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From time to time there are special events in Airborne Brigade. These events frequently introduce new game mechanics aside from just giving you stronger weapons, abilities and summons. Usually the event weapons and abilities can be 'transmuted' - made a stronger one, like R to R+ or R+ to SR - with special items only obtainable from the same event as the loot.
Events are usually connected to one game from the FF series, although can be anniversary events as well.

Below you can find a list of all FFAB events in chronological order. All different parts of each event are covered on the same event page. The info given is for the English version of the event, providing that the event ran in that version. All the rest of the info comes from the Japanese version.

1st Year Events
Incursion from Valhalla -> Chaos Bahamut Attacks (FF13-2)
Typhon Appears! -> Deathgaze's Onslaught (FF6)
Calamity from the Skies -> Operation Jenova (FF7)
With the Laughing Devil -> Heroines' Note (FF11)
Those Who Fight Against the Chains of Time (FF1) -> Social Battle: Destroy Omega! -> Shattered World -> The Legendary Sword Excalibur? -> Showdown (FF 25th anniversary)
The Lost Truth -> Truth is Forever (FFT)
Saronia Castle Mysteries -> Cloud of Darkness Clash! (FF3)
The Sorceress's Garden -> The Sorceress' Lineage (FF8)
This Transient Life -> Battle at the Interdimensional Castle (FF5)1
Depression of the Esper King -> Brigade (FFAB 1st anniversary)

2nd Year Events
Sleep of the Fayth -> The Call of the Songstress (FF10-2)
Cloudy Wolf -> Midgar Defense Battle (FF7 AC)
Circle of Evil (FF7)
The Tower Ruled by Magi (FF4)
The Menace Lurking in the Graveyard (FF6)
Vortex of the Ice Wyrm (FF9)
Circle of Evil: 1st Circle Survey "Ice Wyrm" (mixed)
The Canyon of Trials (FF13)
The Slumbering Ultimate Magic (FF2)
Earth Wyrm and the Thousand-Year Sleep (FF5)
Circle of Evil: 2nd Circle Survey "Earth Wyrm" (FF2)
Shadow of the Vanished Goddess (FF8)
The Castle Cursed by the Magus (FF8, FF3)
Blood Dragon and the Divine Gift of Nethicite (FF12)
Circle of Evil: 3rd Circle Survey "Crimson Wyrm" (FF12)
The Gun Turret of Lightning (FF10)
The Four Threats who Transcended Time (FF1)
The Mining Town and the Esper Sealed in Ice (FF6)
Circle of Evil: 4th Circle Survey "Yellow Wyrm" (FF6)
Awaken, Ultimate Slash (FF7)
The Ultimate Magic and the Pitch Black Shadow (FF2)
Carrying Light and Darkness (FF4)
Circle of Evil: 5th Circle Survey "Azure Wyrm" (FF7)
The Great Bridge at Dawn (FF5)
The Hundred-Attack Warriors (FF3)
The Greatest Brigade Decisive Battle 1st
Circle of Evil: New Trials (FF5)
The Place I'll Return One Day (FF9)
The Evolving Lightning (FF13)
The United Ones (FFT)
Circle of Evil: Light in the Maze (FF13)
Songstress of the Opera House (FF6)
Evolving to Freedom (FF12)
The Greatest Brigade Decisive Battle 2nd
Circle of Evil: Savior in Lightning (FF13)
The Requirements of a Hero (FF7)
The Greatest Brigade Decisive Battle 3rd
The Kingdom's Holy Night Festival (christmas)
Circle of Evil: With the Sun (FF10)
Harmony and Discord (FFAB 2nd anniversary)

3rd Year Events
The Greatest Brigade Decisive Battle 4th
Light and Wings (FF4)
Circle of Evil: Gospel of Black Wings (FF7)
Light of Evolving: The New Strength (FF13)
The Greatest Brigade Decisive Battle 5th
The Lost Glow (FF9)
Circle of Evil: Burning Hope (FF2)


From time to time there are various campaigns in FFAB. Sometimes they are related to events, sometimes not. Each campaign's info is detailed on its own page.

Winter Holiday Campaign
Friend Recruit Campaigns

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