Deathgaze's Onslaught

Deathgaze's Onslaught (強襲デスゲイズ!) was a FF6 event in Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade. It continued from the pre-event Typhon Appears!. It was divided into two halves, both of which introduced their own weapons and abilities to collect.

The event ran from January 29th to February 11th, 2013. Midway, on February 4th, it switched from the first half to the second half of the event.



In addition to the below, the event featured a daily log-in bonus of 10 random magicite shards. The event region was Otherworld (FFVI).


This event's boss was Deathgaze. You could find it randomly in the event region. Upon defeat it would yield CP and magicite shards.

In addition, the Locke legend summon from Typhon Appears! was still in effect.

Deathcount Rewards

By defeating Deathgaze enough times, you could obtain parts for the airship Falcon as well as the remaining extra parts for the airship Blackjack from the pre-event. Read on below for the rewards.

Picture Name Defeats
balloon_falconailerons1_ffab.png Falcon Ailerons 1 5
balloon_falconailerons2_ffab.png Falcon Ailerons 2 10
balloon_falconempennage_ffab.png Falcon Empennage 20
balloon_falconpropellers_ffab.png Falcon Propellers 30
balloon_falconcabin_ffab.png Falcon Cabin 40
balloon_falconhull_ffab.png Falcon Hull 50
balloon_blackjackailerons1_ffab.png Blackjack Ailerons 1 60
balloon_blackjackailerons2_ffab.png Blackjack Ailerons 2 70

CP Exchange

CP could be exchanged for either scrolls or chests that could contain event-specific weapons. The weapons available changed from the first half of the event to the second half.

Platinum Chest - R+ or higher normal or event weapon (2,500 CP / 500 CP for first time)
Gold Chest - R/R+ normal or event weapon (1,000 CP / 200 for first time)
Silver Chest - Scroll or R normal or event weapon (100 CP / 50 CP for first time)
Weapon Scroll III (1,500 CP / 250 CP for first time)
Ability Scroll III (1,500 CP / 250 for first time)

First Half
weapon_goldenspear_ffab.png weapon_radiantlance_ffab.png weapon_darkclaws_ffab.png weapon_burningfist_ffab.png
Golden Spear Radiant Lance Dark Claws Burning Fist
Second Half
weapon_thiefsknife_ffab.png weapon_valiantknife_ffab.png weapon_kazekiri_ffab.png weapon_yoshiyuki_ffab.png
Thief's Knife Valiant Knife Kazekiri Yoshiyuki

Red Chocobos

The red chocobos in the event only appeared in the event region. You could get event-specific abilities from them. The abilities available changed between the two halves of the event.

First Half
ability_lunge_ffab.png ability_spinningsaw_ffab.png ability_prismaticflash_ffab.png
Lunge Spinning Saw Prismatic Flash
ability_miragedive_ffab.png ability_quasar_ffab.png ability_grandtrine_ffab.png
Mirage Dive Quasar Grand Trine
Second Half
ability_auracannon_ffab.png ability_risingphoenix_ffab.png ability_bladeku_ffab.png
Aura Cannon Rising Phoenix Blade Ku
ability_tachigetsu_ffab.png ability_brave_ffab.png ability_gravija_ffab.png
Tachi Getsu Brave Gravija


Transmutating this event's weapons and abilities took magicite shards. It worked basically the same as the transmutation in the pre-event Typhon Appears!, although with several added complications.

Transmutation Cost (weaker)
Limit Boost 0 - 200 shards
Limit Boost 1 - 100 shards
Limit Boost 2 - 50 shards
Limit Boost 3 - 25 shards
Limit Boost 4 - 10 shards

Transmutation Cost (stronger)
Limit Boost 0 - 400 shards
Limit Boost 1 - 200 shards
Limit Boost 2 - 100 shards
Limit Boost 3 - 50 shards
Limit Boost 4 - 25 shards

item_bluemagiciteshard_ffab.png item_greenmagiciteshard_ffab.png item_purplemagiciteshard_ffab.png
Blue Magicite Shard Green Magicite Shard Purple Magicite Shard
R to R+ R+ to SR SR to SR+

Ranking Rewards

Both the first and the second half of the event had their own rankings. You could climb higher on the rankings by gaining more CP, and at the end of each half you would be given rewards based on how well you did.
Unfortunately we weren't able to recover the full ranking reward lists. Below are the ranking-specific items.

weapon_impartisan_ffab.png weapon_lightbringer_ffab.png
Impartisan Lightbringer
item_locke1_ffab.png item_kefka1_ffab.png
Locke I Kefka I
Floating Continent

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