightning Returns)
Vanille's Feelings (Lightning Returns)
Yuna's Sending (Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD)
Under the Crystals (Final Fantasy V)
In Search of Friends (Final Fantasy VI)
Decisive Battle (Final Fantasy VI)
Girl of the Resistance (Final Fantasy VIII)
Keys to the Future (Final Fantasy VIII)
The Witch Ultimecia (Final Fantasy VIII)
Scions of the Seventh Dawn (Final Fantasy XIV)
The Voice that Echoes from the Gaol (Final Fantasy XIV)
FATE Joined (Final Fantasy XIV)
The Sleeping Wings of Stone Vigil (Final Fantasy XIV)
The Ultimate Illusion, Ultima Weapon (Final Fantasy XIV)
The Coffin of Shinra Mansion (Final Fantasy VII)
The Power of Mako (Final Fantasy VII)
One-Winged Angel (Final Fantasy VII)
The War of the Lions (Final Fantasy Tactics)
Deep Dungeon (Final Fantasy Tactics)
Mob Hunt (Final Fantasy XII)
Rescue the Princess (Final Fantasy IX)
Trials of a Paladin (Final Fantasy IV)
Invasion of the Four Fiends (Final Fantasy IV)
The Warriors of Light (Final Fantasy III)
Garuda's Assault (Final Fantasy III)
San d'Oria Mission (Final Fantasy XI)
Bastok Mission (Final Fantasy XI)
Windurst Mission (Final Fantasy XI)
Defeat the Shadow Lord! (Final Fantasy XI)
Ghosts of the Night (Final Fantasy XI)


The Night of Duty (Christmas 2013)
Footsteps of a Reindeer (Christmas 2013)
Flashing Santa Claus (Christmas 2013)
The Sacred Powers (Christmas 2013)
Night's Gem Deposit (New Year's 2014)
New Year's Dash (New Year's 2014)
Trick or Treat! (Halloween 2014)
Devil's Lantern (Halloween 2014)
Devils of Halloween (Halloween 2014)
Memories of Snowflakes (Christmas 2014)
Gifts of the Holy Night (Christmas 2014)


Treasure Hunt
Monster Lotto
Protection of the Gems (Service launch commemoration)
Pictlogician Training
Gem Deposit (500,000 players commemoration)
Master Challenge
Master Practica
Gem Deposit (1,000,000 players commemoration)
Forest of Charms (1,000,000 players commemoration)
Memoria Gym
Master Trial
Tempering Arms
Spring Pictlogician Training
Limited Quest!
Master Challenge R
Challenge the Magic Castle
Gem Deposit (1,500,000 players commemoration)
Howl of the Earth
Master Accela
Flash of True Summer (late summer 2014)
Protection of the Eidolons
Treasure Excavation
First Frost of Harvest Moon (mid-autumn 2014)
Cavern of the Autumn Breeze] (autumn 2014)
Flame Flowers in the Wilderness
The Lightsea of Memories (1 year anniversary)
Picdrill Grande (1 year anniversary)
Water Jug in the Desert
The Magick Scrolls of Destruction
Fortress of Ice Fog

Exa Battlia

Exa Battlia

  • Chocobo Battlia
  • Titan Battlia
  • Shiva Battlia
  • Ifrit Battlia
  • Ramuh Battlia
  • Chocobo Battlia II
  • Titan Battlia II
  • Ramuh Battlia II
  • Sylph Battlia
  • Ifrit Battlia II
  • Bismarck Battlia
  • Shiva Battlia II


This section lists the various permanent (or semi-permanent) special quests available.

Item Quests
Expansion Trial (permanent)
Found Mythril Mine! (semi-weekly)
Training & Alchemy Festa (post-Exa Battlia)

Weekly Quests
Monday Quest
Tuesday Quest
Wednesday Quest
Thursday Quest
Friday Quest
Weekend Quest

Deprecated/Inactive Special Quests
Magicite Deposit
Magicite Deposit Limited
Memoria Gym Limited
Master Challenge Limited
Master Accela Limited
Challenge the Magic Castle Limited
Memoria Temple
Chocobo Forest (Monday)
Moogle Forest (Tuesday)
Arena (Wednesday)
Underground Waterway (Thursday)
Giant's Cave (Friday)
Sage's Cave (Saturday, Sunday)


Here can be found the various campaigns in FF Pictlogica.

Login Bonus Campaigns
Product Tie-in Campaigns

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