Dissidia Version Differences

There have been three different versions of Dissidia released to date. The first was the original Japanese version, and later came the modified English releases of the game. In addition, the Universal Tuning version was further modified based on the English version, and only released in Japan.
The differences between the versions have been listed below.

Original Version

This is the original Japanese version of the game that the versions below are compared to.

English Version

Originally when the EX Gauge became full, it started flashing bright purple. In this version, the color was changed to bright orange instead. The abilities of the characters also saw many changes and additions, abilities being learned at different levels and having different effects. The data from this version of the game is listed at waff.
In addition, new cutscenes were added, most notably for Distant Glory but also several other points in the story. The way to access Shade Impulse was also changed, while it before required completing all Destiny Odysseys, the English version requires only one DO completed.

A new mode called Arcade Mode was added, and an option to unlock all cutscenes from the PP Catalog. The way to unlock a player icon was changed, when before it required beating the same enemy 300 items in the English version it requires a mere 30.

Universal Tuning

The Universal Tuning version retained all changes made to the game in the English version, with one notable difference to the Japanese version being the inability to have Japanese voice acting - although the text is still in Japanese. This version also came with the ability to import save data from the original Japanese version of the game. Note that English save data will not work.

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