Downloadable Content of Duodecim

While the first Dissidia was somewhat lacking in the customization department, Square Enix seemingly decided to make up for it in Duodecim by having lots of various downloadable content available for the game. The features range from extra characters to extra costumes for already existing ones, to new music and even new quests. Some must be paid for, others are free.
So far, this page only lists how to get the DLC for the Japanese version.


Aerith (Assist-only) - PSN Store, 300 yen (included with Prologus)

4th Costumes

Warrior of Light - Warrior with No Name / 名前のない戦士 - PSN Store, free
Emperor - Arubboth / 善の皇帝 - PSN Store, 300 yen
Onion Knight - Ingus / デフォルメスタイル - PSN Store, 300 yen
Cecil - Knight Armor of Twin Moons / 双月の騎士鎧 - DLC with first edition FF4 Complete Collection
Bartz - Dancer / 踊り子 - PSN Store, 300 yen
Gilgamesh - Great Genbu Armor / 偉大なる玄武鎧 - buy from SE Members site with member points
Terra - Monotone Stripe / モノトーンストライプ - PSN Store, 300 yen
Cloud - from Kingdom Hearts / fromキングダムハーツ - DLC with first edition Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix
Tifa - Regulation / 律 - DLC with first edition Dissidia Duodecim
Sephiroth - from Kingdom Hearts / fromキングダムハーツ - PSN Store, 300 yen
Squall - from Kingdom Hearts / fromキングダムハーツ - DLC with V-Jump April 2011 issue
Laguna - Witch's Knight / 魔女の騎士 - PSN Store, 300 yen
Zidane - Marquise's Hood / マーカスのフード - PSN Store, 300 yen
Kuja - Treno Noble / トレノの貴族 - PSN Store, 300 yen
Yuna - Gunner Dressphere / 銃士の衣装 - PSN Store, 300 yen
Shantotto - Wedding Dress / ウェディングドレス - PSN Store, 300 yen
Vaan - Pirate Coat / パイレーツコート - DLC with V-Jump June 2011 issue
Lightning - Aya Brea costume - DLC with first edition 3rd Birthday


FFI BGM 5-set - Airship, Battle, Cornelia Castle, Menu, Chaos Shrine - FF Mobile Site, 24.3-31.5.2011
FFII BGM 3-set - Tower of Magi, The Princess's Seduction, Revival - PSN Store, 300 yen
FFIII BGM 3-set - Boundless Ocean, Good Ol' Fellows, Forbidden Land - PSN Store, 300 yen
FFIV BGM 3-set - Golbez Clad in the Dark, Giant of Babel, The Last Battle - PSN Store, 300 yen
FFV BGM 3-set - Battle 2, Exdeath, Warriors of Dawn - PSN Store, 300 yen
FFVI BGM 3-set - Doomtrain, Protect the Espers, Magic Research Facility - PSN Store, 300 yen
FFVII BGM 3-set - Crazy Motorcycle, Electric de Chocobo, Birth of a God - PSN Store, 300 yen
FFVIII BGM 3-set - Liberi Fatali, The Landing, Shuffle or Boogie - PSN Store, 300 yen
FFIX BGM 3-set - On This Blade, Hunter's Chance, Rose of May - PSN Store, 300 yen
FFX BGM 3-set - Enemy Attack, Assault, Final Battle - PSN Store, 300 yen
FFXI BGM 3-set - Vana'diel March, Ragnarok, Fighter of the Crystal - PSN Store, 300 yen
FFXII BGM 3-set - Flash of Steel, Discord, Respite - PSN Store, 300 yen
FFXIII BGM 5-set - Colorless World, Eidolon, Those Who Resist Destiny, Cocoon de Chocobo II, Disturbance in Eden - DLC with first edition Duodecim Ultimania RPG Side

Friend Cards

Only the latest of the cards below is obtainable through the Mogweb with the code, the rest can be downloaded through the Japanese SE Members site.

1025-2576-8170 (SQUARE ENIX)
Ghost: Lightning (lv 20), Artifact: Knight Saber

0000-1077-1110-3211 (SQUARE ENIX)
Ghost: party "Bonus 'Berserker'" (Lightning (lv 30), Warrior of Light (lv 30), Kain (lv 35)), Artifacts: Knight Saber, Practice Clothes
Ghost: Gilgamesh, Artifact: Glittering Blade, Molulu's Charm, Dragon Power, Minerva Bustier
Ghost: party (Gilgamesh, Golbez, Kuja, Gabranth, Jecht), Artifacts: Glittering Blade, Molulu's Charm, Dragon Power, Minerva Bustier
Ghost: Bartz, Artifact: Fire Beaut


Note that official DLC quests are downloadable through the Mogweb as well as through the Japanese SE Members site. The quests below do not include the 'tutorial' quests or their sample quests.

Another Episode
Calling You Back Home
Dragoon's Betrayal
Dream in Chaos
Even If We Don't Remember
Fighting Together
From the Dimensional Rift
In This Place Too
It Can Disappear
Meeting of Friends
Mimicry and a Promise
Power to Destroy
Result of a Hero's Delusion
A Shadow of Someone's Likeness
The Shape of the World
A Small Flower

Mog Travels
Cid (1)
Cid (2)
New Maps and Friends
New Maps and Uncle

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