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In addition to the basic game, you can download several additional characters and maps to your game via the Shop feature. The Shop is unlocked after beating Chaos at Cornelia Tracts 4.
The Shop is also where you can reclaim your already purchased DLC should you delete the game or its data becomes corrupted. This feature is under Restore.


Each additional ('premium') character costs 0.89€. With that cost you gain a new random premium character. There are 35 different ones to gather, listed below in the game's numbering order.

1. Firion
2. Cecil Harvey (Dark Knight)
3. Kain Highwind
4. Rydia
5. Bartz Klauser
6. Krile Maya Baldesion
7. Terra Branford
8. Locke Cole
9. Celes Chere
10. Setzer Gabbiani
11. Cloud Strife
12. Tifa Lockheart
13. Aerith Gainsborough
14. Red XIII
15. Squall Leonhart
16. Rinoa Heartilly
17. Seifer Almasy
18. Zidane Tribal
19. Adelbert Steiner
20. Eiko Carol
21. Tidus
22. Yuna
23. Auron
24. Shantotto
25. Vaan
26. Ashelia B'nargin Dalmasca
27. Balthier Bunansa
28. Lightning
29. Snow Villiers
30. Sazh Katzroy
31. Chocobo
32. Mog
33. Pig
34. Imp
35. Magitek Armor


Each additional map for the game costs 3.59€. With that cost you gain the map in question, its related jobs, enemies and its related items.

Outskirts of Midgar
Zanarkand Ruins
Archylte Steppe

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