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My Life as a Darklord, quite like its predecessor My Life as a King, features downloadable content. That is, content not originally in the game that you have to pay varying amounts for to download and add to your game. DLC is not required for the completion of the game, but adds additional features.


Beloved Wardrobe (600 points)
Dark Dress - raises NP by 50
Prim Dress - use of Hard Slash
Radiant Dress - use of Cure

Designer Wardrobe (600 points)
Cat Dress - raises NP by 50
Mystic Dress - use of Fire
Puffy Dress - use of Cyclone


Darklord Elite Unit (500 points)
Abaddon - ranged
Death Knight - generic
Gigas - melee
Little Pirate - generic
Tentacle - magic

Darklord Special Forces (500 points)
Ahriman - ranged
Chimera - generic
Coeurl - generic
Lamia - healing
Ogre - melee
Sahagin - magic

Kain (200 points)

Polom (200 points)


Bedroom Set (300 points)
Drain Chest - drains adventurers' HP and distributes to your monsters
Summon Mirror - summons random monsters
Void Fountain - restores HP and cures status

Living Room Set (300 points)
Abyss Crane - warps adventurers to bottom floor
Bravery Stove - increases the attack power of your monsters
Hypno-Box - stops adventurers
Purgatory Press - cuts adventurers' HP in half


Darklord Armory (400 points)
Blast Arrow

Fatal Earrings (200 points)
Gloomy Armband (200 points)
Nightmare Tiara (200 points)
Vile Ribbon (200 points)
Wailing Doll (200 points)

Each of these items raises your NP by 50


A Fateful Clash! (500 points)
Two stage collections. Accessible after Chapter 3

Wanted on Vacation (500 points)
New world and episode. Accessible after beating the game

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